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Discussion in 'Systems' started by aku88, Jun 5, 2016.

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  1. aku88

    aku88 New Member

    Just wanted to say that when I first read about the Blade Stealth I was incredibly excited for it. In fact, I started pulling in extra shifts in work so that I could afford it. My excitement was only compounded when I found it it's not as pricey as Razer's usual products; furthermore the Core was something I always wanted.

    I waited and waited for an announcement about a UK release, initially being told that it'll be soon but now it's June and there's still no announcement at all about it. Despite me really wanting it, I also needed a new laptop for work and ended up purchasing a surface book instead.

    I know that international laws mean that things need time but what I would have appreciated is more solid information about a UK release date. It's a bit of a shame to feel shunned. I even bought the Razer Ripsaw and was looking forward to a full razer streaming setup!
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  2. Diblegs

    Diblegs Member

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  3. SirThomasKrown

    SirThomasKrown Active Member

    Here in US we still don't have the Core.
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  4. Yousif47

    Yousif47 Active Member

    why not buying it from US and have it shipped to you to UK
    that's how I got my Razer Blade Stealth and I am all the way down in Iraq "I don't even dream that Razer would ever consider thinking about thinking about Iraq"
    and I am planning to get the Core as well once it's available
  5. aku88

    aku88 New Member

    So okay, I do apologize as you state it in that post. However, I think it still speaks to the larger issue at hand if the only way I was to know is to constantly search until I find a forum post addressing it.

    Perhaps it's just me, but I do feel that more effort could be put into ensuring this information is easily and, crucially, publicly available. The post was only made about 3 to 4 weeks ago, months after the first wave of information was made available. I signed up to be informed about updates on the stealth and core and don't recall receiving information there.

    That's a bit too pricey for me. Plus there's the issue of needing to convert the voltage since plugs are different. I'd much prefer a native release for the pricing and potential support should I encounter hardware issues. It's a valid option, just not one that will suit me i'm afraid.
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  6. Yousif47

    Yousif47 Active Member

    You are totally right
    but mine just cost 70$ more than the US price
    and power issue was non since it support 120-220v
    and for the support I always contact Razer US support and got replacement once, however I would definitely buy from local Razer store if I ever had a chance
    but still it is an option :)
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  7. Qbikelchen

    Qbikelchen New Member

    @Yousif47 how did you ship it to the UK? I would like to let it be shipped to germany but I can't do it via the Razerstore ;c
    And I'm afraid a 3rd party seller wont be as helpful as i expect it :s
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  8. Yousif47

    Yousif47 Active Member

    I use freight forwarder company called MyUs they are safe and I've been dealing with them for 3 years now
    if you use Visa card you can sign up for free and have 25% discount on shipments
    they are safe don't worry
    of course you have to pay them and you can check their prices
    they shipped me my stealth for 70$ but for Germany they would get it to you for about 50$ thought DHL in 4 days
    and I am planning to get the Core this way
    check them www.myus.com
    this is if you want to get free sign up https://www.myus.com/welcome/VisaAPAC/
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  9. aku88

    aku88 New Member

    Oh interesting! Thanks for the information on the shipping and how you went about it. Yeah it's definitely a viable option like you said. It would be nicer if we we didn't have to jump through such loopholes to get such a coveted item though. Ah well, hopefully Razer will up their game in keeping fans informed in a more intuitive way at some point.

    Unfortunately since I already bought a replacement laptop I now don't have enough cash to buy myself a razer blade stealth haha (I'm so eager to get one I was looking out for competitions to win it but I don't seem to be too lucky in that regard).
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  10. Yousif47

    Yousif47 Active Member

    You're welcome
    I wish you luck :blush:
  11. MrOzzy

    MrOzzy New Member

    How about the import fees?
    Shipping isnt the big problem, but importing fees can make it VERY expensive.
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  12. Saozhu

    Saozhu New Member

    I know how you feel about it ............I don't know either why they doing thing soooooooooooo slowly ...........like for order issue always longer than technical system issue.....they are so busy
  13. aku88

    aku88 New Member

    Well my issue isn't necessarily about the speed of it in and of itself. I understand that there are plenty of difficulties with having a product be shipped internationally at the same time, I just feel like it would be a great boon if we were kept more inform about this.

    Particularly as we had the option to submit our email address to be kept up to date about the latest information. I appreciate my complaint might be seen as inconsequential but I find that first class customer service is crucial for all business.
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  14. Yousif47

    Yousif47 Active Member

    I don't know sorry I can't help you with that
    I shipped it to Iraq I don't know what is the fee to europe
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  15. AloysiusTee

    AloysiusTee Member

    Anyone know the import fees to Malaysia or if I ship it to Malaysia will I face any problems? And if I get my RBS and it has problems can I ship it to them?
  16. aku88

    aku88 New Member

    Ooh I'm Malaysian as well! Sorry I don't know the answer to the question but I do know they ship directly to Singapore (like to a friend's place first if you know someone there?)

    I mean, it might be cheaper for you to get it from there than to have it specially imported to Malaysia if it isn't already on sale there.

    Not to resurrect a dead topic but there's only two weeks left before Q3 ends. So either it's not making the date and we're not informed or it is and there was no point in me signing up for the email alert because there was no news disseminated through that.
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  17. Qbikelchen

    Qbikelchen New Member

    Q3 ends in the last day of September so roughly 6 weeks to go if I'm not mistaken :)
  18. aku88

    aku88 New Member

    Woops you're right! My bad. :D
  19. qyuburt

    qyuburt Active Member

    I'm hazarding a guess that they held back releasing in Europe because they knew they would be switching out the 970M for the 1060. I mean they already have those machines made it seems, and back orders have been pushed back in the US as well, so I assume the new GPUs is the reason why. I suspect that when the machines do finally release in Europe, it'll be with 1060s instead of 970Ms which helps soften the blow of the wait, but its been seriously difficult for me personally to continue waiting with absolutely zero word.
  20. aku88

    aku88 New Member

    Gosh yes that'd be amazing! And yeah, I don't mind delays but would just like updates.
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