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Razer Blade Stealth and Blade 14 Comparison

Discussion in 'Systems' started by freshRUBYPhlox526, Mar 24, 2020.

  1. freshRUBYPhlox526

    freshRUBYPhlox526 New Member

    Hello folks,

    I am an active member of the Razer community, and I own a blade 15 early 2019 with a 2060 and 8750h. After looking at the size comparison between the razer blade 14 and the razer blade stealth 13 with the gtx 1650 max q.

    When looking at the performance of the individual components in the razer blade stealth, I am curious how the overall performance of the razer blade 14 with the 970m would compare. the gpu's are very close in performance benchmarks and the 1065G7 benchmarks similarly when given enough wattage.

    Have any of you had experience with both devices and can compare them?

  2. M-S-G

    M-S-G Active Member

    Ne leider habe ich nur das Stealth 2019 V1. Das 14 oder andere hatte ich nicht. Ein Vergleich kann ich dir leider nicht nennen. Sorry

    Ne unfortunately I only have the Stealth 2019 V1, the 14 or other I did not have. Unfortunately I cannot give you a comparison. Sorry
  3. freshRUBYPhlox526

    freshRUBYPhlox526 New Member

    Danke für Ihre Antwort.

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