Razer Blade Stealth 2017 Wishlist / Expectations

Discussion in 'Systems' started by heyzamasu, Feb 21, 2017.


What 3 changes do you hope for the most in the next RBS generation?

  1. 13,3" screen in same form factor

  2. Dedicated GPU (e.g. GTX1050)

  3. DDR4 Memory

  4. More battery life

  5. Backlit function keys

  6. Mechanical keyboard like the Razer Blade Pro

  7. Quad Core Processor

  8. Personally signed by Min-Liang Tan on the bottom =)

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  1. HeyGohaN

    HeyGohaN Member

    What do you hope for the next iteration of the Razer Blade Stealth in 2017?

    In the search for a new work & multimedia laptop I don't want to give Tim Cook my money anymore so I really hope Razer releases the perfect RBS this year...

    For me personally:
    - 13,3" screen in same form factor = less bezels
    - DDR4 memory
    - Intel i7-7600U / i7-7660U / i7-7567U Processor
    - Backlit function keys (cause we want to raise/lower volume also in the dark!)
    - Fixed noises, whine, heat or whatever it has...

    I don't care about a dedicated GPU, of course I'd thankfully take a GTX1050 Ti if possible without having to deal with slightly reduced battery life. This Ultrabook has the opportunity to shine. If it was like that I'd buy 2 in a heartbeat - 1 for me + 1 for the wifey.

    I really hope the next version isn't going to be just a spec bump... the fat bezels need to go! We don't expect XPS13 bezels, bezels like the MBP13 2016 are great as well!
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  2. Dommorak

    Dommorak New Member

    I would love to see the option for a true quad core processor to allow better utilization of the Razer core. the Screen Size to bezel ration would be great, and more battery life is always a plus!
  3. Brisingr_Phoenix

    Brisingr_Phoenix Active Member

    I would love to see razer release a 3d model file for it, so creators and other companies could actually be able to make a protective shell or something
  4. Psyjin

    Psyjin Well-Known Member

    I agree with almost all of your upgrades. But instead of '13.3" screen in the same form factor' I think 'smaller bezels' or 'no-bezels' would be a better poll choice.

    But for me the priorities are:
    • All day battery life
    • Quad-Core CPU
    • Smaller bezels
    Reasoning: Ultrabooks need all day battery life because this is the industry standard. A quad-core CPU so we can stop bottlenecking the Core. Smaller bezels because 'large bezels are awesome' - said nobody ever.

    I used to want a discrete GPU inside but my position on that has changed. I don't mind because I don't plan to game on the go, only at home. Furthermore, adding a dGPU will jack up the cost and increase the chance of failure by a lot. Cramming Nvidia GTX GPUs into laptops this thin and then stressing it continuously through gaming increases the risk of component failure. Very difficult to fix yourself because everything is soldered onto mobo, and repair costs can cost upwards of $600.

    With all that said, I would rather see all of these features inside a new Razer hybrid tablet/laptop. They should take some design cues from the SurfaceBook which has GTX 965M, 16GB RAM, 3K screen, and 16 hours of battery life all inside a 3.34 lb 13.5" package. And of course, the screen can detach from the keyboard and works with a pen. Razer Edge V2?
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  5. webSangriafirst315

    webSangriafirst315 New Member

    brother , are you waitting for the 2017 new razer blade steath?
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  6. qwertzy

    qwertzy Active Member

    I want a Ryzen cpu if they come out with a line for ultrabooks.
  7. Psyjin

    Psyjin Well-Known Member

    Yes brother, I am :D

    I want Razer Edge V2 form factor more though because it makes better use of the touchscreen

    Last edited: Feb 22, 2017
  8. I want Razer to produce a RBS that isn't a lemon. I have had 2 now and both have had charging issues which Razer is too incompetent to fix.
  9. Psyjin

    Psyjin Well-Known Member

    Sorry to hear you've had a bad experience with the RBS. There are, however, owners who have perfectly fine RBS units, like this user. Hope you find what you're looking for. Good luck!
  10. webSangriafirst315

    webSangriafirst315 New Member

    that's absolutely impossibleo_O
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  11. gballbag

    gballbag New Member

    I suggest they get one that doesn't overheat at the drop of a hat. Even placed on a hard surface the laptop craps out all the time playing BF1 or even Civ VI. I can't imagine putting in a discrete graphics card won't make it worse!
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  12. HeyGohaN

    HeyGohaN Member

    FYI about the Processors

    - 2 Cores (4 Threads)
    - Base Clock:2,7 GHz
    - Turbo Clock: 3,5 GHz
    - Intel HD 620 Integrated Graphics
    - Supports DDR4
    - 15 W TDP
    - Costs $393

