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Razer Core with Non-Razer Laptop

Discussion in 'Systems' started by hart breaker, Jun 8, 2016.

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  1. I am not able to help.
  2. I know one person had an issue with not being able to make Youtube videos full screen in their browser when using the core. Is anyone else experiencing that? Seems like such a small but infuriating issue.
  3. I have the same issue. Overall Chrome is generally still laggy and windows movie player will not go full screen. Not sure if Blade owners are having the same issue.
  4. Spunky_no_id

    Spunky_no_id New Member

    Have you tried disabling the hardware acceleration in Chrome under settings ? You can also check the hidden menu "chrome://flags/"

    I own GS60 6QE and I am looking forward to get the Razer Core and build a home desktop dock station as well. However it is not available in my country yet. At least I am happy to know that it works with GS40 which shares the same internals.

    Best Regards!
  5. Thank you! I will give it a try in Chrome.

    I have been very happy overall with the Core and GS40 set up. Meets a number of wants and needs.
  6. JD8091994

    JD8091994 New Member

    I'm having trouble with the new nvidia gtx 1070 drivers, I can't seem to disconnect and reconnect on the fly anymore, I hear the clicking noise when plugging in but the light doesn't come on in the core and the gpu isn't recognized, I might have to go through the whole install process again rather than just updating the driver.
    Do you think this will work?
  7. I am on the most updated drivers for the GTX 1080 FE and 970M. I am restarting the computer about a third of the time. Whether switching to the 1080 or back to the 970m.
    One reason I restart is due to your exact problem. Not sure if Blade owners are experiencing similar issues. If you are not seeing the Core being recognized by the TB3 port than a re installation may be required. If so, I would just remove and delete Razer Synapse and GPU Switcher. Disable and delete the laptop's internal gpu driver. Then plug in the Core with the 1070 and complete the installation with the latest desktop driver (if needed). Synapse and GPU Switcher should load and install. Finally, load and install the internal gpu driver. Should be able to complete a fresh installation in 20 minutes or so.

    I am having a great time playing games on the ultrawide via the Core but I have already started reviewing a desktop solution or even selling everything and moving to desktop replacement laptop with a 1080. It is a pretty cool set up but after 4 months it is still more buggy than I would prefer.
  8. Updated to the Titan XP

    Thought to post these numbers for Core owners who are not using a Razer Blade laptop. I am generally impressed with the results over the GTX 1080 but not 100% sure I am $1200 impressed. We will see. I will do some tweaking in settings to see about getting the FPS up.

    Interesting note... Some of the games are playing at or near a desktop set up but others are really struggling. Is this a TB3 issue or related to the CPU being under powered comparatively to a desktop CPU used in other benchmarks with the Titan XP? For example, big jumps in FPS for Tomb Raider and Middle Earth but almost no change in Far Cry and GTA.

    MSI GS 40 - 970M 6GB VRAM
    Titan XP
    Dell Ultrawide 34

    3dMarks Ultra – 5932

    Games on Ultra – No AA – 3440p – 1440p Ultrawide – Displayport

    · GTA – 45

    · GTA (Grass Normal and Water High) - 55

    · Tomb Raider - 2016
    Max 147
    Overall Average – 62
    Min – 18

    · Sleeping Dogs
    Max – 124
    Average – 92
    Low – 61

    · Doom - 100+

    · Grid – won’t start

    · Witcher 3 – Griffin Scene
    All ultra – HW 4 – 35fps
    All ultra – no HW – 45

    · The Division – 42

    · Just Cause – 55

    · Far Cry – 50
    No real difference between the 1080 and Titan

    · Middle Earth – Ultra – Full AA
    Max – 125
    Average – 86
    Min – 51

    · Watch Dogs 2 - Ultra - Full AA - 40
    - Watch Dogs 2 - Ultra - No AA - 50
    Last edited: Dec 21, 2016
  9. joe1992

    joe1992 New Member

    will a ASUS laptop work with Razer Core
  10. JD8091994

    JD8091994 New Member

    You need to list the exact model.
  11. What model? Most reviews/post are reporting if it is a true TB3 port it works.
  12. AssembIer

    AssembIer Active Member

    There is no such thing as "true" TB3 port, it may work more or less depending on how much effort the manufacturer put into their BIOS implementation. Go to youtube and check out D2D and / or LinusTechTips (two) reviews of the core to see ho well it works with non Razer notebooks.

    As far as i know even the newer ASUS notebooks only offering TB2 ports but I might be wrong. The question for the exact model is still valid.
  13. The reason for emphasizing the "true" TB3 port is not all laptops (Macbook 12) are allowing 40gbs of bandwidth. Hate to waste the poster's time? For example, my MSI had a "Superport" that required a BIOS update to accept TB3 accessories.
  14. joe1992

    joe1992 New Member

    ASUS Model G751J
  15. I could be wrong but I am not seeing a TB3 port on that model.
  16. joe1992

    joe1992 New Member

    So was does that mean
  17. joe1992

    joe1992 New Member

    It looks like I have a TB I the side of my computer
  18. JD8091994

    JD8091994 New Member

    It won't work on that laptop/notebook.
  19. The Core is a TB3 compatible device. Others may have a different conclusion but I will say no. That model is not compatible with the Core.
  20. joe1992

    joe1992 New Member

    is there some adapter that will work
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