Razer Blade with Pascal GPU

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by Overtask, Aug 15, 2016.

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  1. kurohyo

    kurohyo Active Member

    yes there was a blade with the 1060 at the launch of laptop versions of the gtx10XX series, but as most people that attended to the launch said that nvidia staff wouldn't let them linger with the blade and other 1060 laptops as much as with other laptops, also can you give us a source of that "sort of Blade announcement at PAX West"

    jump to the 3:45 mark and see for yourself

  2. reloader-1

    reloader-1 Well-Known Member

    LinusTechTips WAN show, August 19th around the 31:00 mark.

    It's on YouTube. I'd argue that probably your best possible source in the industry, if there is such a thing...

    Edit: link:

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  3. DeadOfKnight

    DeadOfKnight Member

    Here's my wish list for the next Razer Blade:

    -Thermal issues sorted out (no throttling).
    -Mechanical switches used on IPad case.
    -Larger storage option (up to 1 terabyte).
    -Nvidia G-Sync and faster refresh display.
    -Matte display screen (or an option for it).
    -Memory speed boosted up to 2400MHz.
  4. Badgertista

    Badgertista Well-Known Member

    G-Sync meand no Optimus, resulting in a poor battery life ...
  5. Gosspirit

    Gosspirit Member

    I have actually watched this video a while back but didn't understand what they were talking about, thanks for hammering it home
  6. Katana_x_II7

    Katana_x_II7 Well-Known Member

    If they did all of these....it would be the perfect laptop. in pretty much every way.
  7. There was a video of overwatch on the new blade. Seems hotter than the current one. 93 degrees playing overwatch. On the 970m it was around 85 degrees when I played Overwatch.

  8. DeadOfKnight

    DeadOfKnight Member

  9. Dear Santa,

    Please make Razer remove the thick and ugly bezel. Make the screen look sexy like dell xps. And please give us g-sync on the next refresh.
  10. Axisball001

    Axisball001 Member

    Except the tittle it didn't say 1060 any where. I don't think this is real. As for thermal, the MSI has a 20 degree drop(from 90 to 70). It could be just the triple fan design but it is definitely something worth noticing.
  11. Gosspirit

    Gosspirit Member

    Anyone for a Europe release?
  12. Does anyone know if those of us who have the current blade 2016 with the 970m would be able to purchase a 1060 and swap the gpus? or is this not possible?
  13. Gosspirit

    Gosspirit Member

    You should be able to get your money back of you have bought it in the last 2 weeks or so... Otherwise you would have to sell It to a third party (not Razer) such as eBay
  14. Gosspirit

    Gosspirit Member

    Oh... You mean gpu swapping... That's a definite no no
  15. I'm def out of the return date. So does that mean I would not be able to upgrade the GPU myself?
  16. Gosspirit

    Gosspirit Member

    You won't be able to upgrade any laptop gpu for at least another 5 years
  17. DeadOfKnight

    DeadOfKnight Member

    What happens in 5 years?
  18. Gosspirit

    Gosspirit Member

    I don't know... Maybe we will be blessed with some new tech advancements that will allow us to swap cpus and gpus in laptops
  19. DeadOfKnight

    DeadOfKnight Member

    If you get a Clevo you can do that right now. If you get the Razer Core you can do it externally.
  20. Gosspirit

    Gosspirit Member

    I haven't heard of the clevo and I meant internaly
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