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Razer Blade Pro 2017 Battery Bulge

Discussion in 'Razer Support' started by msintle, Jan 17, 2018.

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  1. vistar

    vistar Active Member

    Since I don't use my RB anymore, I haven't noticed it before, but I am getting a slight bulge on my trackpad as well, not as bad as yours , but still. I will open it and check the battery and post back.
  2. Pentalobe

    Pentalobe Active Member


    I hope between increased sales volume and reduced power requirements, that my RBS 13" does not develop this problem. Surely the cells themselves are from the same vendor and around the same quality:rolleyes: Or they were kind enough to leave more room in the case for expansion...

    I really hope their bread and butter stealth model that I own does not develop a battery problem.

    Hmmm, I work for a privately owned manufacturing company as their chief engineer. If Dell or Lenovo (or Razer) asked for our owner's contact information they would be getting a call from our legal department instead.

    As for your woes msintle, have you seen the precision 5520 from dell :heart: ? Our SW reseller is really keen on them and gives me no end of grief with my unsupported system. Barring pascal graphics it looks competitive with Razer's boutique offering. I bet there will be a pascal version out by summer. They also offer W10 pro and workstation without the MS upgrade tax.
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  3. I felt it necessary to make an account and input my troubles with Razer as well. Especially when I saw the comment of multiple units within the week. Make it 3 now.

    I own the first generation razerblade pro 2016 model, so called "top of the line" and most expensive options.

    Suspiciously, 1 month past warranty, my battery is bulging as well. I've contacted Razer with higher hopes than I should have. The minute they saw I was out of warranty, they dropped all liability of covering damages. (If interested, I will provide my emails for those who would like to see. Still ongoing as of 28 Jan 2018) They claimed over charging led to the bulging of the battery, which I'm reluctant to accept. That's BS, especially one year down the road. Regardless, they said wait till I'm back stateside from deployment then, out of pocket, I'll be paying for repairs to the laptop in short.

    Below I have taken photos. I apologize for how messy things look but they are no luxuries of deployment.

    With the lid closed as much as possible.

    You can see the bowing of the case where hand rest is when fully opened

    Drastic warping when shown against a straight edge.

    From the other direction.

    The trackpad is coming dislodged.

    Untitled-2.jpg Doesn't give the best representation of damage, but added the photo for those interested.

    The screws look like rivets because of the pressure. I'm certain this is going to be a permanent damage.

    Untitled-4.jpg Rear of laptop, obvious deformities.

    Next to venting ports, the case is bulging.

    Underside has a massive bulge as well.

    I am currently as of this post undergoing every attempt to have Razer to cover the damage costs and replacement of the battery. I don't think they are going to with the first email I received from them. I highly suggest never buying a Razer product after how they irrefutably neglect their consumer base once outside of the SHORT warranty window.

    Razer has been no help nor do they show concern. I've gotten the feeling that it's "my fault for the battery bulge."

    I will update my post after I hear back again from Razer. No, I haven't removed the battery yet because maybe a literal fire will get Razer off their asses to help their customers. I do plan on removing the battery if the laptop stops functioning.

    All in all, I will never buy a Razer product again and I highly suggest no one else does either.

    If anyone has had luck with repairs or would like to use my information for public shaming, please notify me and I support trying to debunk that Razer sells "top of the line" products.

    If that were the case, they would have taken necessary steps of resolving our problems. A lawsuit or actual explosive device with public media following, may be the only reasons Razer starts to stand by their products and consumer base.
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  4. Joikansai

    Joikansai Well-Known Member VANGUARD

    Sorry to hear that, i hope your case and other similar ones will be solved with a free repair from Razer even it’s out of warranty. We’re in EU lucky to have Razer Systems come with 2 years warranty based on our LAW, even we pay more if we count it with currency but having longer warranty time for such an expensive device is more important imo. Experiencing those problems would make you won’t buy a products like I experienced with other brands. For me personally having their system since 2014 moving completely from several brands and even from an Apple ecosystem, without any hardware issues or repair experiences, won’t stop me buying Razers products. I’m also working as a Costumers Support, and if I could solve the costumers claims sometimes they could also become my best costumer.
  5. Thank you for your input Joikansai,

    If Razer were to replace and or repair the laptop I would instantly sway away form my decision of slandering their name. As of this point, they don't care about me or their product they sold. "they made their money and are moving on to the next victim" . I owned the first Razerblade Pro generation 1 which still runs today with real wear and tear, and don't expect anything from the company. I will gladly repair that laptop with my own dollar but, this situation and I'm not alone as this forum states, this is an out right slap to our faces. I can't imagine the cost that is going to ensue (just looking at cost of any razer product and who's to say it wont happen again another year from the new battery) and time lost with my pc with this situation. Everything that Razer is doing, better yet not doing, to support their consumer base is outright upsetting. I did nothing to alter the settings of the pc and it has broke just after warranty, that is nonsense.

