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Razer Blade Pro 2020 can't update Nvidia drivers

Discussion in 'Razer Support' started by nyichiban, Jun 23, 2020.

  1. seanjmary

    seanjmary New Member

    456.55 both have the issue. This has cost me a bunch of time having to deal with it. Are Razor and Nvidia going to pay me for my time fixing this beta device they sold us?
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  2. 4K2HD

    4K2HD Member

    I can understand the part that thye say "it's not their fault" because of windows 2004 and all that, the part that is unnaceptable however is having to wait several months for fixes, given that several smaller OEM's usually fix issues much faster and or communicate with their customers more often.

    Like you said, completly unporfessional given the price of the laptops.
  3. Razer.SpeedCr0ss

    Razer.SpeedCr0ss Speed Hunter Staff Member

    Hey everyone! The team was able to replicate the issue on the NVIDIA RTX 2080 Max-Q graphics driver version 456.38 and currently doing an investigation. In the meantime, if you get the black screen issue and unable to turn the display back on, please perform the following:

    1. Connect the laptop to an external monitor, go to the NVIDIA website, and download and install the previous version 456.02.
    2.You can also connect the Razer Blade Pro to an external display, and go to Razer Synapse 3.0 > System > Performance and select "[email protected]" then restart your computer.

    Also, please check if the updating to NVIDIA graphics driver version 456.55 still has an issue, which seanjmary confirmed on this thread.

    Note: The team was able to run the 456.55 graphics version on our units, and there is no black screen issue. I appreciate your cooperation. I'll wait for your updates.
  4. bpvarsity

    bpvarsity New Member

    I booted into safe mode. Ran DDU to remove Nvidia, then rebooted back into safe mode, Installed 456.55 and now I can boot in Dedicated GPU mode. I tried just installing 456.55 in normal windows but black screened. Going into safemade and using DDU and then installing seems to have worked well.
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  5. Razer.SpeedCr0ss

    Razer.SpeedCr0ss Speed Hunter Staff Member

    Great work! I'll share your workaround steps to the other thread that I'm monitoring. Please check the laptop's display behavior within the next 24 hours. Please update this thread anytime.
  6. 4K2HD

    4K2HD Member

    Installing 456.38 / 456.55 and booting is not the problem, the problem is when the display goes to sleep and or randomly after restarting, the screen goes black. These drivers are specially important because they introduce the New low latency mode launched by NVIDIA. These drivers only work propperly through external displays but the laptops display simply can't.

    Please I ask once again that the team bring back undervolting, and or introduce a default -110 unvervolt as they did with all their 2019 Razer laptops. The performance difference is night and day, I have all the benchmarks to prove it.

    https://www.3dmark.com/fs/23532485 (No Undervolt BIOS 1.4)

    https://www.3dmark.com/fs/23420779 (Undervolt -110 BIOS 1.0)

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  7. 4K2HD

    4K2HD Member

    Are you having issues with your display when it wakes from sleep?
  8. Razer.SpeedCr0ss

    Razer.SpeedCr0ss Speed Hunter Staff Member

    Hi there! I understand that you want to bring out your unit's tops performance while maintaining and operating at a cooler temp. However, Razer does not recommend altering the voltage as it may trigger unstable results in a laptop's performance. Please check this article from our support site. Also, I suggest sending our devs feedback through this link so they can receive your message directly.
  9. Penthys

    Penthys New Member

  10. bpvarsity

    bpvarsity New Member

    Always have with every bios and nvidia driver. I just use hibernation instead of sleep and it works just fine.
  11. bpvarsity

    bpvarsity New Member

    Booting black screen was my problem and was a problem for many until 1.4 bios. Sleep was another issue but didn't know it was related.
  12. bpvarsity

    bpvarsity New Member

    Actually still an issue. If I go into razer cp and change my refresh rate from 60hz to 120hz the screen goes black instantly and stays that way until I restart. Then it puts me back at 60hz

    Has this been reported yet?
  13. bpvarsity

    bpvarsity New Member

    120hz works fine in 452.06
  14. Razer.SpeedCr0ss

    Razer.SpeedCr0ss Speed Hunter Staff Member

    Thanks for the refresher, mate. No need for the shaming though. Razer wants to keep our community civil and constructive. What I did is a reminder while sharing the information that can benefit other users. Also, sending your feedback via Razer Synapse 3.0 can help our devs.

    And yes, I've already forwarded this to our team. That's why I recommend submitting a case to our Support Team so they can gather details from each affected laptop, which can help the investigation. Otherwise, send me a PM so I can assist in creating one.

    Hey bpvarsity! Thanks for asking, I'll add this to my report.

    Hello everyone! Please update this thread should you encounter another odd behavior from the laptop. Cheers!
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  15. bpvarsity

    bpvarsity New Member

    Thanks for adding it to your report. You can also let them know the 120hz black screen is present in the new driver 456.71 that was released yesterday. I can boot up windows fine with 60hz and dedicated GPU but once I change to 120hz It goes black instantly and I have to reboot. When I reboot it reboots back into 60hz.

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  16. Razer.SpeedCr0ss

    Razer.SpeedCr0ss Speed Hunter Staff Member

    Thanks for your response. Consider it done.
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  17. ___null

    ___null New Member

    452.06 is the last driver that doesn't have these particular issues. Pretty pathetic how we are behind 3 versions, and Razer removed out ability to undervolt...wtf.
  18. Penthys

    Penthys New Member

    Blade Pro 17 4k with driver version 456.71 and BIOS 1.04 @120 Hz is working until screen saver jumps in.

    I installed this new version just now and it was working at 120 Hz. Then I closed the cover to set the laptop to hibernation. After reopening the cover I could see the camera identifying me, but the screen stays dark. I connected an external screen, and rebooted the laptop, which brought the internal screen back to work until next screen or full hibernation.

    So I can confirm this behavior still exists with the recently released new NVIDIA driver. Reverting back to 452.06 as the last working driver.
    Last edited: Oct 8, 2020
  19. Razer.SpeedCr0ss

    Razer.SpeedCr0ss Speed Hunter Staff Member

    Hi there! Thanks for sharing your laptop's behavior here. Please submit a case to our Support Team or send me a PM so I can assist you in creating a support case. The team wants to get details from your laptop and assess it. I'll wait for your follow-up.
  20. Gauner123

    Gauner123 New Member

    I submitted a case a few days ago, support collected information and the only response I received was "thanks, check for updates from Razer and Microsoft. We're closing your case."

    I understand that this might be a tough problem to fix.. but that's not great support.
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