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Razer Core with Non-Razer Laptop

Discussion in 'Systems' started by hart breaker, Jun 8, 2016.

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  1. HypocriticalIdiot

    HypocriticalIdiot Active Member

    It should work as long as you install the right drivers
  2. Chris_Chong

    Chris_Chong Active Member

    hopefully razer will be willing to provide proper drivers with enough support
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  3. JD8091994

    JD8091994 New Member

    So I've got a couple of issues with my razer core connected to a gtx 1070 reference connected to my msi gs40 6qe phantom notebook and i wanted to see if anyone had any solutions they could recommend.

    1. When I disconnect from my razer core to game with my gtx 970m the battery boost option disappears in geforce experience and I don't know how to get it back without uninstalling the gtx 1070 drivers everytime I want to game on the 970m, I find this issue very annoying.

    2. I want to have a quick way to disable and re-enable the gtx 970m and the Intel HD 530 integrated gpu, when I discoonect the core or reconnect it, the gpu switcher doesn't work for the intel gpu and is pretty buggy with the 970m.
  4. DrunkenDonkey_no_id

    DrunkenDonkey_no_id New Member

    Hey guys, i really need an eGPU for my Dell XPS 2720 (desktop) because the internal graphics card is crap (NVIDIA GeForce GT 750M). Would the Razer Core solve my problem or would it not connect? And if i'm in no luck with Razer, are there other eGPU solutions? Really hope for an advice!
  5. SodiumMachine

    SodiumMachine Active Member

    I thought the dell Xps 2 in ones didn't have TB3. Correct me if I'm wrong. Anyways, the core is 500 US dollars, and you lose around 15 percent preformance through any eGPU.
    And you'll need a graphics card. Depends on what you are playing. You don't need a 1080 to play over watch at 1080p
    Honestly I'd suggest the 1070 since the price keeps going down. I saw one a few days ago for 350.

    Hope this helps :^)
  6. DrunkenDonkey_no_id

    DrunkenDonkey_no_id New Member

    You are absoultely right! It has TB2, but it should work with an adapter. The thing is that CS:GO runs great and Owerwatch works fine, but H1Z1 is almost unplayable with my current GPU. But it probably is a stupid idea and i don't think i will try to hook my PC to the Core. Anyway, thanks for your quick reply ;)

  7. Hey, just seeing this post. I am running the GS40 with Core and basically it is plug and play excluding the occasional reboot.

    I disable the GPUs. I go to Device Manager - Display Adapter - then disable both the Intel and 970m GPUs. Also, my GPU Switcher is set to "automatic" when plugged into the Core and it works consistently. I do not use Optimus at all. I never saw a benefit.

    I know not the ideal answer... But maybe a reinstall of the Core following the steps outlined earlier in the thread.

    By the way... Can you post some game benchmarks? I have a Titan X Pascal in mine and I am curious how the 1070 compares. I am convinced the real challenge with the TB3 Core set up is not TB3 bottlenecks but CPU bottlenecks in games.

    Razer Core with Macbook Pro 15 - Titan X Pascal 3DMark Score - 6683
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  8. Razer Core with Macbook Pro 15 - Titan X Pascal 3DMark Score - 6683
  9. Hi Everyone,

    I recently began using the MBP 2016 with the Core. I had been using a MSI GS40 with good success but the laptop was far from ideal for daily use. Great computer but the screen and interface is not nearly the quality of Apple.

    I have been doing some recent benchmarks and the MBP is performing better over the GS40 and Razer Blade. In some games I am seeing 10 to 15 fps increases. Overclocking the Titan was very easy and showed some sharp gains with certain games.

    3DMark Ultra - Razer Core with Titan X Pascal

    GS40 - 6070

    Blade - 5889

    MBP - 6190

    MBP (Titan overclocked) - 6683

    3440x1440 - Highest Settings - No AA unless noted

    • Far Cry - 70 to 90
    • Tomb Raider 2016 - 74
    • Tomb Raider 2014 - 108
    • Unigine 4.0 (2560x1440) - Ultra - 4AA - Scored 2829 and 112 fps
    • Sleeping Dogs - 101
    • Witcher 3 - 60 (Griffin Scene)
    • Just Cause - 65 to 90
    • Deus Ex MD Full AA - Benchmark - 43
    • Deus Ex MD No AA - Gameplay - 60 to 90
    • Shadow of Mordor - 100
    • Shadow of Mordor - Full AA - 90
    • Grid Autosport - 106
    • Division - 57
    • Far Cry 4 - 70 to 90
    • GTA 2015 - 80 to 90
    Titan X Pascal - Overclocked

    • Shadow of Mordor - Full AA - 109 (19 fps increase)
    • Tomb Raider 2016 - 80 (6 fps increase)
    • Grid Autosoort - No change
    • Far Cry 4 (80 to 110) - No AA - I checked and rechecked. (15 fps increase)
    • Sleeping Dogs - no change
    • Tomb Raider 2014 - 145 (36 fps increase)
    • Witcher 3 - No change
    • Division - All settings maxed 71 (14 fps increase). Oddly, the previous non-overclocked benchmark ran lower with AA turned off.
    • More to come...

    My point of view is the MBP with EGPU is an excellent set up for work and play. I travel for work and a laptop is required in my life. The ability to avoid paying $2000 to $2500 for a computer I only play video games is well worth the dollar to performance breakdown vs a desktop set up. As it stands my gaming set up is complete.

    Quick Update - 5/5/17

    I am currently plugging in the Core waiting for Synapse to start. Then restart. Once signed in I unplug the Core and then plug back in. The external monitor pops up and I am good to go.

    MBP beginning to see power drain when plugged in. Showing 84% currently. Ok, turned out the plug came unattached. Interesting it went two hours with only 16% drop in power when only running off the Core.

    Only regret is not waiting for the 1080 TI. It hurts a little....
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