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Razer CES Sale Problems...

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by Skywere, Jan 13, 2015.

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  1. YoloCPmc

    YoloCPmc New Member

    They where resolved.
  2. HRTheJoey

    HRTheJoey New Member

    THIS is the important thing. They owned up to messing up and they have a plan for resolving the mess up. The site though needs to be able to handle more connections or have better load balancing for a sale such as this.
  3. Moziii

    Moziii New Member

    truly sad day for razer
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  4. Cookie93

    Cookie93 New Member

    Same thing happened to me, stayed up till 2am to get a BlackWidow Chroma Stealth. Had it all in my basket and then the code didn't work and wasn't informed on twitter till an hour after about the codes but I couldn't get on insider to get the other code so by that time they had sold out.
    I love Razer, all my peripherals are Razer and my work bag is Razer and I was frustrated with what happened but I'm glad they owned up. Hope I can grab one next sale and that they do it at a more EU friendly time.
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  5. Ryuyoko

    Ryuyoko New Member

    I feel really bad for everyone that got screwed. If anybody is now in need of another code for the blade (and we're allowed to give them away i have no idea) your welcome to take mine if it helps remedy your situation.
  6. CongoPinkxquick607

    CongoPinkxquick607 New Member

    I just hate shopping fee
  7. easyZompretro839

    easyZompretro839 New Member

    Razer made a mistake but some people just have too much 'entitlement' issues
  8. thedarkfox

    thedarkfox New Member

    Still drooling over the chroma wish I could have got one.
  9. tapao

    tapao New Member

    everything was gone by the time it loaded
  10. anhduc0314

    anhduc0314 New Member

    The codes were screwed up the first time
    The process of getting to the actual site of your desired product was a pain ( For me it was the ouroboros or the mamba)
    Now that everything is fixed. Every good thing is gone...
    Unbelievable sale from razer, unbelievable.
  11. nyyfan2k

    nyyfan2k New Member

    I'm hoping stock comes back on the chroma line for the sale again
  12. Hibson

    Hibson Member

    I feel the same way. Min's post about the remedial sale went up just as I had struggled through 30 minutes of waiting to get my second choice, the 7.1 Classic instead of the 7.1 Chroma headset I really wanted. Now, I'm stuck since the Blade code did work... Kinda of bummed.
  13. bombay63

    bombay63 New Member

    My order failed at last stage of submit after taking credit card etc with product going out of stock. The order is still in unsubmitted state. Razer should atleast honor these kind of situations and ships us the items.

    Even the support page is not working now.
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