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Razer Blade Pro 2019?

Discussion in 'Systems' started by CJ_Jacob, Jan 7, 2019.


Interested in a Blade Pro refresh?

Poll closed Jul 7, 2019.
  1. Yes, I would consider buying!

  2. Yeah, I'm interested in what Razer has up their sleeves.

  3. Nah, Razer has better things to focus their attention on.

  4. Nope, I enjoy having money.

  5. Not sure...

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  1. Premo_

    Premo_ New Member

    The Razer Blade 15 does sounds very appealing to me, especially the new design. I'm not too much of a fan of the new design but if I use a Razer Blade 15 more, I might think the exact opposite about the design.
    Also, I have quite a dilema in progress. Sense the Razer Blade Pro is aging a little bit, and since I can't get a satisfactory display with mine, I was thinking of sell my Razer Blade Pro and use the money to get a Razer Blade 15 Mercury White Edition with gtx 1060 or rtx 2060. Do you think I should keep my Blade Pro and try to get a good display, or sell the Razer Blade Pro and get a Blade 15 Mercury White Edition, or sell the Blade Pro and wait for the next Razer Blade Pro (2019?) version to hit the shelves.
    Thank you for your input on the last few posts. Your posts has helped me find my ideal ultimate laptop to own. CHEERS!
  2. Brastic

    Brastic Active Member

    I do not know exactly how you use your laptop, so I can only state what I would do. I keep going back and forth on what I want to do. Yes, the Pro is getting a bit “long” in the tooth, but seriously, it is still a power machine. (i7, 32GB RAM, 1TB in Raid 0, and the 1080 are all still high end) When I use my Pro, I love it. As a light weight desktop with a 3-4 hour built in UPS, it is wonderful. As an use while mobile laptop, it is heavy with short battery life. My original goal was to keep my Pro is 5+ years and I can still see myself doing that. What I question is selling the Pro and getting the Blade 15”. I have always loved the 15” screen size. I find the smaller screens hard to use and the bigger being heavy. My next laptop will be in 15”. I just do not know when that will be. If I had to get a laptop now, I would get the 15” over the Pro. With a Core and dual 34” monitors, it almost feels like I have a laptop and desktop that share a hard drive.

    If you are not happy with the screen, then there is not much you can do. I am sure that Razer will keep swapping them out, but who knows if it will ever be addressed.

    Good luck with your decision.
  3. Premo_

    Premo_ New Member

    Thank you for your input Brastic. My decision for keeping the blade pro will come down to Razer swapping out the panel for the 5th time, and the possibility of the Blade 15 getting an OLED display in the coming future. I've sent my blade pro to Razer Repair Center today so time will tell. In the meantime, while my blade pro is away, I've been putting plenty of hours into my blade stealth + Razer Core v2 + gtx 1080. I'm getting quite used to the small screen size which is why having an all around balance of power and mobility (Blade 15) is starting to become more appealing than having a power house like the blade pro. As for the longevity of the blade pro, I was also going to stretch my use of the laptop to about 4 to 6 years max until I sell the laptop for cheap or keep the laptop as a family computer.
  4. .Z4x.

    .Z4x. Active Member

    Personally, I wouldn't have bought one until the 9th gen CPUs come out, which seems to be any day now...

    I have a poll in another thread where you can vote which one you think will make it to the Pro...
    I'm secretly hoping for an i9 and a 4K OLED screen...
  5. Premo_

    Premo_ New Member

    If new CPUs are coming out soon, then I might as well wait and see the reviews. Can't wait for a boost in clock speeds or a more efficient cpu chips for better battery life. I'm hoping the Mercury White editions gets into the more expensive versions of the Razer Blade 15 and then down to the Razer Blade Stealth 13 and maybe the big 17 Razer Blade Pro ( if Razer makes those anymore ).
  6. .Z4x.

