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Razer CES sale and European consumer rights

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by Nejona, Jan 14, 2015.

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  1. Nejona

    Nejona Member

    (cross-posted from Reddit)
    There's already been a lot of conversation regarding this sale and the previous ones. I have to say it was the first time I found out about a Razer sale and the first time I tried to get in on it, seeing I've been eyeing a keyboard for the last couple of months and this was the perfect time to buy it. Some of you may say I'm just butthurt, to grow up, to move on, ... I've already received a lot of comments when I gave my opinion on what happened.

    I am here to enlighten you all in consumer rights. From the get go, it was painfully obvious there wasn't a lot of stock for quite some popular items. I got up in the middle of the night and within minutes anything I wanted to order was sold out. I'll admit I was very annoyed at this. I pondered on the fact that this kind of thing is illegal in my country (Belgium). Any store that does this kind of sale (offering an unbelievable price but with low stock) is punished for it. They either get fined or have to come up with another way to honor the sale to their customers (looking at you Mediamarkt). I can't find a source for the Mediamarkt thing but I used to work in one when it opened. I remember there being cell phones sold for 9 euro and ofcourse, stock ran out within the first hour. We were made to order other cell phones to honor the sale to the customers who didn't get one. Lidl fine source:http://www.standaard.be/cnt/dmf20110112_024 (Dutch)

    Which made me wonder about the stance Europe takes on this kind of thing. Unsurprisingly, this kind of commerce is mentioned on the "Black list" of consumer rights. Some more information here:


    Check the bits about "bait advertising". There's a couple of things to remember: Razer can make an estimate about how many people are looking to buy by having customers register to get codes. This way, they can tell how many people will be ordering from their site. Ofcourse, you can't tell what they'll be buying but you can be pretty certain a lot of them will be looking to buy their flagship items with such a sale. Then there's the fact they're saying they'll be selling for 24 hours. Looking and seeing a lot of items sold out within minutes (or weren't even available to begin with!), it is very obvious they didn't have enough stock. Moreover, I'm seeing stories that this kind of sale happens year after year. And every time the same thing happens! Is Razer unaware they don't have enough stock? NO.

    So why am I bringing this up? I've always been irked by this kind of advertising. It's a cheap marketing trick. In truth, it feels very American to me. I, myself, as a consumer have always been protected from this kind of thing in my own country. It's frustrating, you're getting people excited for nothing. In the case of physical stores, you're making a lot of people drive over for nothing. I find the practice very malicious. I believe that when they're offering limited stock, they have to mention the amount of stock they're offering, but I haven't found an official source for this yet.

    I am currently thinking about lodging a complaint. I wasn't really planning on doing it, but seeing this happen year after year? No thanks. In case anyone is wondering, I'm linking the ECC (European Consumer Centres Network) where you can find out who is responsible for consumer rights in your country so you can file a complaint: http://ec.europa.eu/consumers/ecc/contact_en.htm

    Have a nice day!
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  2. SkyweregamingNL

    SkyweregamingNL Active Member

    i never knew about this law in my country (Netherlands) but i guess because Razer is an American established company they can throw these sales, especially since it is published on an English website.
    the only thing that really bothered me is the fact that the codes got reversed, this ruined my change of getting a BlackWidow Chroma, but i got a Tartarus so i'm pretty happy ^^
    i'm glad that they even do these kind of sales.
    even though you are complexly hyped about something that your getting never forget that something might go wrong.
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  3. Hayjoood

    Hayjoood New Member

    Lets all still remember that razer didnt need to do the sale and be thankful.
  4. Nejona

    Nejona Member

    Well, the terms and conditions of their store mentions:
    "Razer’s online store is located here. In certain regions, a third-party service provider administers and/or operates our webstore. In such case, the third-party service provider terms of sale and privacy policy govern the webstore and online purchases."
    They are never clear who administers their European store(s). What I do know is that package are sent out of Ireland, where the legislation definitely counts.
  5. Nejona

    Nejona Member

    Oh nevermind, here we go.
    Razer in Europe is based in Germany:
    Europe Office
    Winterhuder Weg 82
    D-22085 Hamburg 102467

    So yes, European law ;-)
  6. SkyweregamingNL

    SkyweregamingNL Active Member

    i see...well you might be right then.
    pretty good theory :)
  7. Technically, it was not a sale... it was a coupon with a very limited time it could be used... Im sure that would skirt whatever rules you dug up. Chances are good that this was a coupon code even instead of a sale BECAUSE of those EU rules among other factors.

    Im just annoyed the only item i wanted was sold out since before the sale, and the web servers couldnt handle the traffic, and the web page coding is done in such a crappy way that the order buttons just didnt show most of the times the pages actually loaded
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  8. Kringe7

    Kringe7 Member

    I'm pretty ticked at the whole situation too, but let's make one thing clear: They don't have to have discounts or sales. Ever. People will buy it anyway. So walk on eggshells, just because we don't all get what we want doesn't mean we need to take it away from everyone else(For the record, I got nothing because of their code mix-up plus bad add to cart buttons).

    Also, The marketing scheme probably isn't all that accurate, because Razer most likely loses money on these. In fact, I remember him(Min, the CEO) saying something to that effect last year. Sure, it's maybe some free advertising because everyone tells their friends, but I'd bet there's cheaper and easier ways than giving away products for less than it cost them to produce.
  9. Also remember, they could, at any time, say that the sale will only be for American consumers for next year if this becomes a problem.