  6. vistar

    vistar Active Member

    There is this website from singapore that carries the 99Wh battery, but I have no ideia about the quality of the battery. One person at NBR purchased one for his RB many years ago and it didn't work very well, even after receiving a replacement. Hopefully their quality got better now a days. If someone ends up giving it a try, let us know how it goes.
  7. Joikansai

    Joikansai Well-Known Member VANGUARD

    I had IPhone that died (don’t know what the reason) after exactly 2 years and several days, and without guarantee I went to Apple Store (provide the purchase data etc) and got replacement even not sealed same model new one for paying not 15% the new price which i could use quite a while until my sister in law broke it (I had new one). Such service from Apple made me continually using their phones. Like RBP it’s a premium product, and I think they should also put premium service for the costumers, especially on their premium products like your device, by giving after warranty service like my experience with Apple.
    With Razer, I have Razer Edge that I thought died around 2 years ago after rising support ticket it was software failure and solved by fresh install through USB drivers that they provide freely atm so I was happy for their support to brought my expensive windows Tablet live again (still working fine and just bought its extended battery pack for extra juice).
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  8. Pentalobe

    Pentalobe Active Member

    The quality can't be any worse than the cells Razer is using.
    Then it's Razer's fault, as they have purchased (and/or) designed the charging circuitry inside the laptop. They can't even blame the shoddy cell vendor now! Unless that they can somehow prove you connected the battery pack directly to some other power source to charge it outside the laptop. Which would be interesting as the case was clearly sealed up when the damage occurred.
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  9. Thank you for the information and web link Vistar.

    Again, having to dish out another 205$ for a battery plus shipping is a real upset. This shouldn't have happened to begin with. If push comes to shove, I may end up purchasing the battery and installing it myself. I'll be sure to update the forum, possibly taking photos of the install process for those interested. But, I'll have to wait until I'm back home, state side, which is still 2 months away.

    Can't thank everyone enough that has been giving input into this topic.

    Fingers crossed that Razer steps up their customer care and helps each of us with these known issues we're having with the devices. After a little research I found that the 2016 RBP had known defects with power issues and would crash the laptop. This happened multiple times with my devices the first couple months. I believe there may have been some kind of update because I don't seem to have the problem as of recently but, that could have led to the issue at hand now.

    For those interested, this is the email exchange I have had over my RBP so far. Past 3 days and I apologize for length of post. I've only removed my personal information from the email exchange.
    Hello Mark,

    I am sorry to hear that. This is most probably caused by overcharging the laptop. What we can do with this is to process RMA repair and let our service center replace the battery for you. But before we proceed with RMA, I need you to fill in information below so we can assist your RMA, specially if its still under warranty or not. Please fill in information below:

    Full Name:
    Current Mailing Address:
    Postal (Zip) Code:

    Model name/style/color:
    Serial No.:
    Product No.:

    Place of Purchase:
    Date of Purchase:
    Proof of Purchase:

    Thank you,

    All the best,

    Razer Systems Technical Support
    Thank you for the reply within the 24 hour response window.

    Below is the information needed for the support but I had some more follow on questions regarding my situation and to get a full understanding of what to expect.

    What is a RMA?
    Why would there be a cost to fix a defective 4500$ product that may be dangerous/defective to have soldinitially? I'm reluctant to think that only my Razerblade laptop that stays charged would have a defective battery because its charged.
    I'm currently deployed and shipping this product may be difficult. What solutions are there? I wont be back home (state side USA) until sometime in March, and I am concerned that this laptop is at a potential risk of catching fire or exploding.
    Lastly, I believe Razer only carries a 1 year warranty on their, your products. If so, am I really going to get stuck with shoveling out more cash for such a expensive device that should not have had this problem to begin with. Let alone, the know issues with the first version of the 2016/2017 models crashing which has happened many times but I have looked past because I truly love your products and didn't want to be without your Razerblade Pro.
    On a saftey note, should i remove the battery? I haven't opened the laptop or altered the laptop in any way but, the laptop is bulging and deforming the aluminum case to the point of lasting defects. (I've taken photos) I resisted so because I didn't want to to void possible warranties or look as if I was the cause of damages.

