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Discussion in 'Razer Gear' started by kajira, Jan 5, 2016.

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  1. kajira

    kajira Mother of Gaming

    Hy folks, I received the Razer Combat Hoodie in the mail yesterday, so I figured I'd stop by and give a few opinions.

    First, it's quite nice! The pockets are a little lower than my other jacket, but they're also deeper and bigger. The patch on the right arm is pretty cool, and a good size. The hood is nice, no strings hanging down, but you can still adjust it with the elastic pulls that circle the edge of the hood. (hard to explain, but a neat concept) It's just warm enough, but is still comfortable to wear indoors. (at least for me)

    In short, if you were already looking at it or considering it, then I'd say definitely go for it!
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  2. Lafar

    Lafar Well-Known Member

    Yupp, it's really warm... Perhaps a few of these should be sent up North to the Wall?

    The little things really complete the package. From the metal rings for the hoodie tightener (the thing kajira was talking about being hard to describe) saying "For Gamers By Gamers", to the left arm's zipper folding down and staying down, to the part around the wrist being that stretchy stuff so it seals up nicely.

    Oh, it pairs very well with black karate pants. Extremely well.
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  3. GameGH0ST

    GameGH0ST Active Member

    I considered getting one of those. It's pretty much a definitely at this point.

    I'm wondering though, about the material and the feel... how does it compare to Under Armour. I have a UA hoodie from 7 years ago that looks the exact same as it did when I bought it. But it's in such an ugly color (orange) that I don't like wearing it outside the house. I'm definitely going to get a black UA hoodie so that I can lounge around and not worry about stains for another 7 years.

    The only other hoodie I've seeen on the internet that is comparable and also must-have is this Razer hoodie. Does it fade in the wash? UA doesn't. Does it shrink in the drier? How's the feel? Is it something that you could sweat in? Is the material so nice that you'd be afraid to work out in it? Sometimes I don't like working out in clothes if they are too nice.

    Is it designed to take a beating?

    Would you buy it again?

    Thank you so much for your input. I'm glad you were willing to share!
  4. Destrok

    Destrok Well-Known Member

    I received mine as well, now comes the difficult choice, do I wear it, or save it to give away on stream? hmmm.... decisions decisions.... I already have a razer hoodie.... but I almost like this one better.
  5. GenTheIdiot

    GenTheIdiot Active Member

    The thing that's keeping me from buying this is it's price. 84$CAD for a hoodie!? Come on, I can get the same premium type of hoodie for around 30 or 40$, even in Canada. Now, I get that it's Razer, and it's all cool with them, but there is so little creative Razer branding on this product that I've come to expect from Razer. So. Thoughts? Is it worth the price?
  6. kajira

    kajira Mother of Gaming

    I really like the fabric. It's warm and fuzzy on the inside like a sweatshirt/hoodie should be, but it also has that stuff (hell if I know what it's called or made of. haha) that reminds me of the stripes down the sides of guys exercise pants. It's kind of "satiny", soft and breathable. The pockets are also lined with that fabric. Speaking of pockets, very generously sized pockets! There are also more than I expected. There's the one we can see on the sleeve and the two normal outside pockets, but then there's another inside as well, near where the headphones outlet is so you can string them up from inside the hoodie. (yeah, obviously my word play is not top notch for this posting. lol)
    Oh, and it was mentioned about the obvious Razer logos, etc - there is a Razer logo in black on the upper left chest area, it's just harder to see without looking for it, but it is kind of shiny so people can tell something is there. However, on the right sleeve there is also a patch with the "for gamers, by gamers" that says Razer as well. It's a pretty decent size, perhaps 3-4 inches in diameter.

    I always get my hoodies, sweatshirts, jackets, etc really large, so I'm practically swimming in this one, but I absolutely love it. I roll up the sleeves a little and then it hangs down to about hip length. (when ordering in mens sizes, it's the best way to accomodate being "top heavy" hehehe)

    So, yeah, if you're thinking about it, I'd defintely recommend keeping this one as a front runner. I find I'm wearing it more than my Razer "track" Hoodie these days ... though, the one I still really want is the Windrunner Hoodie. hehehe
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  7. Ashurii

    Ashurii Member

    Did you get the female one or the male one? I'm highly considering the ladies one!

    Edit: Oh! I just noticed the "when ordering in mens sizes" Damn. I was really curious about the ladies fitting on their hoodies.
  8. kajira

    kajira Mother of Gaming

    @KitsuYukiHIme I wish I could try out the ladies sizes, but sadly that's not really an option for me most of the time. If you do buy one, I'd love to hear feedback on it! :)
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