Razer Chroma Blackwidow vs Razer Chroma DeathStalker?

Discussion in 'Off Topic Chat' started by Run_xD, Aug 5, 2015.

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  1. Run_xD

    Run_xD New Member

    Don't know which one to get, I know the DeathStalker is cheaper, but the Blackwidow seems more durable. Which one should I get and why?
  2. Foxman150

    Foxman150 Member

    It is your choice, but if you want mechanical keys the Blackwidow series is the only with mechanical keys. If that doesn't matter than you then you can get which ever looks more like a keyboard you want.
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  3. Run_xD

    Run_xD New Member

    Yeah, I couldn't really care about sound. And there is the Stealth. I also just found out that the BlackWidow has more customisability as far as the chroma function.
  4. Foxman150

    Foxman150 Member

    as far I know that is correct the Deathstalker does not have all the other options for the Chroma the BW does.
  5. popbobtai

    popbobtai Member

    As far as I go, ever since I got my BW Chroma, I don't know how I would feel switching to membrane if I had a choice to keep a mechanical keyboard.
    I'd get the BW for the mechanical switches, but its on you. The Deathstalker has a wrist rest, but its what you like.
  6. SomeiSeun

    SomeiSeun Member

    Are you used to playing on a laptop and/or membrane keys like the deathstalker? If you are used to mechanical it will be odd to get used to the laptop type keys on the deathstalker. But Overall if it is budget minded I'd suggest getting the Deathstalker Chroma if you want the lighting, it looks awesome and the deathstalker doesn't seem like that bad of a keyboard
  7. ALKitten

    ALKitten Member

    I like deathstalker chroma because of chiclet keys, but if you like mechanical go with BW
  8. kajira

    kajira Mother of Gaming

    I haven't tried a Deathstalker, but I have the BlackWidow Chroma Stealth, and I really love it. I like that the keys aren't as loud as the regular one (I share the office with 3-4 other people) but they still feel great. Honestly, I don't think you could be disappointed going either way, just pick what's most comfortable and aesthetically pleasing to you.
  9. JakeWIdhalm

    JakeWIdhalm Member

    If I were you I would go for the BlackWidow, but if you want to save a little go for the DeathStalker.:D
  10. BaccaBoss2

    BaccaBoss2 Active Member

    The BlackWidow Chroma is mechanical. It can do the Advanced Chroma Configurator, while the DeathStalker can't. The DeathStalker has slim, membrane keys, while the BlackWidow has larger mechanical keys. If you want Macro Keys, the BW is the way to go, since you have to spend around $250 to get a DS with Macros. Overall, they are both amazing and the choice is ultimately yours.
  11. Humpberto

    Humpberto Member

    it also comes down to which type of keys do you feel more comfortable using.

    GTASANTT Member

    If you are going for comfort and performance, I think blackwidow is better. If you want the touchscreen, then deathstalker is your only choice
  13. ShamX0

    ShamX0 Active Member

    Deathstalker ultimate doen't have the chroma function though. If you're gaming I'd suggest the Blackwidow. I switch from a deathstalker to blackwidow and feels much better in typing and gaming. Plus in the long run, its easier to maintain. You can pull out the keys and clean it up.
  14. Quentix

    Quentix Member

    Membrane vs mechanical .. There is no anwser, only choices
  15. Keex_Chris

    Keex_Chris Member

    I use the BlackWidow. I can't imagine myself gaming with another keyboard. I tried gaming with a Dell membrane keyboard (don't know which model) and I can't even play properly...

    You probably already know this but the DeathStalker uses chiclet-style keys. They are easy to press enough though it will take some time to get used to it.

    Things that the BWChroma has that the DSChroma does not:
    • 5 additional macro-keys. This is located on the left-most part of the keyboard. I personally use them a whole lot, but I feel it's more applicable for MMORPG's, RTS, or FPS.
    • USB, Audio-in and Mic port. This is located on the right side of the keyboard. I don't personally use this but, it's always plugged and handy if you need to plug-in any USB device w/o having to go to the back, front, or top of your computer.
    • Mechanical keys. They come in either "Clicky" or "Silent".

    $70.00 USD is a significant amount of money. If you feel, you can live without those things I mentioned and will be accustomed to the chiclet-style keys easily, go with the DSChroma.

    If you're still undecided and want to look at other keyboards, this may help. It will only gives you mechanical ones though:
  16. Neutrinos

    Neutrinos Active Member

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