    - 2 Cores (4 Threads)
    - Base Clock: 2,8 GHz
    - Turbo Clock: 3,9 GHz
    - Intel HD 620 Integrated Graphics
    - Supports DDR4
    - 15 W TDP
    - Costs $393

    - 2 Cores (4 Threads)
    - Base Clock: 2,5 GHz
    - Turbo Clock: 4,0 GHz
    - Intel Iris Plus 640 Integrated Graphics
    - Supports DDR4
    - 15 W TDP
    - Costs $415

    - 2 Cores (4 Threads)
    - Base Clock: 3,5 GHz
    - Turbo Clock: 4,0 GHz
    - Intel Iris Plus 650 Integrated Graphics
    - Supports DDR4
    - 28 W TDP
    - Costs $415

    You will notice that the 7600U costs the same will being by a little bit better performing (it's really not much but something for the same price & TDP!)

    The latter two (7660U & 7567U) are the ones we should really be offered, preferrably the 7660U... why? Turbo Clock of 4.0 GHz in an Ultrabook is super nice... PLUS it has a Iris Plus 640 Graphics integrated which is a lot stronger than the 620...for only $18 more this should be the best choice Razer could make... same TDP, better clocks (Base Clock being lower by 200 MHz = more battery)...

    RAZER LISTEN UP... You can put more into it than you did recently! Take a look at this... it's only $18 more! I don't care if you put an extra $100 price tag on it, as long as you fix the bezels, backlit fn keys and the processor I'm fine!
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  13. webSangriafirst315

    webSangriafirst315 New Member

    to be honest , i really want to know when will the 2017 new blade steath come out? i can't wait for longer:mad_:
  14. Cliche_au

    Cliche_au New Member

    I didn't get a stealth due to screen & no dedicated graphics.

    Backlit function keys are a must.
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  15. sugob

    sugob New Member

    I pretty much agree [if keeping things reasonable]...but I'll leave the wifie to you ;-)

    The smaller the bezels, the better - especially on notebook that wants to be regarded as premium. Probably easier to enlarge the screen rather than reduce the laptop dimensions

    My additions [there always are!]:

    1) Matt screen option [like the Razer Blade FHD screen]

    2) Upgrade all capacities of M.2 SSD to PM961 [currently, PM951 on <= 512GB?]. Benefits at

    3) Add another thunderbolt USB-C port [a v important port if have a core!] e.g replace a USB 3.0 [and upgrade the other to 3.1 (10G/s)]. Add SD-card slot?

    4) Make hinge between body/screen able to pivot 360 degree [so a hybrid]

    I think most near-time likely are bumps of CPU [to i7-7600], RAM [to DDR4] & SSD to PM961

    Lets see what happens

  16. PhoenixAlpha

    PhoenixAlpha New Member

    I feel like the 7567U on something like the Stealth wouldn't be a good idea. It's a 28W chip, so it consumes way more power, and the Stealth already has mediocre battery life. Same reasoning for me not wanting a quad-core or a dGPU. However, I fully support the 7660U - it's also 15W. In fact the biggest turn off about the Stealth for me is the lack of Iris graphics. I mean, sure, the Core is great and all, but the cost of the core + the cost of getting a GPU to put in = I could have just gotten a regular Blade.
    I'm totally on board with the 13.3 inch screen, too. I absolutely hate the bezels on the Stealth, and it just looks embarrassing next to an XPS 13. Those two are my major concerns.
    As for the rest, backlit function keys would be great. Extra battery life is always welcome. DDR4 is probably unnecessary, although I wouldn't say no if it didn't ramp up the price or affect the battery life. The mechanical keyboard is a firm no, at least not until it goes through major improvements. See LinusTechTips' review for why.
  17. m16007

    m16007 New Member

    I would rather have like macbook pro speed drives because the current ones are no too fast
  18. coolGlaucouscast708

    coolGlaucouscast708 New Member

    I wouldn't say a gtx 1050 is for the rbs.... maybe a gtx 940mx since the asus zenbook ux430uq has it?

    If it gets a integrated graphics card then I would go with the new ones like the
    Intel iris plus 640
    Intel iris plus 650
    Better than some dgpu
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  19. I think putting in an Iris chip would be pretty nice... But they need to fix the function keys backlighting and also get rid of those bezels lol
  20. spoj_

    spoj_ Member

    Smaller bezels to make it more visually appealling. Then everything else would just be performance related. Would be nice to have a few extra inputs though. Reliance on the Core or another dock is the main downside to the stealth.
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