Razer Core + MSI Twin Frozr GTX 970 + Razer Blade 2016 (A Review)

Discussion in 'Systems' started by AmazingSpanoMan, Jul 16, 2016.

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    So I got around to testing my rig without and with the Core teamed up with a MSI GTX970 in OC mode. I did the tests in 1080 all around because that is the resolution of my external monitor as of right now. I wanted to test it how I would typically use the set up so, to start, I plugged my Razer Mamba and Blackwidow TE into the Laptop and then tested again in the Core. I have a couple more things I would want to connect like the Firefly and Orbweaver but I didn't for the test. Ultimately I think I will need to get a powered USB 3.0 hub and either connect to the Core or the laptop directly so I can have all my stuff working that I need in my normal daily desktop set up.


    The Firestrike Results are as follows.
    Razer Blade - No Core GTX 970M - Score 6506
    Razer Blade - With Core + GTX 970 (Peripherals plugged into the Laptop) - Score 8857
    Razer Blade - With Core + GTX 970 (Peripherals plugged into the Core) - Score 8832

    **Note I ran the test a couple times so heat may have caused throttling but it is doubtful. Never went over 65C**

    Just for S's and G's:
    Custom Desktop 3770K i7, 16gb ram, Samsung EVO SSD, GTX 970 (Same tested above)

    Firestrike Score 9867


    So if my Math is correct this is what we are looking at.

    Using the Core with GTX 970 provides a ~27% jump in performance when compared to the GTX 970M integrated in the laptop. A desktop with the same GPU and fairly old processor is ~11% better performance wise than the Razer Blade with Razer Core running the same GPU. So using the Core we lose roughly 11% performance of the card when compared to a desktop set up.

    Real world performance is a mixed bag if you ask me. Lately, I've been playing Overwatch and Doom. I'll include a couple other games I have on hand.

    Blade standard internal Graphics 970M - I get 90-125 fps on ultra with the res just above 1080 (can't remember off the top of my head. With the Core and GTX 970 I only get roughly the same FPS at 1080. I think this may be because some of the settings are higher via the Nvida GeForce Experience best settings option. So I get slightly better quality at the same FPS as the internal 970M

    Settings at ultra running 1080 with internal 970M I get between 50-70 FPS dipping a bit here and there. With the Core and 970 I get between 80 - 130 FPS dependent on what is going on in the game and how many enemies there are on screen etc. This is running Vulkan rather than DX11 or OpenGL.

    Skyrim - No Mods
    Settings on ultra everything 1080. Runs super smooth no issues. Then again it ran pretty smooth on the 970M as well.

    Also, I'm just now noticing that the Frozr fans are turning on and off on normal intervals. I'm wondering what that is about. They should be off at idle.
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