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Razer Core & The New Razer Blade 2016 - 3D Mark Results

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by GGIIJJEEWW, Jun 23, 2016.

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  1. Hey all, here are some nonscientific results of 3D Mark. I won't respond to questions but I hope this helps you make a decision about the products. Overall I'm very happy.

    Core Specs: GTX 970 GAMING 4G MSI - Installed
    The New Razer Blade: Only tweak is a 950 PRO 512 GB
    Using the downloaded version of 3D Mark - Demo from Steam. Downloaded 6/23/16

    Three scenarios tested. A reboot and a 10min wait period between tests.
    1. External HDMI monitor connected to core, core set as primary video card plugged into The New Razer Blade. Ran standard test. - Results: 8778
    2. External Monitor disconnected, core set as primary video card plugged into The New Razer Blade using the laptop built in monitor. Ran standard test. - Results: 7995
    3. Unplugged Core, only using The New Razer Blade and its built-in video card and display. Ran standard test. - Results: 6482

    Good Luck!
  2. lzh464150085

    lzh464150085 New Member

    If you don't respond to questions, we wouldn't know if they are graphic scores or result scores.
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  3. Fire Strike Result Scores
  4. lzh464150085

    lzh464150085 New Member

    Thanks for the reply lol. I just wanna remind you that because of the cpu bottleneck, maybe the graphic score is more useful.
  5. lansan5

    lansan5 Member

    What cpu bottleneck are you referring to?
  6. lzh464150085

    lzh464150085 New Member

    Ok, so what we care about the core is if it can take fully use of the gpu right? And that's what I meant by graphic score. Since we are using i7-6700hq, the final result score could be varied largely due to the gap between desktop and laptop cpu. We all know the score won't be as high as the desktop setup and again we care about the gpu only
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  7. wesdalelio

    wesdalelio Member

    Does anyone know the reason why the USB 3.0s on the CORE have not gotten the best results? I have seen videos that mention there have been issues...
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