Razer Chroma Hardware Development Kit

Discussion in 'Razer Chroma' started by technokat, Aug 3, 2017.

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  1. Yogla1337

    Yogla1337 New Member


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  2. Graungaard

    Graungaard New Member

    OPS OPS OPS... Only other chroma device supported is Lancehead and Lancehed te..
    I bought it, and is SO DISAPPOINTED..!! It is not writen any where, I just found out when I installed it, at it does not work..!!
  3. bubblecookie

    bubblecookie Member

    Well my setup is about to get even more... lit ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)
  4. xenonexia

    xenonexia Member

    Just love it. Would look awesome in my pc, or next years, when I probably start all over again with a new base comp. Having that perfect chroma setup would probably even contend, memory wise, with the time I set up my first fully tailored water cooling, with a tank taken from an old VW Golf. ^^ But this would probably, at least, be "street legal". Except for beauty.
  5. larssy1

    larssy1 New Member

    What?? Are you saying the Razer Chroma HDK might not be suitable for 99% of us?
  6. FrostyGunman

    FrostyGunman Active Member

    Is the documentation on the SDK for the Hardware Development Kit available anywhere? The led strips just flash when I try to follow the existing documentation for the REST API of chromalink enabled devices.
  7. MeaTbaaLLL

    MeaTbaaLLL New Member

    that looks sick! - I always wanted to get my NZXT Razer case going with my Chroma keyboard, mouse, and firefly mousepad
  8. Namagong

    Namagong New Member

    My HDK arrived today and I must say that I've never been more disappointed with a Razer product before.

    First off, the software that's supposed to run this thing only supports the HDK and the Lancehead 'for now'. So syncing the lights is only possible with the damn mouse. (I have Blackwidow Chroma V2 and Firefly Mousepad, works with none of these.) And the while fiddling around with the software, later it completely lost its function to change the HDK and Lancehead's lights too.

    Also, the HDK doesn't support light sync with games 'for now'. You your Razer peripherals have special lighting effects with in-game events in games like Overwatch and Diablo 3? Well the light strips don't have that function! The lights just freeze up when you load up your game. This is actually what disappoints me the most. Because the sole reason I bought the HDK was because I was hoping that the light strips attached behind my monitor would sync with the in-game events and thus providing me with a more immersive environment.

    So basically as of now the HDK is an overpriced piece of ****. That does nothing it was advertised for. Seriously, get your **** together Razer and sell don't sell products that are still in beta (alpha I would say) phase!

    Stay away from this product at least 'for now' and don't get ****ed in the ass like me. So frustrated with the hours that I wasted trying to make this work.
  9. PlatinumC

    PlatinumC Active Member

    IDK what people don't understand behind the meaning of HDK and SDK...
  10. Graungaard

    Graungaard New Member

    Yes that is what I am saying.. I bought the hdk.. and i could not find my devices in the new synapse..
    after a talk with the razer support, they confirmed, as of right now, the ONLY other chroma device supported is the lancehead mouse..!!

    I was so disappointed.
  11. Graungaard

    Graungaard New Member

    the only other chroma device supported is Lancehead at the moment. No other chroma devices is supported in the synapse 3.!!
  12. Graungaard

    Graungaard New Member

    I feel that Razer is misleading so many people, because no where on the Hbk site or in the synapse 3 beta site does it state that only the lancehead is supported.. I wrote to they support to complain, but only got a sorry, I confirmed that the infomation looks misleading.. But nothing else, no compensation, no nothing, and the still have not change the site, so it states that the only other chroma device supported is lancehead.. Of coarse i know other chroma devices might be added at some point.. but i really think they are cheating us customers, to by hdk.
  13. FrostyGunman

    FrostyGunman Active Member

    The new version of Synapse is in beta and indeed only supports the new Led Strips and the Lancehead mouse, but you can just use the existing version of Synapse side by side with the v3 beta. So all your devices remain to work as well as you are able to control the led strips with the beta version. The only thing that currently doesn't work is synchronizing chroma effects across Synapse versions.
    I agree with you that the information on the site doesn't say anything like this. I'm disappointed with it myself as well. However, the situation with the Synapse apps isn't so bad that your devices won't work, and the situation I think is certainly not so bad it appears from your posts. I am more disappointed with the lack of SDK support for the new Led strips, they are a development kit right, so why can't I develop something for them???
  14. Manolitos

    Manolitos New Member

    [Quote = "Razer | Technokat, mensaje: 369.483, miembro de: 9"] Su configuración es acerca de conseguir lit.
    Cree y controle con el kit de desarrollo de hardware de Razer Chroma: http://rzr.to/ChromaHDK

    [MEDIA = youtube] MGPiG-FadtM [/ MEDIA]

    Transforme su escritorio en una configuración de iluminación completamente personalizable con un kit de iluminación de fácil instalación para desarrolladores que incluye nuestro módulo HDK y tiras de LED.

    Su creatividad es el único límite. Aproveche al máximo su compatibilidad con Razer Synapse 3 y nuestro estudio Chroma y haga todo lo posible con Razer Chroma. Su monitor de PC, escritorio de trabajo, o incluso su tostadora.

    Sincronice los colores con otros dispositivos compatibles con Razer Chroma y realice la inmersión de juego en el siguiente nivel a través de iluminación avanzada y efectos integrados en el juego.

    Encienda su mundo con el Razer Chroma HDK hoy. [/ QUOTE]
  15. Namagong

    Namagong New Member

    This kind of blind fanboism lets Razer get away with **** like this. So you're basically saying that although the HDK doesn't do anything it's advertised to do it's okay because you're a fanboy and you can develop stuff for them? So you're are okay for now it being basically just two mediocre LED strips that cost $79.99? Unbelievable.
  16. Namagong

    Namagong New Member

    No, the HDK doesn't do anything that you are advertising it for
  17. Graungaard

    Graungaard New Member

    Yeah.. I dont care about fanboi or not.. the fact is that HDK is misleading us customers.
    I bought the exepensiv 80 hdk and 2 strips more.. (also over exepensiv..) Only to learn afterwards that the only reason justifying the prices is that it can control all my chroma gear... which it cant.. !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  18. FrostyGunman

    FrostyGunman Active Member

    You can control the Led strips via the beta of Synapse in any way you want, in the same way that Chroma works across all existing hardware like keyboard and mice etc. Only thing that doesn't work right now is that all chroma devices are available in one app. That's the only thing I am explaining, no need to start calling people things.
  19. Graungaard

    Graungaard New Member

    And you cant see the problem in that?? the Biggest reason and for most people the only reason to buy the HDK over some other led controller, is that with this you can control your chroma device from one place and sync the lighting.. like the they say in they own advertising. But you cant do that.. It cant sync chroma devises, and you still need two programs to handle your lights..!!
  20. FrostyGunman

    FrostyGunman Active Member

    Completely agree with this. I was just explaining that the Led Strip isn't completely unusable. But I agree with you on this.
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