    Full Name: *
    Email: *
    Phone: personal USA cell phone number * (currently not active until end of March), Deployment country WiFi number *, Deployment country cell phone number *
    Current Mailing Address:

    Home address-

    Deployment APO address-

    Model name/style/color: Razerblade Pro 17" 4k, 2 teribite / Pro 17" / Black
    Serial No.: *
    Product No.:*

    Place of Purchase: preordered online Razerzone
    Date of Purchase: 21 NOV 2016
    Proof of Purchase: email attached

    Please and Thank you for your helping in resolving this matter
    Loyal Razer Consumer,
    Mark D
    Hello Mark,

    As for the warranty, that is how Razer set the policy. Razer Blade do have 1 year warranty and beyond that customer should have pay for whatever damage may occur. For further details, please refer to this link https://www.razerzone.com/warranty

    Going back to your concern. Since your laptop is no longer under warranty, I advise to remove the battery to avoid from making it bulge even bigger. Though battery bulging is very less likely to explode, so it's not that harmful.

    And since you are going back to US on March, I suggest to contact us back again during that date where you are in US and is available to ship the laptop to us. As if we process it now, your request will expire already the moment you are available to sent the laptop for RMA.

    Thank you.

    All the best,

    Razer System Technical Support

    I'm resisting all urges to lose my temper right now.

    1 month past warranty, of me having the product in hand, and you wash your hands of the defective product? Top of the line laptop, the most expensive option, and don't try to help your customers out?
    The minute you saw it was out of warranty, you didn't even bother to read or answer the following questions i asked. I feel like you don't value your consumer base with your reply?

    What is RMA?

    What is it going to cost me to fix this? This case is permanently damaged as it looks now.

    I'm in awe that I payed for such a "top of the line product" and of its own doing is broken suspiciously right after warranty ended!

    The longer I wait the less likely I feel Razer is willing to reimburse me in some fashion for the troubles I'm ensuing.

    Please help,
    Mark D
    Hello Mark,

    I have tried to answer those questions of yours. RMA or return merchandise authorization is process of returning, repair, refunding the product's during its warranty period.

    What will cost you to fix this laptop? Time and money. $130 for the shipping and labor cost. $65 for battery replacement. And possible other optional repair after diagnosis.

    As to your 3rd claim like the laptop damage its own. I cannot answer that as there is a lot of possibility. It might that it broke itself or you broke it, which is I cannot tell which is which. It will be the repair team who will answer that once they are done checking your Razer blade pro.

    And as how can we help you? I already did offer you RMA and advised to remove the battery for the mean time. Also did recommend to contact us back again once you are in the USA, as we cannot process RMA if you are unable to ship the item to the USA.

    No offense, but what else did I not answer? Feel free to ask as I will be willing to answer it the best that I can.

    Thank you.

    All the best,

    Razer Systems Technical Support

    As this situation progresses, Razer is showing no concern to repair my laptop free of charge now that it is out of warranty period. Cost to fix/replace my RBP from Razer may be cheaper (doubtfully) than buying a replacement battery (as stated by vistar's post above http://www.storebattery.sg/3icp6876...622-laptop-battery-in-singapore-p-215721.html) but, I'm so furious at Razer, I rather spend my money somewhere else. A note for those who don't know Razers warranty policies;

    starts on purchase date: so myself, preordering the device really screwed me. I didn't receive the product until late Dec of 2016. Still outside warranty period though, sadly enough.

    At this point I'm so frustrated I'm not sure what steps to take. Over 4500$ spent on the machine and I'm already dropping another 200$ plus to repair it just over a year later. This is BS!

    Something that I have not mentioned in detail within the thread yet, I had the blue screen of death and bios errors with this laptop as well.

    I have not sent any further emails and at this point I think I'm done with Razer all together. I'll fix the device of my own accord and never purchase a product from Razer again. Also, I plan on going out of my way and tarnishing their name because of how they are handling their consumers.

    A few links to others with RBP issues:


    There are many more out there with other failing products including systems by Razer and these are just a few of RBP systems failing customers.

    Thank you everyone for your support.
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  10. vistar

    vistar Active Member

    Well, a one year warranty is a one year warranty, I doubt they will offer an extension, but who knows. Aside from the shipping cost, the $65 battery replacement seems reasonable. I was expecting a lot more honestly. Hopefully you don't have permanent structural damage to the chassis and other components. I would suggest remove the battery right away before more damage is done. Then see what permanent damage to the chassis is like. Don't mention to support that you removed the battery, just in case your RMA request gets escalated you get lucky and they offer free out of warranty repair, however unlikely that is.

