Razer Core V2 Chroma Not Working Properly

Discussion in 'Razer Support' started by everJADEBistre790, Apr 30, 2018.

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  1. everJADEBistre790

    everJADEBistre790 New Member

    After having my Core V2 for a couple months and trying everything I could, the famous unplug/replug, restarting razer app, putting my comp to sleep and waking... the Chroma on my Core V2 does not stay on.

    Only when restarting my laptop (razer blade) or when plugging in my core after the laptop was booted without it, will the chroma turn on and stay on/ function properly... And only does it function properly until I put my computer to sleep.

    If I put my computer to sleep, then proceed to wake it, the chroma on the core lights up then fades out and doesn't turn on after that until I restart my computer / turn it off, unplug core, reboot, then plug in core

    Any thoughts on how to fix?? and just checked before writing this that my razer synapse is updated.
  2. AssembIer

    AssembIer Active Member

    Did you try reinstalling synapse ?
  3. I have this same issue. I use it all day and it works fine. I unplug my laptop (Razer Blade Stealth) and take it home at night. When I come back in, I have to unplug/replug the core then restart my laptop to get my peripherals to work. It's annoying. Fix, please!
  4. everJADEBistre790

    everJADEBistre790 New Member

    Any updates to a fix for this?? Also after this initial post, Windows Update occured and now the USB ports on my Core V2 no longer have power... Looking at device manager the PCI to PCI bridge has an error and says that there aren't enough resources for this device... HELP!
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