Razer Blade Stealth Verdict after 3 Months

Discussion in 'Systems' started by ata_akca, May 29, 2017.

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  1. Hi all!

    So I have been using the Razer Blade Stealth + Core for 3 months now and having a blast with it to be honest. This is probably the best of the best ulrabook I have seen so far and also a great gaming machine.

    BUT I have some little issues so far and I want to share it with you all, maybe someone with experience might help me with this.

    The laptop is working quite alright, with very good battery life for a gaming laptop, ultra slim, ultra portable, amazing keyboard, amazing sound quality, and a solid quality monitor. My problem with this laptop over here is that I am a hardcore gamer, I spend 2 hours of average every day of gaming and that is why dual core is not the best fit for my needs. Also the laptop has some issues internally which I am afraid that somehow in the future it will be problematic for me I can feel it.
    Some issues are as follows:
    -Freezing while gaming (I have to hold the power button down)
    -Quitting the game or changing the resolution or changing to windowed mode all of a sudden
    -Because of the dual core, it is usually laggy when I have to open a chrome tab, also when playing a game, I cant tab out and watch a youtube video when connected to the Core, and it usually fails and have to reset chrome and start all over again.

    I bought the laptop from Amazon around late February. Is it possible to return it back? Or is there a good way to sell the laptop? I am a terrible eBay/Amazon seller, and I don't really wanna get scammed as I don't have enough experience there. I am in NY at the moment, is there any possible way to sell it if not getting it returned.

    My second question is that, are there any Razer Blade users here with the latest model? Are you guys happy with your units as I have read that some of them tend to be faulty. Is there a way to avoid that problem? Who should I be buying the unit from? Amazon or Razer Store or Microsoft Store?

    I wish you all a great week with lots of drops, amazing kills, 360 noscopes and conquests and so on...

    Best regards
  2. Katana_x_II7

    Katana_x_II7 Well-Known Member

    Ebay is probably the best place to sell your laptop imo. If you've never done it before, its not too easy to set up your account and post your item. Then when someone buys it you just ship it to them. Not sure if its possible to just straight up return yours since you have had it for so long, but you can try contacting amazon about that.

    I just got the 2017 blade off amazon and i loooove it. Its perfect. the 1060 inside can play all my games at 1080p at 60fps, and its just an awesome all around laptop that i can use at home, or to game at my friends house. I bought off amazon since i have prime and could have replaced it easy if i did get one of the defective units, but i got lucky and got a good unit. just make sure to buy it somewhere that has a good replacement policy if you do end up getting a defective one. but it seems their QC as of late has been a bit better since when they first launched.
  3. R3CKL3SS

    R3CKL3SS New Member

    If your going to sell it ebay is the easiest choice but you might want to wait a few years because you could get a higher value for 2nd generation model when 4th, 5th, etc are out
  4. Atraxa

    Atraxa New Member

    If you're in NYC, as opposed to upstate, or not too far outside of the City, I would try Craigslist as well. NYC has the most active and trafficked CL in the world and a lot of commerce goes on there. I've bought and sold numerous gaming-related tech on the CL there, in LA, and in Tokyo. It's free too, and no need to worry about shipping! (although you would need to meet someone in person and show them that it works fine)
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