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Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by CombinatioNova, Jul 26, 2020.

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  1. CombinatioNova

    CombinatioNova New Member

    Razer recently released an advertisement for their concourse backpack, and quite frankly I feel like there are some ideas that are ignored but would REALLY make for a great backpack addition.

    1. Tone down the green on the razer logo. Even though it looks cool, half the time I don't want people to think I bought a backpack from a gaming company because Im edgy and quirky and stuff, I just want the backpack to look cool, which it does

    2. Multiple interior padding colors. Simple enough to add, and would be a great touch

    3. Support for large battery banks. Ngl, if you integrate razer chroma on the interior of the backpack, I'd see that as a reason to get it. Finding stuff at night in a backpack can be annoying. No need for 24/7 RGB on the outside, but some interior lighting that you could change would be lit

    4. Many backpacks nowadays have those fancy shoulder straps that reduce the strain from carrying it, I'd look into possible designs for that

    4a. Cooling gel on the back of the backpack like the wrist rests, actually might as well make it on the straps themselves too

    Some ideas like these are practical things that Razer could use. Razer has TONS of experience in various "Quality of life" improvements when it comes to sitting in a chair, so why not increase quality of life when on the go?
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  2. stellaa9x

    stellaa9x New Member

    very complete and detailed :)
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