Razer CES sale and European consumer rights

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by Nejona, Jan 14, 2015.

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  1. Rekham

    Rekham Member

    @Philak , reason i don't visit social medias like reddit ...that thing is poison.
    But from all the things people moan about the only viable thing was not showing the exact exact stock but as some1 said in other thread that was possible to see if u knew how. So ye everything else is irrelevant and it comes down to people thinking they are entitled to getting something on sale "just cause".
  2. Rekham

    Rekham Member

    The stocks r made based on demand , if 2000 people hit the notify me when available button then the company issues an order of 300 items since by the time they receive the stock the customers found something else or not interested anymore, that`s why u didn't see much in stock previous to the sale. ( it`s common sense tbh)
    As for the most popular items , well that explains itself. I was about to buy the Goliathus XL just to waste the code since it was for 1 item only and while i was trying to load keyboard pages for the past 2h the Goliathus loaded in 5min and was VERY available to purchase , but before i could hit the buy button i managed to squeeze an Orbweaver.
    But ye no1 wants to buy already cheap items on a 50% sale and go for the most expensive one therefor the stock disapearing.
  3. JapSeyz

    JapSeyz Active Member

    You could not see the stock in numbers, but you could visit a specific URL to see if it was in stock or not.... Still doesn't follow the law which was posted in #1.... I understand that nobody wants to criticize a company they like, but your complete lack of understandment for them breaking the law in the entire EU, baffles me.

    You don't visit them because you find them like poison, but once you have a meaning, it's correct, there's no way another person on the internet can change your mind. You want to be right, even if the other person has superior evidence which contradicts you.
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  4. JapSeyz

    JapSeyz Active Member

    Can you tell me how it is common sense to have 2000 people interested in a product, and they request a production of 300? because that makes absolutely no sense to me... you're basically telling me that almost 90% of those who said notify me, jumped off?

    They could have told themselves that the expensive / flagship products would be sold out quickly, and did not act on that, thus came the law "breakage"
  5. Philak

    Philak Active Member

    @Rekham , Its just a shame that razer does something for its fans and all there is now is people bitching. I wanted to get a couple of things but they weren't in stock. Thats just business and sadly you do get some people who think companies should have an infinite supply.
  6. Rekham

    Rekham Member

    Same goes for the laws , there's points of views and then there's "points of views". The right one will be what the judge on the case decides and ye many of us base the laws on common sense and even if it says "IT'S RIGHT WAY 100% of the times" trust me as 90% of the cases it`s wrong as laws r related to each other and more ways of interpreting them depending who's talking.
    Wish u good luck in the courts though...
  7. ivchua

    ivchua Member

    +1. Razer should just not ship to EU. Freight forwarders rejoice!
  8. JapSeyz

    JapSeyz Active Member

    I don't plan on going to the court, I do however plan on figuring this out, because with the cases which was shown in the URL, and the info given, Razer did break the law quite heavily.

    90% of the times, is a great over-estimate, yes some times they are wrong, or convicted based on missing factors, but that is more like 5-15% nothing near 90%...
  9. JapSeyz

    JapSeyz Active Member

    I didn't say that :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:, at least it was not what I meant... I just want them to follow the European laws, when dealing the merchandise inside the EU.
  10. Philak

    Philak Active Member

    I live in the UK but if it stopped all these people moaning because they didnt get what they want the go for it.
  11. Philak

    Philak Active Member

    They do follow them, people just dont understand them and think they are breaking them.
  12. R3AP3R

    R3AP3R Active Member

    Dude you just slapped yourselves in your own face, the definition says "when customers visit the store, they discover that the advertised goods are not available, or the customers are pressured by sales people to consider similar". Notice the "or"? Are you familiar with the common "or" "and" logic?
  13. JapSeyz

    JapSeyz Active Member

    Following to their own best knowledge, is still not following them. IMO anyways.
  14. JapSeyz

    JapSeyz Active Member

    I agree, people are bitching, that's the way it is, they should listen to the happy customers, which I found very joyous to follow, as Min was retweeting them.

    But also beware, there is a difference between meaningless bitching over not getting a thing you wanted, and "bitching" with actual evidence and proof of something went wrong, in which case it is not bitching but searching and giving information, regarding a subject.
  15. AelanSol

    AelanSol New Member

    At no point does it say everyone one will get something..... it's a sale! Be happy they do something for us.
  16. JapSeyz

    JapSeyz Active Member

    Trust me people is happy for the chance to get something, but if you were to read the very first post, this is not the point of this thread, the point of this thread is that they broke en EU law.

    You can't just ignore a breakage of the EU law and then mask it saying, you should just be happy that you get a chance to buy something.... it's still an EU law broken.
  17. Nullable

    Nullable New Member

    I've gotta say, you gotta let it go man. All you'll be getting are generic comments saying that "people are butthurt" etc. Every fucking asshole thinks he's a PhD in psychology who understands how everybody works/what everybody is saying(myself included).
    We know that nobody is going to do crap. Razer got the publicity already and the shameless exploitation of people. Just let it go.
  18. Kilowat

    Kilowat New Member

    As you can see (on the EU store) Razer has a well planned calendar because 2 day after this incredible discount offer where nothing was available on the store for out of stock reason, the store is now fully stock again an you can buy pretty much anything right now.

    that little mistake of management by 2 day, nothing serious really !
  19. Cedrus

    Cedrus New Member

    I don't believe this will fall under bait advertising because Razer did not up-sell a more expensive product because the other was out-of-stock.

    However, talking about raising consumer complaint is exactly the one of the reasons Min-Liang Tan is considering dropping future appreciation sales. Although I missed purchasing, mainly due to not wanting to stay up very late, I'm happy to see these sales.
  20. ETitus

    ETitus Active Member

    Wow, with these discussion going on Min might actually be right, not to hold sales ever again. My guess is less people will be butthurt by the fact there is no sale than people who don't get anything when there is. gone=gone, that's the way stores work.

    All those "I wasted my time" comments, no, you invested your time, into a chance to get a ridiculous bargain. Am I going to complain that the supermarkt is out of banana's even though they said their bananas were the cheapest? WTF are you guys thinking?
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