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Razer Blade Pro 2020 can't update Nvidia drivers

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by nyichiban, Jun 23, 2020.

  1. blanca12

    blanca12 New Member

    Last edited: Jul 9, 2020
  2. autoFawnPERIDOT525

    autoFawnPERIDOT525 New Member

    You updating to Win 10 Pro has literally nothing to do with the Nvidia driver issues. Razer is just failing in their support of these laptops while knowing full well that there is an issue with their GPU's and the Nvidia Drivers that are being released.
  3. autoFawnPERIDOT525

    autoFawnPERIDOT525 New Member

    Also don't upgrade to the recently released 451.67, they do not fix the issue.
  4. Speroman

    Speroman New Member

    I have the same problem I wanna undervolt but bios 1.03 won’t allow it
  5. autoFawnPERIDOT525

    autoFawnPERIDOT525 New Member

    Since you updated the Bios, undervolting is pretty much gone unless Razer allows it in a future bios or provides a means of downgrading.
  6. RonRacer

    RonRacer New Member


    Just have the 15 inch model. I noticed the last post of a Razer representative is already two weeks ago.
    Is this still and issue; can I download and install the newest nvidia driver for my system?
  7. autoFawnPERIDOT525

    autoFawnPERIDOT525 New Member

    This is definitely still an issue.
  8. LuizHBento

    LuizHBento New Member

    Having the same issue...

    Very disappointing to not be able to have the latest GAMING drivers in a GAMING RIG...
  9. cjjacobs

    cjjacobs New Member

    With no answers forthcoming from Razer on this I feel like I wasted $4K. This situation strikes me as the kind of issue that deserves a class action lawsuit.
  10. Ljcastellano

    Ljcastellano New Member

    Last edited: Jul 30, 2020
  11. autoFawnPERIDOT525

    autoFawnPERIDOT525 New Member

    Kinda agree myself. 4300 bucks and can't even really use it for all i want. The newer drivers offer a range of new features, and as an enthusiast product, where their website literally tells you to get the drivers from nvidia, it seems a bit out of line to not be able to do so, with no company response.
  12. autoFawnPERIDOT525

    autoFawnPERIDOT525 New Member

  13. autoFawnPERIDOT525

    autoFawnPERIDOT525 New Member

  14. sleekspot921

    sleekspot921 New Member

    Hey guys, quick update, the new studio driver 451.77 can be installed directly but after installation, the laptop display refuses to work. I haven't try external display as I don't have an HDMI cable at hand, but for those who would like to give it a shot, please let me know how did it go.
  15. sleekspot921

    sleekspot921 New Member

    Quick update, don't do it. The laptop will stuck in an infinite restarting loop.
  16. autoFawnPERIDOT525

    autoFawnPERIDOT525 New Member

    yeah, pretty sure this is going to require a bios flash from razer to fix the GPU. I've tried a million different things and the closest drivers i could get working are the 441.x drivers. After than nothing. Of course... still crickets from Razer on this.
  17. Kaitokid021

    Kaitokid021 New Member

    yeah thought I was going crazy turns out my blade 15 advance is the same latest driver renders the black screen when on dedicated GPU nothing really works except reverting to old driver
  18. autoFawnPERIDOT525

    autoFawnPERIDOT525 New Member

    @Razer.Caziel Is Razer going to give us some information or a fix for this? It's been going on way to long....
  19. Razer.Caziel

    Razer.Caziel I am the Lightbringer Staff Member

    We have been working on this, but there have been no significant breakthroughs just yet. As far as I know, updating to Windows version 2004, while having Nvidia drivers 451.48 installed and GPU Mode is at Dedicated GPU Mode only, will cause the screen will go black or blank.

    This is why I've been dissuading people on updating GPU drivers and why we've held back on GPU driver updates.

    The only workaround we've found to work so far is to change GPU setting in BIOS to re-enable Optimus or connect an external display over HDMI, go to Synapse 3 > SYSTEM > GPU Mode to change the setting back to NVIDIA@OPTIMUS.
  20. 4K2HD

    4K2HD New Member

    How about installing older versions of Windows and not updating to 2004, will that allow us to upgrade to the latest drivers?
    Beyond "workarounds" when you say "no significant breakthrough" are we looking at a situation were we would never be able to upgrade drivers on these laptops? You do understand the significance of this issue and there should be some kind of basic acknowledgement on the marketing side that game ready drivers have not updated for 4 months and will likely not update for 4 more.
    Needless to say some kind of compensation is required, although we understand that this is an issue between Windows and NVIDIA, I haven't heard of these issues on competitor laptops.
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