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Razer Core with Non-Razer Laptop

Discussion in 'Systems' started by hart breaker, Jun 8, 2016.

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  1. Unable to offer any specifics to AMD card. But it sounds like you are very close and the 13.000 3DMark may be worth further review.

    Yes, the core appears as a TB3 connection the lights are on and the gpu fan is moving. I had to manually download razer synapse after deleting it as when plugging in the core, it didn't offer to install it for me. I have disabled the 970m for now as well as deleteing the driver using display driver uninstaller from guru 3d. At one point I thought I had it working but got a 3d mark sky diver score of about 300 which doesn't make any sense?!? As with a gtx 970m i got a score of about 13,000.

    Odd, I am getting a 13,111 with the GTX 1080 in the Core. I normally see 9000ish with just the 970m. When doing 3DMark the GTX 1080 does not yet show and it the 970m is what is listed even though the 1080 ran the benchmark.

    One quick question is it absolutely necessary to use an external display with the razer core to get it to work??

    I have only used an external monitor

    Also the AMD display settings control panel refuses to load when just plugged in to the laptop display and when plugged in to an external monitor the control panel loads but lists the AMD rx 480 as being disabled?!?

    Are you using the GPU Switcher. The GS40 has the same CPU as the Blade and the GPU Switcher works very well for me

    Sorry for the messed up post.
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  2. JD8091994

    JD8091994 New Member

    Okay after more testing with a desktop gtx 970 in the razer core I'm still having exactly the the same problem as the amd rx 480, when I try to install the desktop graphics driver it gets stuck on the loading screen. Last night I left it like this for over 12 hours and it just stayed exactly the same. Could it be the thunderbolt driver?? Or am I doing things in the wrong order??
    Thanks for helping, any more advice would be appreciated.

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  3. That was my challenge also. If you are seeing the Core in your TB3 connections than that part is correct and the Superport has been converted to TB3.

    Some ideas.... Bear in mind I spent a number of hours tweaking and I cannot remember everything but below are some ideas that may help.

    • Disable and delete the 970m driver. Delete it from your recycle bin and double check it is off your system before attempting to load the desktop (Core) GPU driver.
    • Confirm you are using Razer's TB3 driver instead of MSI's
    • Please see the attached screenshot of my TB3 drivers and "Device Connection" settings to confirm you have the same firmware

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  4. JD8091994

    JD8091994 New Member

    Okay I have successfully managed to get a gtx 970 working in the core, the only problem is it only works plugged in to an external monitor. As for the amd rx 480 that doesn't work at all and I have given up trying to get it to work, I will be returning the card and swapping it for a Nvidia gtx 1070.
    It would be great to know if people that have successfully got it working are satisfied with the performance and reliability, are benchmark scores what you expected??

  5. The GS40 seems to score slightly higher than the Razer Blade or Stealth in 3DMark. Myself and others with the Skull Canyon and Blade have posted 3DMark scores and FPS earlier in this and other threads. I am running a 1080 with a 4k monitor. I posted some FPS and benchmarks above in this thread. Older games (2014 and early 2015) run at highest settings. Newer games like Fallout 4, GTA 5, Witcher and Tomb Raider can all run at high or ultra settings with AA and other settings turned down. It takes some tuning and even with settings not fully maxed out it looks visually fantastic. I have thought about going to a 1440p monitor but the 4k is great for day to day use and 90% of my games can be maxed out.

    The Core is a reliable setup but it does have some quirks. A single monitor is basically plug and play. Two monitors was not as functional. This could be user error though.

    Overall it is exactly what expected when purchasing a modular desktop. Yes, a $2,800 desktop will blow the doors off the GS40 + Core setup but for $1,200 I took a laptop I have to own for work and turned into a very high level modular desktop. I am pretty happy.
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  6. JD8091994

    JD8091994 New Member

    Hi again hart breaker,
    I was going through your guide again and didn't understand step 17, am i supposed to install the gtx nvidia 970m drivers over the nvidia gtx 1070 drivers?

