Razer Blade Stealth Screen is black? How much will it be to fix it?

Discussion in 'Systems' started by tianaalee, May 5, 2017.

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  1. tianaalee

    tianaalee New Member

    Okay last week Razer Blade Stealth died and when I plugged it in to charge it, I turned it on and it started flashing white and black, and then it just stopped displaying anything. The screen does work whenever you connect it to a monitor with an HDMI. I had my university look at it since it's finals week and wanted a quick fix. However after a week of them having it, they looked at it for a day and gave it back to me but did not do anything with it. I have had the laptop for less than a year (around August when I purchased it). I have contacted Razer support and mentioned my University looking at it(which was dumb of me) and they said since I tried to get it fix with my university, it MIGHT void the warranty. Would this situation suffice and would I be able to get the warranty if the university did not do anything to it? And if not how much will it be because I cannot afford this.
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  2. Metolius

    Metolius New Member

    If you have had it for less than a year, then the repairs should be covered under warranty.

    Your warranty should still be valid, since the university people didn't do anything. If you or someone else opened up the machine and damaged it, then in general the warranty wouldn't apply to that damage. It sounds like that didn't happen though, so you should be good.
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