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Razer CES sale and European consumer rights

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by Nejona, Jan 14, 2015.

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  1. R3AP3R

    R3AP3R Active Member

    Their mistake was not having limited stocks or stocks that sold out fast. Their mistake is having a crappy server serving all the demands from all around the globe. This is the first time I participated in the CES sale, to be honest I am really disappointed with the performance of the server. With the amount of code given out, they should have foreseen the amount of traffic that is going to hit the server. Yet they let it happened, they have manipulated us to perform a DDoS attack on their server which I must say it's a success.
  2. nexhia

    nexhia Guest

    So Razer won an award, to thank their fans they said 'hey have whatever we got for 50%', EVERYONE knew there was not a lot of stock.

    What you are doing now is convincing Razer to ditch the idea of giving people an opportunity to buy stuff cheaper in a nice appreciation sale.
  3. Nullable

    Nullable New Member

    So it's ok that Razer gets free publicity over it, sure, let's use some shady marketing ploys, get the CEO to apologize publicly, looks like a hero, more publicity and rep, end of story. (not interested in the sale btw, just mainly commenting because I'm annoyed at what has become of Razer)

    They weren't kidding when you read the "Welcome to the _cult_ of Razer" card.
  4. Grzesiko

    Grzesiko Member

    I understand that you might be irritated about the fact that there wasnt enough stock for everyone to buy what they wanted. But it was more of a flash sale - they didnt prepare for it, as it was a way to say thank you to fans voting for Razer on CES. And besides, @Min-Liang Tan said that there will be ANOTHER sale at the end of the month - you still might get your chance! So filling a complaint feels kind of pointless since they ARE restocking on the goods and doind another sale for people who didnt get what they wanted. No more codes will be sent out. Only people who got the code will have chance to take part in the sale. So I think your complaint isnt quite valid.
  5. Hyperkind

    Hyperkind Member

    So OP you are saying that you do not want them to have sales like this because they sell out so quickly? You could always just not participate...
  6. number12

    number12 Active Member

    I find this very interesting I would like to see one of the employees respond to this. As couple people said wasnt really a sale as a coupon that was distributed to people on a whim. I live in the USA and as far as I know we dont got anything like that here. But anyways shall be interesting to see what they say
  7. Rekham

    Rekham Member

    Modern world problems :
    Complain about everything, open lawsuits cause the light bulb on the corner of their street is shining blue like in Philippines instead of shining yellow like in Brazil and this matters a lot in Sweden.
    Please can these kind of people pull their head out of their ****. Customer complaints should be related with bad quality, bad pricing offers, horrible customer service and not because u are butthurt cause u didn't get to buy an item on a sale.
    If Razer had to make sure they sold an item for each member registered on the day previous to the sale that means only 1 thing , bankruptcy... Don`t compare supermarkets stores with this , can`t help but LoL alot.
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  8. R3FL3X

    R3FL3X Member

    I can't belive the're is ppl so mad because of a sale! This is so ridiculous!
    This people is not mad cuz they didn't get a product. If they really wanted something, they could get it in the day before, wasn't a sale of exclusive
    That said, means they are mad bcuz they didint "save" money, about what, 50-75€?
    Razer didint had to do the sale in the 1º place, they dont owe anything to anyone!

    I didint got "my product", it's ok, i''ll get it next time!
    & im glad for all my friend that got their products!

    Keep complaining, they will put an end to the sale to prevent this conflict & probably this ppl be happier....
  9. JapSeyz

    JapSeyz Active Member

    Even if they're an American website, they have to obey European law if they sell and ship to Europa.
    Same way you have to pay tax according to the country you work in, and not just where the headquarter of the firm is located.
  10. JapSeyz

    JapSeyz Active Member

    You really should pull your head out of you ***.... That's your opinion, and when they disregard laws which was made for the entirety of EU, that's quite a serious issue.

    I myself am a diehard Razer fan, but that doesn't mean I will allow them to disregard laws. What they did is specifically mentioned in the EU laws, promising good deals when they know the stock won't last. specifically.
    Therefore I hope Razer will read up on this, and do something about it in the next sale they have.
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  11. R3FL3X

    R3FL3X Member

    After your comment, i have to agree with @Rekham!

    Laws should help communities to work better!
    Not be used to create conflicts!

    What most of the ppl want from razer in this sale it's completely impossible or at least not viable!
    U fools cant see u are putting an end to what is a gre8 campaign from razer cuz they cant please everyone!
    Well, i hope razer know better than this! Anyone, any man or company can ever pleased to everyone isnt it!?
  12. Rekham

    Rekham Member

    Wait , let me lmao for a moment ...ok done.
    They win CES award on day 8 was it ? Decide to do an appreciation sale of fking 50% discount 2 days later , they give up codes next day and the sale goes on the day after.
    In the total of 4 days , everyone at Razer should work 26h a day to sort everything out and make this happen.
    How dare u do this to us Min & Razer , why didn't u have prepared a stock of over 5000 items 6 months before just for this sale cause i bet that's the amount of users registered in 2 days (hell everyone had their 3rd cousin card details and shipping address at hand for their 3rd user registered).
    If u demand quality expect low stocks cause u can`t mass produce good items without passing trough QA fast enaugh to build stoks on a sale that could or could not happen.
    U people shout about laws when u feel offended , when some1 shouts at u for peeing at the corner of their house u cry sorry or worse brake a window.
  13. JapSeyz

    JapSeyz Active Member

    I did not say they had to have stock for everyone, but if you actually read the law in the post, you knew that they would to put "We have x amount left in stock". This would make sure they did not fall under the EU law for bait advertising, but since they did not do this, and the stock was sold out very, very quickly, users can be subject to believing they broke the law.

