Razer Chroma | ArcheAge Giveaway

Discussion in 'Contests and Giveaways' started by Deleted member 368765, Mar 23, 2017.

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  1. Chok6663

    Chok6663 New Member

    Thanks for the giveaway!! :D
  2. Seltz

    Seltz New Member

    Weee! I never play that game, but i will start only to see mi Razer Pet! Thanks!
  3. panterjr

    panterjr New Member

    Great News
  4. hello, im new on this site ;)
  5. Romanticide2862

    Romanticide2862 New Member

    This looks really good, such a shame I don't play the game though! Perhaps you'll do similar skins with LoL/CSGO/Overwatch? Though I can't imagine how that could work in overwatch because of the rewards system, I'm sure Razer would find a way :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:
  6. ubernuke

    ubernuke New Member

    Quote T Side (CS:GO) "Negative"
  7. dk1player

    dk1player New Member

    amazing :eek: :eek: :eek:
  8. xdawid123456

    xdawid123456 New Member

    i love it :heart:
  9. LordAbi

    LordAbi New Member

    Lol, the snek is awesome! :D I will visit Arche Age again to see it! ^-^
  10. CamaronDeMar

    CamaronDeMar New Member

    I want it! v:
  11. Benhurry

    Benhurry New Member

    Very nice!! Thanks!
  12. WitzyJ

    WitzyJ New Member

    Impossible not to love the name Snek.
  13. MissSwaggy

    MissSwaggy Active Member

    Snek sounds like snack :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:
    WitzyJ likes this.
  14. Thehittman15_no_id

    Thehittman15_no_id New Member

  15. Blooderprimo

    Blooderprimo Member

    wew awesome skin
  16. Maygenj2

    Maygenj2 New Member

    Pretty cool pet. Now if only I could train it to run packs for me.
  17. Celestin6669

    Celestin6669 New Member

    Looks good!
  18. danino_no_id

    danino_no_id New Member

    Mr.razer this code not work ;(
  19. Marigoldeggauto995

    Marigoldeggauto995 New Member

    The code isn't working... ( We're sorry, but the voucher you entered is invalid )
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