Razer Chroma OFFICIAL INTEGRATIONS: HUE The Game, No Longer Showing Up as Chroma App

Discussion in 'Razer Chroma' started by evilchargerfan, Feb 12, 2018.

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  1. evilchargerfan

    evilchargerfan Well-Known Member

    Hue, used to respond to chroma effects. I just recently discovered last night that that is no longer the case. I tested both my desktop + black widow keyboard and on my razer blade stealth and in both cases my chroma keyboard no longer has any integration with the game

    It is worth noting, with other games (like Overwatch) Chroma Integration works just fine, which should signify that my devices nor my Razer software has any form of issues developing but perhaps the issue is with HUE the game, itself

    Can anyone share any thoughts, input, and a possible resolution?

    and guys, this should go without saying but the issue is with HUE THE GAME and not ya know ... not Philips Hue

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  2. FRSR06

    FRSR06 Well-Known Member

    I don't know but asking support could help you.
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