Razer Core will not connect to external monitor via hdmi

Discussion in 'Razer Support' started by headBittersweetportal068, Nov 11, 2018.

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  1. I am novice when it comes to tech/ computers. When I read through the threads looking for a solution to my issue I often had really no clue what was being said. So, apologies in advance but some hand holding may be in order.

    Razer Blade: RZ09-0165 configuration / model number
    Razer Core: RC21-0094 (Original model)
    Graphics Card: Gigabyte GeForceGTX 1080Ti Gaming OC Black 11G
    Monitor: ACER H243H: 1080p Input: VGA DVI-D HDMI, Hz 50/60

    Software: I believe I am up to date and have the Razer Synapse icon on my laptop.

    The Razer Core appears to be working as the card is lit up inside, I can hear what I assume is the the soft purr of the fans and the wireless mouse / keyboard plugged into a Razer Core USB port function on my computer.

    I have tried unplugging the core system and restarting the Blade but no luck.

    Why is there no Razer Core icon file on my computer. I would expect that there should be to at least indicate that it is working
    More importantly: Why is the Razer Core not connecting via HDMI to my external monitor

    Thank you for your help

Thread Status:
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