    There is a reason why many here recommend purchasing from Microsoft Store with their extended warranty, or from HIDevolution with extended warranty, although through HID it costs even more. Razer 1 year warranty is not enough, and paying a little extra on an already pricey machine offers a little more peace of mind. Razer should offer extended warranty on their products, like other vendors, especially since they charge a hefty premium on their systems.
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  11. kaeizr

    kaeizr New Member

    Just sent in my RB in. Some complications regarding warranty though. When I was there the person attending to me said the 1st-tier check for warranty passed my RB as in-warranty. But it was purchased in 2016 so it’s obviously not. I then very regrettably went to double check with him and he was rather bemused by the fact I passed 1st tier check as it should be obvious from the serial number that my laptop should be out of warranty. He was hemming and hawing about something “will try not to charge me for the battery” and stuff but I should be ready to pay the S$75 diagnostic fee. So I relented and agreed. Now that I see so many cases of RBP having the problem I’m gonna kick a big fuss if they decide to charge me for a defective battery after ONE year and paying so much for the device. Like come on man planned obsolescence much? Will update once it’s done.

    Ps I really sympathise with RBP users here with the problem and having it much worse than me. It costs 3x as much as my RB and it really really shouldn’t have such issues after such a short amount of time.
  12. eugenex6o4

    eugenex6o4 Active Member

    While I feel for you guys with your issues, Razer has posted their warranty on their website for ages, and many of their laptops are only for one year.... while I agree it's not enough of a warranty period, that's the risk we take for our beautiful Razer hardware.

    I just don't understand how these lithium-ion batteries are overcharging.... a quick Google search shows many articles saying laptop batteries don't overcharge anymore, so what am I missing? How can overcharging be the alleged issue?
  13. Pentalobe

    Pentalobe Active Member

    Li-ion batteries have a specific voltage limit for charging. When the circuitry inside the laptop decides to pump in a few extra volts, the batteries swell up like a balloon.

    It is possibly caused by faulty balancing circuitry, where one cell becomes more charged than the others. The high cell keeps charging because the total pack voltage hasn't reached the cutoff yet.

    Now this would be ridiculous, because everything from a $99 walmart chromebook to a top-of-the-line thinkpad has good battery management. They can monitor and discharge cells individually. But razers are quite... erm... exciting... in unique and interesting ways. I'd take a swollen battery any time over the crazy BSOD issues I had with my first two stealths.

    It shouldn't be considered a warranty problem as it is clearly defective by design and not materials or QC etc. There should be a recall or replacement program. It's hardly a huge safety concern either so the people hoping for explosions and fire and brimstone will be dissapointed. (although I wouldn't store it next to anything flammable).

    If you just want a computer that works, buy one of them "boring" dell, apple, lenovo... etc. Clearly razer is more exciting! Just this excitement isn't what we had in mind :slightly_sad:
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  14. kaeizr

    kaeizr New Member

    I don’t see how it’s not a safety risk. Don’t swollen batteries have a greater risk of getting punctured and thus setting itself on fire (ala note 7)? Even if they don’t get punctured, might they be pushing the motherboard or other circuitries inside and possibly causing short circuit, or the circuitries touches the chassis and cause an electric shock to the user? And if not, in the worse cases like the RBP above with the chassis torn apart, wouldn’t there be a greater risk of electrical shock/water damage?

    If electric cars and Note 7 incidents taught us anything, it’s that Lithium Ion is not to be dealt lightly with.
  15. Pentalobe

    Pentalobe Active Member

    Yes, but if you took a normal-sized RBP battery pack and squeezed it into an enclosure with the same pressure as these bloated ones still in their bulging aluminum casing, that would be much more dangerous. Too much of the energy capacity and specific power has been lost at this point. That said, I work exclusively with LiFePO4 batteries, not NMC or NCA etc. These are really tame and the only way to get them hot enough to cause burns or melting is to short circuit them, thermal runaway is nearly impossible. Although bloated cells can vent some nasty stuff that has a sickeningly sweet scent. I don't know what sort of chemistry Razer is using.

    Razer does know the chemistry, however, and doesn't seem to be all that concerned about it, so I assume based on their reaction to these issues, whatever they are using isn't all that volatile. I suggest taking them up on the offer to ship the whole thing back to their facilities for repairs. Maybe knock it around a bit more first.:cool_: Make sure even if they charge you for shipping, they provide the label. So they can be liable for it.

