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Razer Blade Pro 2019?

Discussion in 'Systems' started by CJ_Jacob, Jan 7, 2019.


Interested in a Blade Pro refresh?

Poll closed Jul 7, 2019.
  1. Yes, I would consider buying!

  2. Yeah, I'm interested in what Razer has up their sleeves.

  3. Nah, Razer has better things to focus their attention on.

  4. Nope, I enjoy having money.

  5. Not sure...

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  1. TrickyGizmo

    TrickyGizmo Member

    Aside from the ethernet, SD card reader, and extra NVMe slot, it's a marginally bigger and heaver Advanced 15. Really surprised Razer did not introduce a 4K Pro model at launch, but then again, 4K 17" panels are not readily available in quantity. Still, it's impressive though that they managed to reduce the overall size down, but the marine is limited to a RTX 2080 MaxQ at best...definitely not the desktop part many where expecting.
  2. Brastic

    Brastic Active Member

    I like a lot of the updates to the Pro model. Being lighter is always a good thing. The extra M.2 slot and a real (as in much faster) SD card slot is a huge step forward. I have gotten used to the track pad on the side, but would still prefer it below the keyboard, so that is also good. My main issue with the 2017 Pro is the battery life. When I game, the laptop is plugged in. When I use the laptop for production, I can be anywhere and the 3ish hours of battery life is noticed. I am hoping to see people post about 6+ hours of battery life on the new model. Right now, I am not going to replace my Blade Pro. I really need the 4k monitor for photo/video editing. For gaming, the 1080p is fine, but when you bring up video in 4k, the difference is huge. I am hoping for a Pro 4k model from Razer sometime this year.
  3. .Z4x.

    .Z4x. Active Member

    Lackluster for the *Pro* moniker. The 15" Advanced model with 4K OLED sounds more enticing to me.
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  4. Premo_

    Premo_ New Member

    After watching HardwareCanuck's and Dave2D's videos on the new Razer Blade Pro 2019, I can put my two cents on the new Blade Pro.

    -Thin Bezzles around the display, which makes the overall laptop more modern and the Blade Pro 2017.
    - Razer Core X and chroma compatibility ( my Blade pro 2017 runs horrible when trying to use Razer Core v2) Not sure how this guy got his blade pro 2017 to work with Corev2, link:
    - More graphics card options similar to the Blade 15.

    - Aesthetics are too similar to blade 15. Main reason why I liked the Blade Pro 2014 - 2017 versions was Razer did something unique with the space to the right side of the laptop chassis which stood out when comparing to the regular Blade 14.
    - No right sided touchpad (lefthand users rejoice!!!)
    -No 4k display option / Only 1080p option so far ( please be the first to come out with a 1440p display option for a balance of pixel density and performance ).

    Mixed opinions:
    - Thinner laptop chassis / smaller overall laptop. Seems like Razer downside the Razer Blade pro instead of upsizing the blade pro 17.3in to an 18in. (Refering to the Blade 14 vs Blade 15 comparison). With the smaller Blade Pro, I think it's going to be much harder to get more powerful hardware inside of the Blade pro ( more powerful cpus and gpus ,etc).

    Conclusion: I'm glad I didn't wait to get the new version of the Blade Pro 2019. I decided on getting the Blade Pro 2017 last November 2018 and I would probably be kicking myself if I wait and saw this new model. Not saying that I don't like the new Razer Blade Pro 2019, but I think there's just nothing eye catching about it yet. However, I'm excited for whats to come in the future for the Blade Pro. Most importantly, I'm glad that Razer didn't discontinue the Blade Pro altogether.

    I would love to hear what you guys think of the new Blade Pro and or if you agree or disagree with my list. I probably missed a whole bunch of stuff so getting more incite would be awesome.
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  5. Preystation

    Preystation Active Member

    Min liang tan blocked me on his fb. So i may part with razer
  6. Joikansai

    Joikansai Well-Known Member VANGUARD

    What happens? He seems care about social Media and you’re one of good buyer, never contact with him directly though. I won’t block you lol, so far you’re a good Insider sharing experiences and help others.
    Unfortunately I’ve no Blade pro experiences to test with egpu setting, seemly Pro gtx1080 has different TB3 configuration, my guess is since intel graphics is locked on most g sync laptop there’s some work around to be enable egpu setting and won’t work as easy as normal Blade and stealth model with optimus technology, hope on new pro they found the solution to enable it easier. Correct me if I’m wrong @Preystation you have this setting, if you’ve still 2 or 3 Cent lol.
    Blade Pro won’t discontinue imo, it’s only less popular than other and refreshing not as often as other line but with this option on more “reliable“ price hope it’ll get more users.
    BTW I’m with you about Pro unique features like lightning on trackpad, physical volume button, mechanical keyboard, g sync 4K etc feature that separate it from Blade 14/15, hope upcoming users or web review will show some unique features, like probably performance for having better cooling.
  7. .Z4x.

    .Z4x. Active Member

    That's what keeps me from buying, otherwise I think it's quite alright.
    Sure, an i9 might sound more like a Pro, but this slim chassis probably couldn't handle the heat without throttling.
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