Razer Blade with Pascal GPU

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by Overtask, Aug 15, 2016.

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  1. DeadOfKnight

    DeadOfKnight Member

    Finally somebody who can give me a valid point. If you want to use the blade as is without ever hooking up a monitor and keyboard then sure that makes sense.

    What doesn't make sense to me is why someone would want a docking station if they don't want to plug into other stuff like a nice mechanical keyboard, speakers, 4K display, etc. The only benefit you will be getting at that point is a faster GPU, which is less of a value than being able to use more peripherals IMO.

    To each his own, I guess. The 14" blade is plenty fast for on the go. For when you're not on the go, a desktop will suit you better than the Core would. The only time I can see it making sense is if you use it for work and want to plug it in at the office, but even then do you need to play games at work? Do you need the extra graphics power while you are at work?

    The Core is for the stealth. People getting it for the 14" just have money burning a hole in their pockets and think they have to have it. Get a desktop, you'll thank me later. Too late? Too bad.
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  2. reloader-1

    reloader-1 Well-Known Member

    You aren't the first person to mention "DESKTOP!!1!" in relation to any gaming laptop. Here's why you are incorrect:

    If you need a gaming laptop, which many people do as they are buying the things at a record pace, then the financial decision to build a desktop doesn't make sense.

    Good gaming laptop - $1400-2000
    Core + GPU - $800

    For $800, you won't be able to build a desktop that matches what a Core + GPU can do. You will be left with a middling desktop experience, and the same laptop experience as you had before, with no option to make the laptop experience better.

    Sorry man. You are stubbornly pursuing your idea of what is correct, and in your scenario that is probably true. Build your desktop, and ignore anyone that buys a Core.

    In my case, I travel so much that I want a good gaming laptop, and when I come home the ease of plugging in a single cable that gives me desktop performance is perfect.
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  3. Katana_x_II7

    Katana_x_II7 Well-Known Member

    I dont want to have 2 computers. Having to keep up 2 computers in a pain. I'm a developer and run multiple servers on my computer at the same time. I have about 5 different server environments with different IDE settings, different things deployed to each of the servers, different mysql and java setups. It takes about 3-4 8 hour days to just set up all my environments. So no I don't want to do that twice, and have to upkeep them to keep them the same on both when i need to update or change any of the environments. i would rather have it on one. Its not just as simple as just syncing all my settings. Yeah it might be for some users who just use their computers for simple stuff like games and documents, but some people do more complex stuff on their computer then that.
    And like this guy said, a core is $400, no way you could build a desktop with with an i7, 16gigs of ram, 512gb ssd, the motherboard, the case and other peripherals if you need them. Its just a lot easier and better in a lot of cases to get the blade and the core. Would probably actually be more expensive to buy the blade and build a desktop.
  4. thatbold1

    thatbold1 New Member

    didnt linustechtips make a vid about pascal blades?
  5. DeadOfKnight

    DeadOfKnight Member

    Well if you would listen to what I'm saying, I'm neither saying that you should not get a laptop for playing games nor am I saying that a good desktop would be cheap as hell. Gaming laptop $1400-$2000? Not if you are getting the 14" Razer blade, that's $2000+. $800 Core+GPU? The GPU is not going to blow away the performance of the GTX 1060 Blade, which is what this discussion is about. It's not going to be worth it.

    You're right, for $800 I can't build a desktop that matches what a core+GPU can do, it would far exceed what it can do, it's an actual PC, not a docking station with an expansion slot. It can do a whole lot more. As soon as Zen hits the shelves, Intel is gonna have to start offering quad cores at Core i3/pentium prices. The Core just looks like a black box of buyer's remorse. If you insist on having one machine to do everything then go right ahead, but it's not cost effective.

    Go on and recommend the Core to others, but you're in the minority. Most of us just want a gaming laptop and the ability to crank up the settings while at home. A desktop is a better way to do that and the value is only going to get better over time while you are going to be stuck only being able to upgrade your GPU unless you buy a brand new laptop.
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  6. I am never building another desktop. It works great and yes it is cost effective, but I want to play witcher 3 on the couch. Period. And I don't want to buy some ugly ass Alien piece of junk. I want a sleek and sexy laptop that can game. Period. Don't mind a peripheral or two. There are millions in the same boat and it is true that other options exist. Are you going to be successful in convincing people ""it's not what they should really want?"" It's possible. But to what advantage? Maybe this belongs in the core threads.
    Case in point...
    If I had a blade 16 in my hands right now (which were sold out anyway) and *if I had a core I wouldn't be having a fit over waiting for the 1060. It has even crossed my mind to buy the stealth now plus the core rather than wait.

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  7. reloader-1

    reloader-1 Well-Known Member

    That's a range, in case someone wants to buy a non Razer laptop. I can order a Razer 14" blade right now for $2000 including shipping, so not sure why you are disputing that...