    Also, this sale is not guaranteed. This sale only occurs if they win an award at CES. And with so many companies competing for rewards at CES, there is no guarantee that they will win one. If they stocked up on a bunch of items, on the hope that they win an award and then they don't win, then they are overstocked and losing money this way as well. Bad business as well.

    Now granted, I'm also not happy that 1) I didn't get what I wanted (the Chroma Stealth). 2) The codes were reversed. 3) Major website issues. But I've seen these type of sales before or similar type things (Wildstar's name reservation was the last one I was in) and it leaves a bad taste in my mouth. But I knew that when I was going on. I made a list of things that I wanted in case my first, and second ... and third ... and fourth items weren't available.

    I ended up buying something I kinda didn't want, but it was a last choice and I wanted to use the code. I wish I knew they were going to plan a SECOND SALE to give people a chance to try and get items that they want later on this month. So this is great customer service on their part.

    Now, do they have to do this? No. Did they have to do the sale in the first place or after so many years? No. Be happy with your opportunities and chances to get something cool (Razer products) at sale price.

    In short: Still sad I didn't get what I wanted but we should be happy we got a sale.
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  10. xXsniperpunkXx

    xXsniperpunkXx New Member

    It isn't like this sale wasn't planned or anythjng. If was a gift to the fans in honor of their win at CES like every year. They're not just gonna crank production in case of a win. As well this wasn't necessarily a sale as much as it was a coupon like stated by another user. I'm sure Razer would have loved to have everyone get their desired products but the fact is they sell regularly and don't have a back log in case of such increase traffic. Truth is you are being butthurt because you would have never went through so much trouble if you got what you wanted. And they are offering another time to get the items at the same deals.
    - Sincercly someone who didn't get what they wanted either (but living with it)
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  11. Nejona

    Nejona Member

    I just wanted to react to this to say that a sale like that is always planned.
    A company so big can't just decide on a whim to put up a sale, they have to set up the website for it, set up the community for it, heck they had to set up the coupon system.
    It's not like it wasn't prepared.

    I'm liking everyone's input in this! It's interesting to see the reactions.
    I'll be watching the next sale closely but I honestly don't believe it will be any different then. Au contraire, I believe stock will be out much quicker even, because the coupon mess won't (or shouldn't!) be there.
  12. Aucadia

    Aucadia New Member

    What is it with the "living with it argument" that doesn't apply to anything Ever. Oh we are gonna do a sale for 24 hours, but you dont get to order because it is only the items we have in stock not like normal ordering where you just order and then we order a new batch of products, Noooo wouldn't do that no.
    Oh we break european rules with a sale, but it doesn't apply to us because it's not a "sale" its a coupon. And oh we just switched the codes by "accident"

    This is a rant yes.
    In fairness, i like what they did, just wanted to give that input, because danish people learn to argu both perspectives.
  13. Nejona

    Nejona Member

    Right on, Denmark! ;-)

    I would like to add that I do appreciate the sale myself, just wish there was the tiniest chance to actually order something I want to have!
  14. razervinh

    razervinh Active Member

    Their store is being run by Digital River, which handles ecommerce for a lot of big companies. (Look them up.) Digital River has the infrastructure in place so that Razer can "just decide on a whim to put up a sale"... however, Digital River's servers have been well known not to handle stress too well.

    Yes, and if you want something, be prepared for it.

    And as Korse said in his first sentence, if it becomes a problem to offer the discounted prices to consumers in the EU, it just won't be offered and State-side users will have less competition...
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  15. Nullable

    Nullable New Member

    Nobody said the sale had to be done in January with as low of stock as this. The arguments are a lot, and sure, they don't have to do the sale. But this is a customer "appreciation" sale, and IMHO nothing about it was appreciative in any way or manner. The convenient repetition of unfortunate events every year as well is ridiculous, and even if it wasn't deliberate then I personally don't know why we're arguing about anything when it's obvious that they're not even trying. "Mistakes happen," you say; yeah, but the difference between someone who cares and someone who doesn't is that the person who cares will actively try to _learn_ from these mistakes.
  16. razervinh

    razervinh Active Member

    You don't have to participate in the remedial sale at the end of the month, y'know...
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  17. Nullable

    Nullable New Member

    Where did I ever mention participating in the remedial sale or anything about the remedial sale for that matter? I'm merely pointing out flaws in the argument and factual (and some personal) points.
  18. razervinh

    razervinh Active Member

    You're implying that they don't care and didn't learn anything. Isn't the remedial sale an active correction to their original mistake?
  19. Nullable

    Nullable New Member

    You do realize "mistakes" happened multiple times before the most inconvenient time being this time. And yes, the remedial sale doesn't say anything yet as of "mistakes" other than the code switching one.
    Then again, I highly doubt any of what I'll be mentioning will get to you, you're too busy turning a blind eye to reflect upon anything, nor should you honestly. If you're happy like that, props to you, don't even reply to me.
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  20. razervinh

    razervinh Active Member

    Sorry. I think I finally understand what you're getting at: You're saying that this isn't the first post-CES sale they messed up. If that's the case, then I get your grievance. This is the first Razer sale I've seen, so to me, it's their first mistake and the remedial sale seems like a fair act of mea culpa.

    I've participated in other online flash sales and they're all pretty much the same: limited stock, quick sell-out. I expect that. I don't think most companies are ever prepared nor would invest in infrastructure to support an event that happens only once to a few times a year. That's the nature of the beast. I don't fault Razer for making the same "mistake" over and over again.
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