Razer Book 13: hinge cover/foil kinking

Discussion in 'Systems' started by bibendum, Jun 10, 2021.

  1. bibendum

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    Hi everyone,

    This is my third Razor Book 13 within two weeks. I've sent two models back to Amazon - one because of a sunk-in left shift key, the other one due to the exact same problem AND a problem with the middle part of where the hinge is: it kinks when you close the lid, causing a sharp bend in the plastic cover.

    I've bought a model directly from Razor now, and even though this one no longer has the sunk-in key, the problem with the hinge foil is there once again. My laptop is only 48 hours "old". Seems to be a general design flaw.

    Is anyone experiencing the same? And if so, did you find any solution? The laptop itself is a gorgeous device, I am tired of exchanging the models, though.


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  2. kuzya987

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    I have just checked on my Razer Book and have the same problem. I raised a support case for a different problem, but I will include this in the ticket as well.
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