Razer blade Stealth 1st gen + Core + Titan X Pascal

Discussion in 'Systems' started by Hsmyung93, Nov 3, 2016.

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  1. Hsmyung93

    Hsmyung93 Member

    I don't really know numbers on desktop set with Titan X Pascal however,

    My set up scored around 5500-5700 for fire strike ultra and I am pretty darn impressed.

    Playing Battlefield1 4k Ultra (Maxed out) at 45~60FPS

    Overwatch 4k Epic at around 85-95 or even up to 100fps sometimes

    What more can I ask from dual core designed for ultrabook that can play titles like BF1 at 4k Ultra.

    Of course with USB ports being so laggy and when I ask about that here, staffs cannot even clarify what the problems cause is, rather repeatedly say "Talk to support, not here" shows reputation of them that I have heard from other forums and reddits. I am still trying to figure out how to make it work, will let everyone know if its actually their quality control and requires RMA or not. Despite of these, I have been Razer fanboy since 2012 and hopefully my gone for RMA 1060 blade, this core, and my new fresh Titan will give even better performance once my blade is back.

    Over the course of next few days, I will play around with msi afterburn and overclock this titan on core and I am in process of making core internal compatible aluminium case that will have slot for water coolers so that I can connect water cooled titan xp. Still in contacting metal workers tho

    PS: Holyxxx now it has "Is this thread support related" thing popping up. Just 2 cents, staffs should know whats the problem is, when its problem that majority experience and at least bullet point possible factors. People will understand whether its RMA worth or not whatever, or seek for help from those so called gurus you guys mentioned.

    Anyway hope this help people who are about to buy Titan XP for Razer core.
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  2. Minimin89

    Minimin89 New Member

    I'm usin RBS v1 + core(gtx1060) but i cant play smooth battlefield1 1080p medium option. frame is 30~40.
    I setup all latest driver and did factory reset 6times..
    I dont know what i have to do play bf1...
  3. Hsmyung93

    Hsmyung93 Member

    So you did Razer blade Stealth updater, update bios, update intel hd graphics, nvidia drivers, thunderbolt 3 drivers? Maybe my result is sheitty but since not many titan xp + core owners post so I dont have comparison but at least after updating those, my fps was playable. If someone else have same config as me, please post so I have some comparison.
  4. Minimin89

    Minimin89 New Member

    Yes. All i did.
    Im using Intel hd 4539 beta version which is for BF1.
    also nvidia driver is latest version.
    But I cant find Thunderbolt3 driver. It just setup when I plugged core to RBS.
    I downloaded RBS updater but nothing gonna happend. It said all driver is latest version. I didnt upgrade BIOS before.. It is strange.

    I wonder GTX1060 can makes play BF1 1080p Ultra option over 60fps. But I'm not...
  5. Hsmyung93

    Hsmyung93 Member

    Go to device manager, update every single thing
  6. Minimin89

    Minimin89 New Member

    I did it all.
    BTW I saw your reply u r live in asia and got RMA.
    What country do u live?
  7. Hsmyung93

    Hsmyung93 Member

    I live in Hong Kong, and my new blade 1060 qhd 1tb model is out for RMA with some performance issue, fan noise, coil whine and screen flicker.
  8. Minimin89

    Minimin89 New Member

    Oh i see.
    So u sent ur blade to US?
    My RBS drain its battery when it turned off, so I have to get RMA maybe. but i live i korea, it is hard to send to US... How can i use RMA? Just request to tech support?
  9. Hsmyung93

    Hsmyung93 Member

    I am Korean currently living in Hong Kong, just sayin anyway send a request, follow whatever steps they tell you to. It isnt hard to send one, just time consuming. Since you and I, are in same shoes (lives in Asia, hassle to send for RMA) I recommend you to try whatever info you can get from forums, reddits and insider and see if you can fix it yourself. Just go to Razer reddit and see Razer support reputation yourself or just experience it once. If no other methods work for your laptop, sending Razer device for RMA to Razer may be your last step. Just my 2 cents.
  10. Minimin89

    Minimin89 New Member

    Is it impossible get RMA service in korea..?
  11. Hsmyung93

    Hsmyung93 Member

    Send email to support if u really can't find solution
  12. Jaisani

    Jaisani Cat

    Hey @Minimin89 as mentioned by @hsmyung93 please contact our Support Team about your issue and they will be able to assist you.

    I'll be locking this thread now.

    Do contact me directly if you require any further assistance.

    Just a friendly reminder, Razer Insider is not a support forum.
    Last edited: Nov 6, 2016
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