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Discussion in 'Razer Chroma' started by technokat, Aug 3, 2017.

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  1. xCryptik

    xCryptik Well-Known Member VANGUARD

    Yeah. That end cover is covered by plastic cover doesn't have connector only a dead end plastic cut but I feels weird tech support said it can be connected lightstrip to lightstrip...
    <~ See at 2:06 minutes.
  2. Razer_TheFiend

    Razer_TheFiend Well-Known Member Staff Member

    @BlackFireDragon @xCryptik I can confirm that you can not daisychain multiple light strips. Each LED on the light strip has an independent connection to the HDK to allow for the the fastest refresh rates of any LED strip you can buy, and to allow for the most granular customization possible.
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  3. xCryptik

    xCryptik Well-Known Member VANGUARD

    @BlackFireDragon At last, the staff here confirmed you cannot connect them. The store support must have misunderstood it. Haha.
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  4. BlackFireDragon

    BlackFireDragon Well-Known Member

    Yeah i also contact few week ago EU support they confirmed too. It's really shame i cant extend strip to longer one like on normal strips hue or lifx z. Mayby next relese will have this feture to extend strips to certein lengh and connect via four ports.
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  5. GhrimRheaper

    GhrimRheaper New Member

    Hi guys, can anyone verify if HDK is working with the Chroma Visualizer app built in synapse 3, every peripheral works on my end when using Chroma Visualizer aside from the HDK which would just stay static into whatever color it was before running Chroma Visualizer.

    I have reinstalled synapse 3 and 2 already and everything but the issue persist.

    Also another thing to note: HDK works when I use the old third party audio visualizer app but my problem when using it is that my Tartarus V2 wont work on audio visualizer as It would just display static light.
  6. PaperzMask

    PaperzMask Member

    Same here, it stays static
  7. GhrimRheaper

    GhrimRheaper New Member

    Oh i see. So this a bug, hope Razer issues a fix for this soon.
  8. ZxJeremy

    ZxJeremy Active Member

    may i know what's the different between Razer RGB and the rest companys with RGB too?
    isit the light is brighter?
  9. Lafar

    Lafar Well-Known Member

    Everything. It's a totally different playing field.
    From true 16.8 million colors (other companies skip out on the full range of colors, leaving you with a fake RGB experience), super fast and reliable data transfer (to make effects the smoothest in the industry), and customization (Synapse 3 is pretty awesome, especially when compared to the other companies).
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  10. Archeria

    Archeria Member

    Yeah, and you cant even connect more than one of the HDK-controller at the same time, nice feature Synapse^^
  11. GhrimRheaper

    GhrimRheaper New Member

    It's nice when it syncs with your other razer stuff but apparently there is a current bug that causes this to just be static when being used with Chroma visualizer so please look into it as it's a bummer when you buy something expensive that's not working.
  12. Archeria

    Archeria Member

    Yeah, just realized that too. Im using the keyboard visualizer now. That can still handle it and can also controll 2 of them at the same time, not like Synapse...
  13. GhrimRheaper

    GhrimRheaper New Member

    Yeah HDK works fine with the third party audio visualizer so im pretty sure that the issue/bug is with synapse 3. Only problem when i uses that is my tartarus v2 remains static so no matter what i choose i can't sync everything together
  14. Archeria

    Archeria Member

    Yeah, and still no fix. I hope they will fix it fast now, because the support should know there is a issue(i just tried it with both of my hdk and different PCs, same issue there).
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  15. Dr_Axton

    Dr_Axton Member

    Am I the only one who has the HDK working weird with built-in visualizer? It does'nt change brightness depending on volume, just being either on/off
  16. Archeria

    Archeria Member

    look at the last few posts, we discussed the issue already.
  17. Dr_Axton

    Dr_Axton Member

    most of them ended up saying "just wait for an update in sdk/visualize", unfortunately
  18. GhrimRheaper

    GhrimRheaper New Member

    Yup already discuused this with a few support people from razer, even got escalated to level 2 and the annoying part is that they don't even review the things i sent them and will just ask stupid questions over and over thinking that the issue is with my system and not with their software, was promised that this will be addressed by an update coming this month so that is the only hope for now
  19. Dr_Axton

    Dr_Axton Member

    well, there is something wrong with HDK on software level, it feels. For instance- it really doesn't like to be put in usb hubs, and for some reason chroma studio loves to reset the tilt, so time to time I get confused why is the wave on my left strip going the wrong way all of a sudden
  20. Reg3e

    Reg3e Member

    Is it fixed yet? The Chroma Visualizer issue. I'm considering of get a kit to complete my setup.

    I could go for a simple static colour LED strip for my desk. But since I'm almost all Razer products, might as well have my desk RGB LED sync with the rest of my gears.
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