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Razer core and the new windows 10 update

Discussion in 'Systems' started by deep639, Aug 3, 2016.

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  1. Has anyone had some issues with the razer core after the new windows 10 update? For me after I updated windows, the core works fine with the laptop, but there are random interruptions in connection, where the connection will be lost and then reconnect after a few seconds. Also, there is some lag after the new update, even after connecting the core to an external monitor, its not a lot, it maybe related to the intel display driver being updated with the new windows update but I am not sure. Is there something else going on?
  2. Sorry to hear about the problems with your Razer Core, I would suggest contacting our system support team to see if they can further assist or troubleshoot your problems. You can create a case with our support team by going to http://rzr.to/help.

    Best Regards,
    Razer Customer Support
  3. Yep same issue since the Anniversary Windows 10 update. I had it working perfectly and now I'm having issues specifically with VR games (UE4 / Unity based) with driver stop responding / crash and recover.

    I left the new DOOM @ 4k external monitor / ultra settings on all night last night for 7 hours and came back to it this morning, moved mouse and kept playing where I left it staring into the sky in single player.

    So Core is performing as it should must be something software wise with update. To note I did DDU Intel drivers and install fresh, DDU Nvidia drivers and install fresh as well. Make sure to go back to the 4424 Intel drivers, Windows Anniversary update installs a older (newer?) version, can't remember number off top of head that has the desktop lag / stutter issue with the core. https://downloadcenter.intel.com/do...ows-10-and-Windows-7-8-1-15-40-?product=88345

    One fix that may have helped my Core stability previous that I did as part of my tweaks / fixes for stability was setting the TDR Delay value up to 10 (default is 2). https://msdn.microsoft.com/en-us/library/windows/hardware/ff569918(v=vs.85).aspx

    TDR Delay value seemed to help and possibly now with the Anniversary update being a build change (run fast rings at work) that registry key was probably removed / reset back to the default 2 second value. TDR Delay specifies the number of seconds that the GPU can delay the preempt request from the GPU scheduler which is effectively a timeout threshold. I think Thundrebolt 3 adds some noticable delay on GPU requests, I noticed significant DPC latency which also is an issues currently with Pascal GPU's as it is. Running the hotfix driver 368.95 I'm still seeing it not as bad, desktop users aren't seeing any since hotfix.

    I wish Razer Support would be more useful, as much as I love their products their QC is questionable and support seems limited to Tier 1 help that equates to "sounds like your hardware is now bad, send it in for 2 weeks and we'll send a repaired one back". Not much finding the root cause. Not knocking support on the forums I'm talking from experience calling about my Core, previous Blades, etc. With new products like this would be nice to get someone more familiar with the products that knows a little in / out about it.
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  4. I contacted razer support to see what they will say. So far, the core connects with the laptop properly and I can run games/programs on an external monitor fine. There is lag but that's ok. The problem arises when I try to disconnect the core, I can't safely remove it for strange reasons, so what I do is turn off the computer, disconnect the core and then restart it. Before the new windows update, this disconnection of the core would be ok, now after the update, sometimes the computer will just restart instead of shutdown. Also after I disconnect the core, the computer display is dark and hence I have to force restart the computer to get a display, seems like the update changed things, which hopefully razer can fix with a patch. I could revert back to the previous build of windows 10, I'll see what razer support says about that. There are 10 days to do that.
    To sum it up, the core still runs fine and I can do and play all my games. There is a little lag, and the connection is stable for the most part. But when I have to disconnect everything gets wonky, I got a blue screen twice, and multiple windows errors in action center. Hopefully razer/microsoft can patch this.
  5. deep639 my fix since the anniversary update was this order.
    1. Boot into Safe Mode: DDU Nvidia Drivers, Reboot
    2. Boot into Safe Mode: DDU Intel Drivers, Reboot
    3. CCleaner (not neccesary)
    4. Uninstall Thunderbolt Drivers
    5. Re-install Thunderbolt Drivers (from Razer)
    6. Install Intel 4424 Drivers above, Reboot
    7. Install Nvidia Drivers (368.95 hotfix for me, you can go latest from Nvidia), Reboot
    8. Add registry key for TDR Delay set to 10 hexadecimal / 16 decimal
    9. Great success!
    Played an hour of Raw Data on Vive, Oculus games back to back no issues. Standard games worked fine (DOOM, Overwatch, etc.) but all VR games were back to old habits before doing this. TDR Delay probably majority help but the driver regimen works too.
  6. I went back to the old 4424 intel driver. That seems to have fixed the lag somewhat. For the other stuff, I am not too familiar with registry editor, so I don't if I will try to change it. But the update has definitely messed up stuff, especially detaching from the core and shutting down the laptop with the core still connected. Thanks.
  7. My issues is that World of Warcraft wont even load when i have the Core connected. I have tried rolling back the Intel and Nvidia Graphic drivers but no luck. Where do i go to roll back the Thunderbolt drivers?

    Has anyone else had this issue with WoW and been able to resolve?
  8. Eason85_no_id

    Eason85_no_id Member

    Are you guys able to get full screen youtube videos working?
  9. I haven't gotten fullscreen for chrome to work. I think nvidia or amd would fix that.
    For my other problems they seem to have gotten kind of fixed. The core hasn't disconnected randomly the last two times I have used it with the stealth. I switched to older intel driver (4424) to remove lag. For issues when I disconnect my core, I just switch back to duplicate display on both my laptop and monitor and then turn off the computer and core and disconnect the core. It seems to work and I have stopped getting errors.
  10. Bouli-CMO

    Bouli-CMO New Member

    How does one go back to those Intel drivers after the Windows 10 Anniversary update? I'm not a very hands-on Windows user...
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