Razer core+razer blade stealth issue

Discussion in 'Systems' started by Matthew sword, Oct 31, 2016.

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  1. Hey guys I just got my razer core in on lunch so I went home for a few min to set it up. So I followed the instructions to a T. I played a bit of my main game world. Of warcraft legion. And noticed the fps was horrible and spikey. Forgot to mention I have a 1070 founders edition. At first it was at 1440 and I lowered it to 1080 res and it barley gets 30fps in non crowded areas sometimes going into the teens when I get into a heavy area. I looked at taskmaster when I was playing and I kno it's not cpu bottle neck as it's only at 48% usage. I'm confused as to y this is happening because a 1070 should max wow at 4k easily at 1440. I'm calling tech support after work but was hoping someone had a lead on what issue I'm having. Thanks!
  2. icepick314

    icepick314 New Member

    it may not be switching to external GPU...check your Nvidia setting to see if the game is running on GPU vs CPU....
  3. It said it was on the icon in the bottom listed two tasks the Nvidia control panel as well as the game. I even was able to Overclock it slightly
  4. icepick314

    icepick314 New Member

    I still don't think the game is running on GPU...make sure Warcraft is set to use GPU in the Nvidia Control Panel...

    also check to see if PhysX is set to Auto as well...
  5. Oh OK I get off in a hour or so so as soon as I get back I'll look. And what ur telling me to do its all in the Nvidia control panel correct?
  6. icepick314

    icepick314 New Member

    yes...usually Nvidia Control Panel automatically switches to GPU when games are running but sometimes it doesn't detect as games so the game is running on CPU...

    my friend had same problem on his MSI gaming laptop but he figured it out...

    also just to make sure, just to eliminate every possibility, you are using thunderbolt cable and not vanilla USB-C cable...
  7. It does appear to be switching. I even went into the control panel and manually set the game to only use the 1070. Still having weird bugs it will go from 104fps to 35 to 45 and sometimes 8fps. I don't kno. Contacted razer and they r looking into it but I'm lost.
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