Razer blade stealth bezels

Discussion in 'Systems' started by DavDaBomb, Feb 26, 2017.

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  1. DavDaBomb

    DavDaBomb New Member

    I've heard that the main reason that razer laptops have huge bezels is to help in cooling the CPU. Is this true, if not what is the reason? Also why do they have those big bezels on the razer blade stealth - there are other ultrabooks that have roughly the same power without the big bezels like the xps 13. Btw, I`m thinking if buying the razer blade stealth or the xps13.

    I saw a picture of a blade stealth online (probably edited), and is it possible the bezel size will decrease to something like the picture below in the 2017 model/ near future? sf0Edha.jpg
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  2. HypocriticalIdiot

    HypocriticalIdiot Active Member

    Maybe Razer wanted their webcam up top, the XPS 13 has its webcam at the bottom.
  3. Lafar

    Lafar Well-Known Member

    I remember there being a discussion about this...
    Min was talking about how they could've chosen either large bezels with an accurate screen, or thin bezels with an inaccurate screen (in terms of color reproduction). Something about screen technologies not being up to par yet...

    Here's the same laptop in that picture from a different angle (matches the rug). Source.

    Relatively speaking, it seems like that laptop does have the correct (and large) bezel size.
    Here's a picture from CNET:

    Comparing the bezel width to the speaker width allows us to see that the bezel sizes are the same.
  4. labotsirc

    labotsirc Active Member

    Thinner bezels must be the starting point for the next iteration of the blades, it has reached the point where it is more dramatic than a color quality issue which anyways other companies have already solved.
  5. davidmthekidd

    davidmthekidd Active Member

    Bigger bezels gives the thermal exhaust more space, they'd need to re-deign the laptop from scratch in order to reduce it.
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