    .Z4x. Active Member

  7. Zeelios

    Zeelios New Member

    anyone still waiting for the new razer blade pro ?
    I must say i'm totally dissapointed with 2017 version which i sent to razer repair center 3-4 times i can't remember to fix issues about keyboard, and it's still there

    but then razer still something that inspired me with my work. i'm thinking about buy 2 another razer laptop for my work....

    but then I still don't understand why razer never listen to the user ?, I can't even accept the build quality of razer product, they always said that it's alwys stay last long but the only product from razer that stay lastlong with me is the mousepad which maybe never be broken.
  8. Premo_

    Premo_ New Member

    I am sort of excited with the maybe return of a new Razer Blade Pro, but my major worry is the price of the laptop. I own a Razer Blade Pro and the performance is nice, but my main concern is the thermals for a 4k to 5k dollar laptop. If the fans didn't ramp-up like a jet fighter on SPEED JUICE everytime I wanted to play a game on 4k medium settings or 1080p Ultra settings, then this would be the perfect laptop for me. As for the current Razer Blade Pro's price, its still far out of most peoples price range for even Razer products and Razer Laptops, making the Razer Blade Pro to get a following user base quiet difficult. A redesign of the Blade Pro to have similar aesthetics as the recent blades (2019 models thin bezels, and square design and new color choices "mercury white edition" and best of all a better cooling system, etc) and maybe do something new to the right of the keyboard where the trackpad is now would be quite cool. Something to spice up the new Razer Blade Pro is something I think Razer should do but, it seems like the main focus for Razer is to keep pumping out new versions of the 15 and 13 in Blades and Blade Stealth's. The Razer Blade Pro right now looks pretty out dated compared to the new models in terms of aesthetics, but that might be just me looking at all those thin bezels on the new Blade 13 and 15 ( i bought my blades at the wrong time but still love them what I got ).

    However, if the new Razer Blade Pro gets a the OLED display that the future Razer Blade 15 might get, then that might be something of interest for content creators and users looking for an Absolute Stunning Display with their might 17inch laptop.

    Which version of the Razer Blade Pro did you buy ( 4k or HD version?) Also, what kind of work do you do to acquire a Razer Laptop ( just curious ). As for Razer's build quality, I've only had panel issues with my 4k Blade Pro model but after sending the laptop back 4 times, Razer finally got a gorgeous panel on my Blade Pro without any issues. Honestly, it is strange how Razer Support does business sometimes. Overall though, I've owned Razer Laptops for 4 months and owned Razer Keyboards and Mice for more than 2 years and they have all worked as intended (even though I wish the laptops ran a bit cooler for longevity sake).

    I've been experimenting for the last couple of months with having a Blade Pro and also having a Blade Stealth 2017 Quad core with Razer Core V2 with GTX 1080 Founders edition. This experiment is to see if I need a beefy laptop or an ultraportable laptop and just play games at home connected to the Razer Core.
    So far, with some games playing slightly better on the Blade Pro, having more stable frame rates gut, the Blade Pro is way louder and hotter than the Blade Stealth with Core combo. I wish the Blade Pro was supported by the Razer Core V2 for better thermal solution.

    Sorry for the super long post, hope this was helpful or you enjoyed reading it.
    - Premo
  9. awesomeammo797

    awesomeammo797 New Member

    OK. I created an account just for this post. I'm just curious to see if anyone agrees.
    Firstly, I own a razer blade stealth touchscreen 4k (13in) model that I bought in high school for regular tasks at school and work that didn't really require any gaming power. However, this laptop has become completely useless due to someone stepping on it, cracking the screen, bending the entire aluminum casing, and ruining both the touchscreen and trackpad.
    Considering my soon to be profession will be as a pilot and the fact that I'm switching gaming platforms to PC by the end of this year, I need a laptop that is powerful and slim. However, the current razer blade pro is completely outdated and still a bit large considering its screen size.
    Now that I've bored you with my sob story, here are my simple demands:
    i7 8850H (i9 8950HK loves to overheat & throttle) (i7 8750H minimum)
    Full size 2070 or 2080 max-q
    2k screen option preferred (1080p if not)
    1 tb of SSD
    Bezeless design
    6+ hours of battery with light use

    Notes: I am playing only a couple games and do not need excessive storage. Prioritizing fps. Games intended: R6 Siege, Apex, Division 2, etc. The point of the 17in screen is to prevent the need for a monitor or else I would buy the obvious option of the maxed out Razer Blade 15 advanced. I was originally considering the MSI GS75 but after seeing multiple reviews about poor build quality and subpar comparative performance to similarly spec'd laptops, I'm praying for razer to come out with a decent release. I originally have a budget of 3k but if razer ipresses me, I could be more generous.

