Razer Blade Stealth - Upgradable SSD?

Discussion in 'Systems' started by RoyalTartToter, Jan 25, 2016.

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  1. wired00

    wired00 New Member

    Yeah this was the first thing I noticed too in the bios, when I enabled it didn't do anything :/ simply does not detect the SSD in both Bios or linux installers. I've now ordered a 512Gb samsung 850 pro M.2 pcie. I'll see how that goes!
  2. Krose

    Krose New Member

    Has anyone made a 1TB SSD that's compatible? I would really like the extra space.

    On a secondary note, are there any APPROVED techs who can upgrade this without voiding the warranty?
  3. If you are getting the core then just use a fast external ssd and plug it into the core and keep all games on that. Then just use the laptop for game saves and other documents
  4. Krose

    Krose New Member

    Unfortunately, the laptop was already on the top of my budget, so I stupidly bought the 128gb SDD :slightly_sad: and while I like your external idea (I thought of a similar idea), I need a boat load of huge programs on the computer. I'm a DJ and an electrical engineer. So Serato, Virtual DJ, Multisim, Matlab, AWR, Adobe, and AutoCAD are used daily. and that's like 150GB of software right there..... See my problem....

    So I was going to install the essentials on the internal drive, then get a 128gb SDD USB stick and load non-essentials and games on the stick. Problem is, the SDD USB sticks heat up like a mother*********.

    HOWEVER!!!!! I just got off the phone with razer blade tech support. They put in a request for an authorized technician to upgrade the SDD for me. That was it is STILL IN WARRANTY!!! We'll see if its approved.
  5. wired00

    wired00 New Member

    I'm now rocking with a 512GB samsung 850 pro. working nicely just needed to image my 128gb to external hdd. swap out the internal hdd for 512gb. then booted with usb bootable flash drive and restored external hdd image to 512GB ssd
  6. T
    That's surprising, you will probably have to pay for it and who knows how much they will charge you.
  7. wired00

    wired00 New Member

    speaking of warranty, I don't understand how razer support would know you've replaced the ssd? There is no "void if removed" sticker or anything inside. You could merely replace the original ssd if you wanted to RMA right?

    There are simply torx screws on the case, a single standard mini screw holding the SSD and a couple pieces of sticky backed tape which you can carefully retain on the new hdd and when/if you return with the original ssd
  8. They have cameras inside and watch you if you open it haha but yea seriously I don't know how they would even be able to tell if you opened the case or not if there is no void sticker on it.
  9. Pentalobe

    Pentalobe Active Member

    Samsung 950 I cannot find above 512GB... which is already available in a blade stealth stock configuration.

    Is the OCZ RD400 a good disk? It looks like the only NVME, M.2, SSD that is available in 1TB capacity. Is it as fast as the Samsung disk I have in my RMBP 13", which is actually a part from the trashcan mac pro, I am getting over 900MB/sec write speeds, sustained, which is pretty good for a 2 year old machine.

    Except I really don't need 1TB on this machine, I have plenty of free space with my 256GB model. But it is good to know the options available.

    Upgrading a disk nowadays is basic lol. Especially SSD types they are held in with one screw. Not like the bad old days with ribbon cables and wacky caddies.
  10. True but my current Stealth is my 5th one so I personally would not replace the SSD just in case it could void your warranty. I would wait like a month or 2 to make sure that everything in your Stealth works properly.
  11. suncoxiao

    suncoxiao New Member

    Razer Blaze looks like not cool :frown_::frown_::frown_::frown_:
  12. Pentalobe

    Pentalobe Active Member

    He is an EE, Im sure he can afford it :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye_:
    yikes, well our two stealths together have over 4 months without issue.Probably would not be upgrading mine for a year or so, if at all. If it does fail save the old one to pop in before you send it off.

    They may tell you to remove the disk anyway. HP had me remove the disk from my laptop before sending it in for repair if I didn't want my data erased, that was going through circuit city tho which gives you an idea of how long ago that was. The only time I've had to send in a laptop. IDK what razer's policy is. If you're concerned just ask support directly and stop beating around the bush with maybes and could-be's. ;)
  13. Since all 5 of mine except for the second one were RMA'ed right after i received them then that wasn't an issue for me. I finally screwed in all the screws for this one and the bottom plate on the top is still pretty loose but i not going to risk RMAing it and getting a worse one so ill just have to deal with it. At least its not noticeable unless I place the laptop slightly too hard on a table then you can hear the top of the bottomplate tick but oh well, id rather not risk it.
  14. wired00

    wired00 New Member

    just curious what went wrong with yours?

    I quite enjoy the laptop for around the house but the thing i'm very dissapointed with is the battery life on QHD. ~ 3hours or worse is pathetic when compare to my mates Dell xps. I mean it gets the same battery as my 2012 non retina 15inch MBP. The other thing is lack of backlighting on the secondary feature of all keys thats just absurd.
  15. RealCereal

    RealCereal New Member

    Wanted to confirm it works with HyperX SSD m.2

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  16. Krose

    Krose New Member

    Got the results from Razer Tech Support. They will not replace my SSD for me, even if I pay for it. :slightly_sad:
  17. To all those wanting a 1 TB NVME SSD that is compatible, get a Samsung SM961 from Ram City. It's currently the fastest SSD but it doesn't have a manufacturer warranty. If you want a retail SSD (with warranty), wait a few more weeks for the Samsung 960 EVO and PRO.
  18. wesdalelio

    wesdalelio Member

    Sorry if this question has been answered, as I did not run down the thread! The SSD is upgradable, and I believe the motherboard supports up to a terabyte SSD! The process of switching the actual drives shouldn't be too hard, and the best source for tips on how to access the drive might be a teardown video on Youtube! The part that may be a struggle is cloning the drive / finding a USB adapter to read the m.2 PCIE so that you can clone the drive!
  19. I'm looing to upgrade my ssd in my stealth. would it be bad to clone my original ssd to my new, larger one, without cloning it to a separate usb drive first????
  20. JETcoolCoolBlack681

    JETcoolCoolBlack681 Active Member

    Yep, no problem with that, you just need a machine with two appropriate M2 slots.
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