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Razer Blade Pro Light-Related Speaker Noise

Discussion in 'The Linux Corner' started by KazWolfe_, Nov 8, 2017.

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  1. KazWolfe_

    KazWolfe_ New Member

    Whenever resuming my system from sleep or starting my system from a cold boot, there will often be a persistent noise coming from the speakers. This is pretty low-volume, but is still there and distracts from an otherwise silent laptop. Changing the computer's volume (or muting the speakers) makes no difference.

    This noise is resolvable however - playing any sound through the speakers will immediately cause the speakers to put out a loud "pop" and then not make noise until the next low-power state. This also happens (as far as I can tell) if the speakers are muted, suggesting some kind of failed/botched initialization.

    Similarly, disabling keyboard LED lights will also stop the noise entirely and immediately.

    Has anyone found a permanent solution to ensure that this issue doesn't happen at all? Has anyone else even experienced this problem yet? (Note I have yet to contact Razer Support regarding this)

    I have experienced this issue on two Blade Pros so far (my current one, and a previously RMA'd unit for different reasons).

    Device: Razer Blade Pro 2017 (4K ed.)
    OS: Ubuntu 16.04 LTS
    Kernel: 4.13.0-16-generic
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  2. oh_Henry

    oh_Henry New Member


    So I have the 2017 Blade Pro 17" model and I'm also running the same kernel, Kubuntu 17.10, and have experienced the same issue since I got the laptop.

    Last night, I finally got to my breaking point with this and went down the rabbit hole (for several hours, sadly), eventually losing all sound + output devices, and finally re-installing pulseaudio + alsa entirely to get back to a working state.

    At this point I feel like I reached the "end" of the internet and I'm still experiencing the same obnoxious "POP". Based on my findings last night, as far as I can tell, I'm fairly confident that the issue has to do with the sound card (HDA Intel PCH) entering a power saving mode. I found many sources explaining how to remedy the issue, but unfortunately none of them actually panned out.

    Even though none of the things I tried ended up working, I remain convinced that going in and out of this power-saving mode is the cause of the POPP'ing. I am surprised that the issue goes away when you disable the keyboard lights, as that has no effect on anything for me.

    Does anyone have any insight about this?

    Either way, @KazWolfe_, I'll keep in touch if I'm able to figure anything out. I haven't messed with it today, but I'm hoping to do some more poking/prodding over the weekend.
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  3. KazWolfe_

    KazWolfe_ New Member

    @oh_Henry Try hitting the Fn key, the noise should go away temporarily (or at least it does for me). Likewise, setting brightness of the keys to 0 seems to silence it too.

    I've tried pretty much everything as well so far, so this is somewhat unusual.

    From what I've gathered though, this doesn't start immediately at boot. It will instead start at around the same time X decides to come online as GRUB and Plymouth don't seem to have this issue at all.

    I don't think this has anything to do with powersaving, as I've hit pretty much all of the known powersave options looking for what's happening here. My current guess is there's just some sort of grounding issue/whatever that the sound driver is refusing to fix/work with. However, this still doesn't explain why it only happens when X starts... (Note I haven't looked if this happens when X is disabled yet. Might be a good test...)
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  4. kir13y

    kir13y New Member

    RBS 17 (7th gen intel) with Debian + KDE. My speakers seem to be silent normally but are very quiet when playing audio. When I try to increase the volume (fn + F3) they pop and are still much quieter than usual. The only pop as I'm hitting the keys. Mine doesn't seem to be affected by the keyboard lighting. Let me know if there's anything else that I should try to get this working.
  5. gerippo

    gerippo New Member

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  6. aflal

    aflal New Member

    Hi. Try to update Ubuntu to version 17.10. It helped me.
  7. gerippo

    gerippo New Member

    I have Ubuntu 17.10, unfortunately it is still the same.

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  8. kir13y

    kir13y New Member

    Do you have Windows 10 installed (dual boot)? If so, read this: https://bbs.archlinux.org/viewtopic.php?id=219222. It solved the issue for me.

    Basically, just boot into Windows and choose shut down (not restart). Then boot back up into grub, choose ubuntu or whatever linux distro you have and it should be fixed (or at least that fixed it for me). It's kindof a hack but it works.

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  9. ogher

    ogher New Member

  10. rishik

    rishik New Member

    Hmm i need to try this today. Hope it will work :)

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  11. huirs

    huirs New Member

    It looks like it does not work with me and I still have this problem.
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  12. lerow

    lerow New Member

    Just try something else than Ubuntu :)
  13. KazWolfe_

    KazWolfe_ New Member

    I don't think this problem is limited to Ubuntu. It'd be in the kernel itself, or hardware.
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