    Listen, the most overplayed theme on the interwebz is someone repeating the incessant refrain of "build a desktop".

    We get it. It makes economic sense, if you have the use case for it. No laptop made can approach the performance of a similarly priced desktop, and it will stay that way.

    However, there's a significant or even majority percentage of the market that a desktop flat out doesn't work for. You've heard some of them in this thread, and the overall market seems to agree. Desktop sales are cratering while gaming laptop sales are steadily increasing.

    Go build a desktop, and have fun! :)
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  8. Amen. I think if we were all a value proposition/bang for your buck crowd we likely wouldn't be in the Razer forum to begin with ;)

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  9. DeadOfKnight

    DeadOfKnight Member

    True enough. I could get a much more powerful laptop for the same price elsewhere, but I'm not going to lug around an unwieldy desktop replacement made of cheap plastic materials. The only point I was trying to make is that, if you are using it to upgrade the next gen 14" blade, the Core rates very low on value. It could have saved a lot of pointless argument if they just said "I know, but I don't really care."
  10. Axisball001

    Axisball001 Member

    They did show footage of a Blade with 1060 in their mobile pascal video. There is no separate video about the blade so far.

    And guys, if you want to argue about the core, do that on a separate thread please.
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  11. reloader-1

    reloader-1 Well-Known Member

    We will agree to disagree, then. If one accepts the premise that you already own or need a Razer Blade, then the Core is the best value for you as it provides better graphical performance for your $800-900.
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  12. DeadOfKnight

    DeadOfKnight Member

    Still needs a slot for additional storage, lol. Hopefully the next blade goes up to 1TB.
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  13. Agreed. If I ever 'core it up' and have an external ssd and power cord attached now it's starting to look like the Razer logo morphed into some peripheral hungry parody of itself. If the idea is to stay 'blade' like, keeping the baseline storage reasonable in 2017 might not entirely exclude a storage increase
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  14. DeadOfKnight

    DeadOfKnight Member

    Actually TB3 is 40 Gb/s, not 40 GB/s. 40 Gb/s = 5 GB/s. 31.5 GB/s is PCIe gen 4 (x16) which isn't due until next year. PCIe gen 3 (x16) is approximately 16 GB/s maximum. 8 GB/s for x8. 4 GB/s for x4. TB3 is between PCIe gen 3 x4 and x8. PCIe gen 2 only went up to 8 GB/s. The x8 configuration (4 GB/s) was not causing a bottleneck for cards in crossfire and SLI back in the day, but that was back then. GPUs are much faster now. I think it's a valid point that with 5 GB/s, there might not be much room for anything else in the Core that is sending and receiving data over that link.

    It's also a valid point that adding an additional device in the form of an external USB drive is not what Razer's customers want. If they won't add a slot in the Core for an SSD, they will have to upgrade the internal storage of the Razer Blade. I really hope they do. 512 GB is barely enough for me internally, but I need at least twice that to store all my files and "go get an external USB drive" is not the best solution either. I mean the technology is there for them to do it. I'm just crossing my fingers that they get it done and add a 1TB option.
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  15. Katana_x_II7

    Katana_x_II7 Well-Known Member

    Yeah that would be awesome if they made a 1TB version of the blade...although it would probably run like $300 more then the 512gb version now which is pretty pricey. Maybe they havnt done it yet because they dont think there would be a big enough market for the 1TB version?

    I'm hoping they add in the mech keys to the new 1060 blade as well, ones similar to the new ipad pro keyboard they just came out with. A blade with legit mech keys would be super awesome.
  16. https://www.bhphotovideo.com/c/prod...52e21_r3u1_14_blade_multi_touch_notebook.html

    Record has been updated to include rebate for game w/10 series and the top four specs have now been rearranged so that 970m does not appear in the product highlights on a results page.

    Info***** button next to ship time it says "this is a new item being released in limited quantity. We're sorry, we cannot accept more pre-orders at this time"

    That wasn't there this week. Please no trolling me. This is how I pass my free time! Lol
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  17. reloader-1

    reloader-1 Well-Known Member

    This, my friends... Is true detective work.
  18. Katana_x_II7

    Katana_x_II7 Well-Known Member

    Sounds like we are getting closer to an official announcement!!! :D
  19. grit621

    grit621 Member

    The next question is how long will it take before the my are available to purchase. The Core is an ugly example of how we could all be waiting until Christmas or more before you can actually buy one.
  20. Firebat246

    Firebat246 The One

    At this point we know Razer is not looking to compete with other pascal laptops. The others are all out and available to order now... Razer would have done the same if they wanted to compete. They still feel they are in their own category because of how thin their laptops are... therefore I wouldn't expect a refresh until the normal feb/march time frame. IF they do release beforehand.. I expect a oct-nov preorder with a holiday delivery at earliest.
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