    I do not expect them to suddenly have enough stock for everyone, and if you actually read the law which was in poste #1, then you knew it was not the only way to not go against that law.

    So please, before you "lmao", know what you're talking about, it makes for a much nicer discussion, and not just random insults, because that does not grant you the "victory"
  14. JapSeyz

    JapSeyz Active Member

    Please, if you actually read the law, you would know that creating such a stock would not be the only way to circumvent the "breakage" of that law. I'll just quote the post I wrote to @Rekham

  15. Philak

    Philak Active Member

    With regards to razers stock that everyone is moaning about they could not have ensured they would have enough stock as they openly said they doubted they would win for a 5th consecutive. So they wouldn't have ordered extra stock. Also from what I can tell razer runs their stock system on a batch process so they will never have excessive amounts of any product, regardless of how popular it is. So saying they broke EU law is incorrect as they could if needed confirm they probably sold thousands of items at a discounted price. The fact is Razer had enough stock for usual business and they then within a week of winning at ces gave out coupons which gave discounts. If you think they broke EU law then you do not understand EU law.
  16. Rekham

    Rekham Member

    What i see are butthurt people cause that's exactly what they are , trying to squeeze something out of a nice gesture a company like Razer did.
    What this will lead to is the following , Razer having to hire lawyers to read over what they say, modify what they say, make promotions related to EU laws ...this will lead to the following :
    Either pay part of their sale wins to lawyers so they win less money as a company.
    Either increase the price on their products to pay lawyers so the company dosen`t loose money but actually loose middle range customers.
    Stop doing any appreciation sales , this way they avoid needing to hire lawyers to represent em in each country where customers cry they didn't refresh the page fast enough to buy an item ...oh ye and give u the middle finger for causing this to yourself.
    What Razer will do is grant u people another code , get another item guaranteed more or less with the future sale and afterwards close the goodie bag for good to ungrateful brats.

    Bye Bye For Gamers By Gamers
    Hello For Gamers By Lawyers.
  17. R3FL3X

    R3FL3X Member

    @JapSeyz, That's irrelevant! Would that make a diference to you?
    So is people are mad because they didint got waht they want or they broke some law!?:confused:

    In fact what you're saying is "ok, they could make it right if they put that stock number"?
    The effect of that change would be "Not breaking a law" & nothing else! That's why is irrelevant & u're calling "this Law" to do any good!...

    As i said in another topic, i had an exam in the next day, so i've been woken up all night & every 15 min i refresh razer page. I checked a lot of wanted products available for hours! Actually most of them run out of stock only in the morning!
  18. Philak

    Philak Active Member

    Also just want to point out
    You should look up the definition of bait sales, so unless you had a sales guy come round your house and pressure you into buying something else they didn't break any law.

    Bait-and-switch is a form of fraud used in retail sales but also employed in other contexts. First, customers are "baited" by merchants'advertising products or services at a low price, but when customers visit the store, they discover that the advertised goods are not available, or the customers are pressured by sales people to consider similar, but higher priced items ("switching").
  19. mahousensei

    mahousensei Active Member

    This. Every item I would have bought if they were available at the sale were out of stock even before the sale, and there was 4 or 5 I could think of, first one being the Leviathan. I really do hope they honestly had no stock in EU because maybe they just waited that the sale was over to list them as available. Stocks that sale fast, ok, I got things last year no problem even in the middle of the sale. Why was it weeks that there was no stock in the Razer store EU this year ? Don't tell me it's taking that long to restock, the same products, even the latests ones, were available everywhere in e-shop in EU at the end of december... This is ridiculous.
  20. JapSeyz

    JapSeyz Active Member

    Well, I was in the EU, and I checked the moment the sale started, When I got past the server issues, the Chroma BlackWidow and the Chroma DeathAdder was gone, which was to be expected, it was their flagship products.

    I am not mad I didn't get it, I am mad they broke the law, when the law was so easily preserved, all they had to do was, as I interpret it, tell the consumers how many of each thing would be up for sale, if they told the customers prior to the sale that x amount of this item would be available, the law would not have been broken.

    Basically, you're saying "The effect of that would be not breaking the law and nothing else"... Does there have to be something else, is NOT breaking the law not a good enough reason?... Also I'd find peace of mind knowing how many were up for sale, if it were 150 and they were gone after the server down time... Okay, I were unlucky, but if 150.000 were gone after a few minutes of server downtime, I might be a bit mad that only our servers were down, and the other regions could still buy.

    But by all means, If preserving the law is not a good enough reason for you, to change things, then I think you should think about more about the society you live in.
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