    If they were NCA chemistry for example (very dangerous) I assume the black and green helicopters would have already descended to whisk the defective laptops away. The Note (and most cell phones) used NMC which is not as dangerous as NCA but can thermal runaway when shorted without too much provocation.
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  16. NoOne-dev

    NoOne-dev New Member

    If you did any research beforehand, you would know that a class action lawsuit on the matter of batteries will not get heard unless:

    1. The company designed the battery and was aware of an issue directly caused by their design

    2. The company decided to ignore/not act upon this knowledge

    3. The flaw in their design led to repeated and provable physical and corporeal damages.

    4. The company was dealt with by a large portion of customers on the matter of this issue and refused to acknowledge or deal with said issue

    There’s some more but these are the bare minimum. The most obvious precedent to this kind of case would be the Samsung class action lawsuits filed in 2016, which meet all these criterion and more. They were submitted and filed by professional attorneys and to this day not a single case has been accepted for a hearing. The best example of one of these lawsuits I could find was [this filing](https://www.cpmlegal.com/media/news/252_Samsung Class Complaint.pdf). The suit contains multiple probable allegations of damage to people and property as a result of the company’s negligence.

    Comparatively, Razer has had very few publicly reported cases on this this matter. Furthermore nowhere near a significant number of customers have reported having this specific issue, and the batteries are not causing damage to anything except the product. Razer, to my knowledge, has never designed a single battery nor will they and purchase their parts through market suppliers. These suppliers are checked in advanced by the company prior to being chosen as a supplier. There is also no specific known cause or fault in the battery that causes these issues, other than the natural limitations of lithium-ion battery technologies. It might make sense if it were related to a specific model of Blade battery or a specific batch, but that is simply not the case. Finally, to go back to one of my points, lithium-ion battery technology is very well researched, but even the best tested and designed batteries have been known to have these issues. The difference between an actionable issue due to a fault by the company and a general failure is whether the failure is contained. The batteries are expanding but are not breaching or releasing energy. The majority of reports (at least on Reddit and Insider) show that even after the swelling occurs, the machines still operate. If Razer takes them in for repair when under warranty they have fulfilled their obligations.

    From a legal standpoint, the most you could do is deal with this as an individual case pertaining specifically to your issue, situation, and how you were dealt with.

    I hope this helps! It’s not meant to be a scathing insult or a put down, I’m just trying to state the facts as best as I understand and can represent them to save people time.

    This is a cross post from Reddit by /u/NoOne-dev
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  17. Joikansai

    Joikansai Well-Known Member VANGUARD

    Thanks for sharing and made an account/new one? for this. I respect that! Pretty sure Razer noted also this battery issues things.
  18. Pentalobe

    Pentalobe Active Member

    1. Razer purchased the battery cell from a battery cell manufacturer or distributor, it was THEIR decision and they chose wrong. Razer also designed or purchased the battery management controller/system/chip, meaning they are the ones responsible for any claims of overcharging, or poor maintenance, etc. Razer also designed the battery pack and laptop enclosure.

    2. From what I have seen they have decided to ignore these claims which one would reasonably expect to be covered even if the claim was requested after the end of the warranty term. It is an abnormal failure and clearly could not be due to customer abuse unless the laptop was stored in an extreme environment or some other exceptional situation. Since there have been many claims from many different customers this is very likely not the case.

    3. If Razer chooses to not honor their warranty, the customer is at minimum on the hook for a replacement machine to replace their overpriced professional PC. Because the Pro in particular was targeted towards professional users, there will be a tangible and real loss from downtime. People don't spend $4000+ CapEx on a PC unless they are putting it to work (engineering workstation, etc). Of course, any PC warranty does not cover losses from downtime or data loss etc, but nobody is asking for that. What we have here is several customers of different models and different years (14" and 17", 2016 and 2017, etc) all experiencing the same issue wherein their battery packs are all swelling 12-14 months after purchase.

    4. 17" Blade pro unit sales is actually extremely small. It was leaked that there were less than 1000 in 2016. That there have been a handful of users that we can round up on one webforum with this issue is significant. There is a saying in the wine industry, "the big players spill that much without even blinking"...

    Legally, Razer may not be on the hook for warranty coverage because of their own terms. That doesn't mean it is a good thing to do. There is also a good chance that the warranty terms are not valid in all jurisdictions or with all customers or methods of payment, etc. If I were denied coverage, at this point I would be working out a reimbursement through my credit card. If I had purchased with a PO, our purchasing dept. has their own terms which supersede any of the vendor's terms, which the vendor has agreed to when they accepted said PO.

