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Discussion in 'Systems' started by Razer.WolfPack, Apr 16, 2019.

  1. JayVee1984

    JayVee1984 New Member

    Hi Joikansai,

    Alas you are right. As much as I want those ports I don't know if I can justify the risk of not being able to sell the original Core X for a decent return. I have plugged my Chroma Headset Stand into the USB-C port on my RTX card via a USB A to C cable. However, it sometimes disconnects and sometimes Synapse doesn't recognize it. Now up to this point, a simple unplug and plug back in has solved it but I would like to find out why that's happening so I can get it solved. My card (ASUS) has RGB on it so the new Core X Chroma wouldn't be so much for the lighting as for the ports with a more direct pass to the TB3 connection on the laptop. As it is now, it feels like an awful lot of daisy chaining. USB A Stand to cable converter USBC to USB-C port to GPU to PCIE to TB3 at Laptop. Whereas the new Core X Chroma would just be USB A to PCIE controller to TB3.

  2. Kimaptk

    Kimaptk New Member

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  3. thatdangerous

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    as someone shopping for a new laptop, this is going to make my job a LOT easier. not having to worry about the GPU too much is going to save me a lot of money initially and then i can just keep this on my desk for when i want to sit down and fr4g sum n00bz
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  4. Rubyleetretro917

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  5. Goodshit42

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    That looks so good. Wish I could afford it tho!
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  6. jchasty

    jchasty New Member

    I have one of these units and it's fantastic. Paired with an RTX 2070 and Dell XPS 13 9380. Just one problem so far with the ethernet connection going on & off - I have raised a ticket with Razer Support.
  7. side-fish

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    I sort of asked this in the "What would you like to see next" thread, but I kinda wish for a mini-itx version of the core. A mini-itx core would mean it's less bulky and more lightweight that you would be able to bring it with you on trips abroad. I've actually asked the weight question in Amazon and they say it's really heavy. So far, I see Gigabyte have their Aorus Gaming Box at just over 5 lbs, but it would be nice to see a Razer equivalent. It would be the ideal gaming-on-the-go set-up for my blade stealth :).
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    Hey man!
    I see you're a newbie here, I just wanted to let you know that your response might be considered spam/fluff and therefore could be penalized.
    I would encourage you to read the Posting Guidelines
    as well as the Razer Insider House Rules
    in order to avoid future inconveniences.

    Also I think you should try to post in English so that all of us can try to help you/ share our thoughts on the point you just made. As Kajira once said:
    Because Razer is a USA based company and they do most of their business in English unless they're conducting business in a different country at that time. Since the US is their "home country" as far as where it's technically located, that is why it is also done in English.
    There are small groups who wish for specific language forum sections, but at this time it's not cost efficient to hire a new group of staff to support that.​

    You can PM me if you have any questions or need any help! :big_grin_:
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