Razer Blade "Tab" key falls out easily

Discussion in 'Systems' started by rickyipcw, Feb 11, 2017.

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  1. rickyipcw

    rickyipcw New Member

    I have a Razer Blade 2016 (GTX 1060) from Amazon, and this week I found the "Tab" key just fell out by itself for several times. It has always been the right side that comes loose.

    I pressed the key down, and it locked back to the normal place, but it would come loose again later randomly. I could not find any observable broken part on the key cap and the base.

    I don't want to return my blade just because a key falls out easily. Any quick fix to this? photo_2017-02-11_19-04-03.jpg photo_2017-02-11_19-04-35.jpg
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  2. Sounds like the scissor switch underneath the keyboard may be faulty or broken. It would be best that you contact our Support team for a repair or contact Amazon for a replacement if it is still within their return period. Thank you.
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