  7. Hi,

    My apologies for any confusion. It is my first step by step. :)

    My process calls for the internal 970m drivers to be disabled and deleted so there is a final step related to loading the drivers back on. I did not have success loading the 970m driver when connected to the Core.

    The last step is to load the 970m drivers back on the GS40's GPU. So once everything is confirmed working between the Core and GS40 shut down and unplug the Core. Turn the GS40 back on and load the 970m drivers. Then connect the Core and the GPU Switcher will appear. At this point the 970m and 1070 will have their own respective drivers.

    By the way... I am returning the 4k monitor. The GTX 1080 can drive most games on ultra but I think it will really struggle with late 2016 and 2017 AAA games. Opting for a QHD with 144hz. Just trying to find one I want now. I will post new benchmarks soon.

    How do you like the set up so far.
  8. JD8091994

    JD8091994 New Member

    Thanks for the help, I'm really liking it so far the gtx 1070 has great price to performance ratio, I think although there's been a lot of people saying it's not worth the money and you may as well buy a desktop.
    The reality is the core is worth the money if you want an all in one machine that is both portable and able to do 4k gaming at home.
    The HTC Vive is now also a potential future purchase for me, although razer needs to do more on the software side of things, the ability to switch between the integrated nvidia gpu and desktop gpu needs work.
  9. I tried 4k gaming and walked away thinking this setup is not feasible. I noticed on older games I was loving all the extra resolution and detail. But newer games the FPS struggled with 4k. After much thought... probably more than I should during work hours I decided a 4k monitor matched with the Core + GTX 1080 would not be sufficient for next couple of years game releases.

    Only worry I have is with updates... Will our setup be stuck where it is or will be able to update?

    It would be great to see some other GS40 + Core benchmarks too.

    Have a good day.
  10. Deathalo

    Deathalo Active Member

    I wonder if the new Asus Transformer 3 Pro will be able to work seamlessly with the Core, as it is e-GPU certified and has already been shown to work with Asus's own e-GPU, the ROG XG Station 2
  11. JD8091994

    JD8091994 New Member

    Try it and let everyone know!
  12. Deathalo

    Deathalo Active Member

    Ha! I would if it was available (or even had a release date), will try one out from the MS store when it does get released though.
  13. hero111_no_id

    hero111_no_id New Member

    I have a MSI GT72 6QD Dominator G, is he compatible with the Razer core?
  14. JD8091994

    JD8091994 New Member

    It should work, it has the correct USB-C port.
  15. I agree.

    I did update both the internal and external GPUs recently with no issue. Just a heads up...
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  16. hero111_no_id

    hero111_no_id New Member

    Yeah it "should" work but you know with all Bios problems and compatibility, results may change, it is sure that it gonna works or it's just a thought ?
  17. You "should" keep your receipt for the Core in case it does not work. Compatibility is not assured due to Razer and MSI not having any official compatibility but my GS40 and one other has worked. The GS40 has the same CPU as the Blade so that could have something to do with them working easier than other TB3 laptops. I know the XPS 15 and 13 have had various inconsistencies. Derek712 was able to stabilize his XPS 15.

    MSI is forward thinking. Not sure if they would add a required firmware update to block users from the Core. Heck, there are probably only a handful of people using the Core with a non-Razer laptop. Probably not worth their time.

    Just looking at the GT specs and it has the same chipset as the GS40. The HM170 from Intel which is used by both laptops. TB3 out of the box so you should not need any BIOS updates. As noted by Derek712 you must use Razer's TB3 driver.

    Good luck! Please post benchmarks when you are able.
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  18. JD8091994

    JD8091994 New Member

    Hello again everyone,
    I am struggling to get DSR working on my gtx 1070 using the razer core, anyone got any ideas? I'm not sure what the problem could be, the option just isn't available in the nvidia control panel.

  19. I am not familiar with DSR. What does DSR stand for?
  20. JD8091994

    JD8091994 New Member

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