Razer Blade Stealth Chroma Profiles and Apps

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by Hexwrench, Feb 27, 2016.

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  1. Hexwrench

    Hexwrench New Member

    Hey guys, I recently picked up a Razer Blade Stealth and am extremely happy with it so far. Runs Photoshop CC, Visual Studio 2015, Unity3D, all perfectly well for what I need. It is the perfect coffee shop coding machine right now :)

    I am looking forward to getting full Chroma SDK and/ or Colore support for the keyboard and seeing some love in the Chroma Workshop. Right now it is.... non existent. As soon as we get the tools, I will start writing some apps for us. Until then, please submit any neat profiles that you have made with the Chroma Configurator specifically for the Stealth here and I will keep a running list. Here is one to get us started:

    Ripple Fire | Hexwrench
    Uses the Ripple LED effect, key press spreads a color ripple that cools from white hot to red. If you'd like, pair it with one of these 4K wallpapers: Ripple Fire 4K White | Ripple Fire 4k Black

    Cyan Alpha Wave | DwnldDude
    Cyan around the edges (the special keys, not letters or numbers) with a dark white on the numbers/letters, with a cyan ripple on the white keys. I think i had a neat white/cyan wave on the top row as well

    Purple Nebula | DwnldDude
    Dim white keys, with two purple glowing nebulas and twinkling stars.

    Rainbow Outside | DwnldDude
    Outter keys (not numbers or letters) have a rainbow wave, numbers and letters are dim white with a small rainbow ripple when touched.
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  2. nathanvollmer

    nathanvollmer Member

    Awesome profile. Looking forward to full Chroma support as well. Fingers crossed for sooner rather than later!
  3. ArjoC

    ArjoC Member

    very nice! whatcha waiting for? share yours now :)
  4. dwnlddude

    dwnlddude New Member

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  5. dwnlddude

    dwnlddude New Member

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  6. Hexwrench

    Hexwrench New Member

    Awesome man! Updated OP with your contributions!
  7. njbmartin

    njbmartin Developer of Awesome

    Great post! Just a note about ChromaSDK and Colore support, we've been working closely with Razer to ensure that it's fully supported, and @BrandonJCScott has already started work on adding Stealth support to Colore.
  8. skelly1124

    skelly1124 New Member

    thanks for the thread!
  9. Jason_Wyse

    Jason_Wyse New Member

    Those colormaps are cool. I really like the nebula profile.

    I tried making one of my own, a sun-disk and sky effects (for the Razer Stealth keyboard).

    I've uploaded it to: https://drive.google.com/open?id=0B2gwy_CTUmf2aFJ5NWItaFRHeE0.

    Feel free to use/edit/redistribute your own copy of it as you like.
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  10. skelly1124

    skelly1124 New Member

    Awesome Profile. Keep up the good work!
  11. skelly1124

    skelly1124 New Member

    Awesome Profile. Keep up the good work!
  12. byteFlirtinteractive386

    byteFlirtinteractive386 Active Member

    nice work everyone, thanks for sharing. Love em!
  13. Ryhart

    Ryhart Active Member

    I am glad I stumbled on this forum. Great work on these profiles
  14. Jason_Wyse

    Jason_Wyse New Member

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  15. dwnlddude

    dwnlddude New Member

    Here a re a couple others that I've made.

    This one is Cray Cray! random colors, with a black ripple.

    Sort of the same as above, with purple in the middle instead

    Nebula (Blue)
    Same as Nebula, just blue instead of purple

    Pink Sparkles
    Exactly what you think, Pink with sparkles

    Different hues of purple/violet swirling around, with a very subtle ripple
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  16. APuddle210

    APuddle210 New Member

    Hey everyone, made a these tonight, Link is to a folder with all four.


    YellowFadeRed - First one I made, been using it for a few days, whole keyboard is a muted yellow, keys that input a character or number are 'responsive' and turn red before 'cooling' back to the default yellow. Originally made this to assist me in adapting to the new keyboard, makes it a little easier to tell if I missed a key, mostly just a cool but non-intrusive effect.

    - Made this one tonight, wanted something a little more functional than YellowFadeRed, keys are grouped and color coded based off function. Spent a lot of time balancing the colors for cohesive look, helpful contrast, but avoiding glaring clashes. Input keys are cyan with 'responsive' to muted yellow, FN and F keys are deep blue, Backspace is red, Enter is green, shift(s) and ctrl(s) are yellow, Alt, Insert, Delete, and Escape are Orange, Tab, Caps, and Arrow keys are blueish-purplish-white. It's nowhere near as garish as it sounds, I recommend this one of my 4 the most.

    PurpleBeachRedWaves - This one is just a basic 'Wave profile' tuned so that you get a muted purple as the base with bright and energetic thin red bands moving from the sides into the center periodically. Ended up being much more mesmerizing than I expected. Would be most useful as ambience for playing music or watching videos, but is definitely not too distracting to use while typing or doing other light tasks.

    DesertRains - Intend to revisit this one when I get a little better at coding, currently very similar to PurpleBeachRedWaves in concept but has a brownish-yellowbase with a refreshing blue band than flows from the top left corner to the bottom right periodically. Similar usage role to PurpleBeachRedWaves.

    Let me know what you all think!
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  17. APuddle210

    APuddle210 New Member

    An inversion of the colors on YellowFadeRed was requested by Kpb17 over on reddit. I added it (RedFadeYellow) so the same drive folder as in my first post.
  18. skelly1124

    skelly1124 New Member

    Keep up the good work all!!!
  19. IOLITEBolepulse202

    IOLITEBolepulse202 New Member

    Happy to have found this thread but am yet to use these profiles. How do you import them into synapse? When I go to import they don't appear. If I change the file extension to razerchroma instead of razersynapse they appear but when I go to open them the synapse configurator crashes. If I just type in the file name to open it (with the proper razersynapse extension) and then click open the configurator crashes again.
  20. ankhlife216

    ankhlife216 New Member

    Hey, guys! So just received my " Razer Blade Stealth " today and I must say I am in love this little beast is awesome. But I'm having a little issue. When I first turned the laptop on I noticed immediately the chroma keyboard lit up and as I was setting the laptop up updating and everything even as it restarted the keyboard lit up before I signed into the OS. So then I started using the chroma program to customize the color everything worked fine until I restarted the laptop I noticed the chroma keyboard didn't even light up until I signed into the OS and the synapse problem opened. Even when I put the laptop to sleep and wake the keyboard won't light until I sign in now this wouldn't be much of an issue except I like to use my laptop with the lights off and screen dim so I can't see my keystrokes as I input my password. Has anyone else had this issue???
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