    Finally, just because legally, Razer can get away with declining replacement of their faulty hardware, doesn't mean they morally or financially should. This puts their products in a bad light and makes it very difficult in terms of getting return customers and word of mouth growth. However, especially since I was greeted with the banner ad "impress your parents with the new..." for one of their offerings, we know they are definitely NOT targeting the professional industry. If Razer wants to court rich children with mommy and daddy's amex number, and throw their laptop away and buy a new one every 6 months anyways.... at the expense of people who actually use their products for a living, then they deserve the fate they are going to get. That's a fickle market and they will gladly swing completely away from Razer based on whatever fashion of the month dictates they spend their parent's money on.

    Sorry, wrong. Every battery pack in every Razer laptop has been designed or at the very least commissioned by Razer for the exclusive use in their products. Razer designed or purchased the system responsible for the charging, discharging, and maintenance of the battery pack. Razer ultimately has control over the vendor who manufactured the cells, manufactured the battery pack, and manufactured the entire laptop.

    And it is also very well known that swelling/bloating of lithium batteries results most commonly from impurities in the cell chemistry (moisture caused by high humidity in the manufacturing plant, for example) or overcharging, by maintaining the individual cells at too high voltage for too long of a period of time, which Razer would be directly responsible for and not even able to blame the cell manufacturer for.

    There is a reason why every other manufacturer of devices with lithium batteries (cell phone, laptop, tablet, car, flashlight, you name it...) will build functions into their charging circuitry or firmware that prevents the battery from sitting at maximum charge for any length of time.

    Example (A): I have a Sony cell phone which knows that if it is plugged in at night, it knows I'm going to be leaving it plugged in all night and will switch to 'battery care' mode, whereby it doesn't actually fully charge until the time I'm ready to take it off the charger in the morning. It will sit for most of the night around 80%.

    Example (B): We have a number of Lenovo laptops that have software that detect if the laptop is often used normally when plugged in, and will offer to not charge normally beyond 70% or 80% unless the user wants a full charge. (typically by software menu or by plugging the charger in twice within 5-10 seconds or something like that.

    Example (C): Apple, even in their famous simplicity and minimalism, will show your iphone at 100% charge even if it has been sitting all day on the charger, not charging, and is really somewhere around 96% from bleedoff and natural discharge. It's charged, it's good to go, etc. Pay no attention to the man behind the curtain.

    Example (D): The automaker I currently work for, manufacturing exclusively EVs for commercial and industrial use (people movers etc), never fully charges or discharges the battery pack except for once every few weeks during a maintenance cycle. We offer a pack around 70 kwh total capacity, that means you are actually able to use around 60-63 kwh of the battery pack during a normal cycle.

    Example (E): The older Toyota Prius was an extreme example of this, where it was very difficult in normal use to go beyond 35-70% charge on their battery, this is how a Prius battery pack almost never fails unless wrecked or with 300,000 miles or more you may need to replace a few cells in the pack. Of course, they are also using Ni-Mh batteries and famous Japanese manufacturing (Panasonic).

    As far as I can tell, Razer has yet to figure out basic lithium battery management practices on at least some of their products.

    Adding insult, they don't even offer a replacement battery pack available to purchase, let alone warranty coverage.

    If they offered a replacement battery pack for sale, even at an outrageous price, this thread would not exist in the form it does right now.
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  19. Joikansai

    Joikansai Well-Known Member VANGUARD

    Sorry I always skip long sentences and look at the main point, but I’ll definitely read all;)
    This thread also won’t exist if he send the laptop for battery replacement or repair, but for some reason he couldn’t i think. As I said before when I was having issue with my old Razer device, support supported me well and even send USB Recovery for solving the issue freely even after warranty period, after providing them the clue and other evidence. This battery issue would also same imo like other manufacturers did. Here’s some case from Apple and gigabyte about their battery swelling issue, happy reading;) and hope with those other companies cases Razer and @msintle could find the solution.
  20. Pentalobe

    Pentalobe Active Member

    Not all of us live in the EU la-la land where it is required for customers be treated fairly. It's great that Razer has good warranty service where they will get their ass reamed legally if they don't, but especially in the NA and USA markets their support is ridiculously poor.

    I would never send my laptop to Razer for service, trusting only myself or a reputable repair shop.

    See this one:
    "Because I wrote this review, Razer is now refusing to return my Laptop to me and keeping it."
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