  10. Brastic

    Brastic Active Member

    At my house, we have 13" Blade Stealth, 14" Blade, and a 2017 Pro. Please note that the Pro is still large and heavy compared to the other laptops. I use it more like a travel desktop(aka a luggable) vs a carry everyday laptop. The Stealth is a good production machine being light, and good battery life. The new ones even come with GPUs so you can game on them. My favorite Razer machine right now, would be the 15" Blade. You get still light enough to carry around laptop that could be used for production or gaming and still have good enough battery life. I can also say that I really do not game when I am mobile. I tend to sit at my desk at home with the wide screen monitor and a Core. I find having a lighter laptop for mobile work and then the Core with a big GPU at home to work for me.
  11. Premo_

    Premo_ New Member

    Hello awesomeammo797, I would agree with Brastic, that the Razer Blade 15 has the best form factor and performance ratio. I kind of wished that I put off my Razer Blade Pro purchase over the Blade 15. If you wait another year, Razer might come out with 9th generation CPU's on their Blade 15 laptops and a 240hz 1080p screen or an OLED screen. Eyeing at the Razer Rapter gaming monitor, it might spark an interest for Razer to incorporate 1440p screens into more Razer Laptops, wishful thinking. I wouldn't go for the Razer Blade Pro sense there has been no news on a new Razer Blade Pro model and Razer's focus seems to be on the 13in and 15in Laptop models.

    Finally, if you want to buy a Razer Blade right now, my recommendation would be Razer Blade 15 2080 max-q with a 144hz panel 1080p for the best laptop gaming experience in a 15 inch laptop.

    A slightly less expensive version of my recommendation would be the 2060 rtx Razer Blade 15 with 144hz screen.

    I hope this helps with your upcoming laptop purchase. I'm really 50/50 on the Blade Pro as a whole. It would be cool for a new version of the Blade Pro to come out but for the size form factor and weight consideration, the 15in Blade looks way more appealing to me and can't try one out some day.

    For more portability:
    Can't wait for the next version of the 13in Razer Blade Stealth model with a slightly powerful gpu, maybe a MX250 or something like that. ( Kind of hoping for a mercury white edition of the Blade Stealth too, loving that new silver white look).
  12. TiredGeek

    TiredGeek New Member

    I want a 17 inch razer blade/blade Pro with current gen or next gen hardware (CPU + GPU). What if razer went with a Ryzen 2000 or even 3000 series CPU with RTX GPU for the 17? That way we dont have to pay the infamous "Intel Tax" and razer can offer RTX performance without an outrageous price. With AMD Navi on the way, there might even be a RTX competitor for lower cost for the Blade 17. Having multiple user accessible storage options would be nice too. The current razer Blade 15 configs with RTX only goes up to 512 GB SSD, with a single slot. The 17 should have have at least 2 slots for storage drives. The SKUs could be 2 SSDs, 1 SSD + 1 2.5 inch drive with support for SSD, etc. Also, it would be cool to see razer providing a 17 inch laptop with an OLED screen, possible with touch capabilities. And the Razer Core with Chroma should either be brought back or updated to support newer GPUs and more ports on the back.
  13. Brastic

    Brastic Active Member

    Did anyone watch the PC Mag 2019 Blade Pro review on YouTube before it was taken down?
  14. Firebat246

    Firebat246 The One Staff Member

    late april fools
  15. The_Mythbuster

    The_Mythbuster New Member

    No April fool:

    CPU with 6 Cores 12 MB Cache,
    1080 screen with 144 MHz,
    2060, 2070, 2080 MaxQ graphic,
    16 GB RAM (two slots),
    2x 256 GB SSD,
    2,8 kg,
    4 fans,
    70 Wh battery.

    Design like a bigger RB 15. Now with touchpad on the bottom.

    Price 2.699 (2060), 2.799 (2070) and 3.199 (2080) USD.

    I saw also a video, Notebook was working. It has four fans (two small ones under the area of the Touchpad).
  16. Joikansai

    Joikansai Well-Known Member VANGUARD

    Such leaks, rumors may mislead other users and isn’t great for manufactures. Last time Gordon from pc world said Core x chroma use dual Titan ridge TB3 controller which is totally wrong, it’s actually Alpine Bridge. So just keep your eyes here for official one.
  17. Firebat246

    Firebat246 The One Staff Member

    The pro model will not replace the 15 inch versions. It's a separate model. They each have separate price points as well.
  18. nondidjos

    nondidjos Member

    in case you guys didn't know

  19. Firebat246

    Firebat246 The One Staff Member

    Oh hey there! ;)
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  20. Joikansai

    Joikansai Well-Known Member VANGUARD

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