Razer Core Unboxing and Setup!

Discussion in 'Systems' started by TyMcLean, May 25, 2016.

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  1. TyMcLean

    TyMcLean Active Member

    1464226545327-291685112.jpg 1464226569326491701100.jpg Hey guys, just made a quick unboxing video with my phone. Go check it out, I should have benchmarks this weekend.

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  2. mintouch

    mintouch Active Member

    looks little larger than I thought... thanks for unboxing! btw, you need to fix your current status haha; you're not anymore waiting the core, aren't you?
  3. TheGurgeMan7

    TheGurgeMan7 Well-Known Member

    Man. theirs barely any reviews on the 2016 blade, but then you make a review on the core. Good on you man.

    I am assuming that that is the stealth next to it, correct? just want to get a size comparison.
  4. TyMcLean

    TyMcLean Active Member

    I'm too excited waiting for it charge to change my signature lol
    Yes that's the Stealth, I'll post a couple pictures in a minute showcasing the dinosaur graphics card lol
  5. TheGurgeMan7

    TheGurgeMan7 Well-Known Member

    drop a 1080 in it and tell us if it works XD
  6. davidha11

    davidha11 New Member

    Awesome, can't wait for the tests
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  7. TyMcLean

    TyMcLean Active Member

    I'm really hoping I can get my hands on one. Pre-orders sold out really quick.
  8. falomari95

    falomari95 Member

    You need to play some big games and show me how the razer blade stealth perform !!! I have one but I'm seriously considering the razer core
  9. Sorgair

    Sorgair Member

    is it just me or is the card insanely big
    and ew
  10. TyMcLean

    TyMcLean Active Member

    The card actually has some wiggle room, and AMD isn't bad. I got this card for free when a friend upgraded and I've used it for two years. Sure it can't play the latest and greatest at ultra settings, but it's almost 4 generations old.
    I'll have benchmarks over the weekend. I don't feel like shelling out money on a GPU just yet, so I'll be borrowing my friends GTX cards.
  11. Please give a link to the benchmarks when they are done. Thank you.
  12. TyMcLean

    TyMcLean Active Member

    No problem. I'll probably rename this thread or start a new one.
    That's only if someone doesn't beat me to it lol
    I wish I had more compatible cards to test, ooh well.
  13. wiking19950309

    wiking19950309 Active Member

    I need one of these..but I'm so pooor :'(
  14. Yousif47

    Yousif47 Active Member

    Wow it looks beautiful
    thanks for the pics
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  15. Ryhart

    Ryhart Active Member

    Can we get some benchmarks?
  16. TyMcLean

    TyMcLean Active Member

    Check above. I'll have a 980 and 970 this weekend to benchmark.
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  17. Ryhart

    Ryhart Active Member

    sounds good bud, i look forward to it!!!!!
  18. RoastierThanToastier

    RoastierThanToastier Active Member

    I never kne the core could glow it looks really cool. And great video it reslly got me interested in the Core
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  19. roh911

    roh911 Active Member

    The core looks awesome, but i wish it wasnt so pricey. Anyone know when they will have some more for sale?
  20. liyanagech

    liyanagech New Member

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