Razer Core X Chroma | Your laptop, supercharged.

Discussion in 'Systems' started by Razer.WolfPack, Apr 16, 2019.

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    Hi Joikansai,

    Alas you are right. As much as I want those ports I don't know if I can justify the risk of not being able to sell the original Core X for a decent return. I have plugged my Chroma Headset Stand into the USB-C port on my RTX card via a USB A to C cable. However, it sometimes disconnects and sometimes Synapse doesn't recognize it. Now up to this point, a simple unplug and plug back in has solved it but I would like to find out why that's happening so I can get it solved. My card (ASUS) has RGB on it so the new Core X Chroma wouldn't be so much for the lighting as for the ports with a more direct pass to the TB3 connection on the laptop. As it is now, it feels like an awful lot of daisy chaining. USB A Stand to cable converter USBC to USB-C port to GPU to PCIE to TB3 at Laptop. Whereas the new Core X Chroma would just be USB A to PCIE controller to TB3.

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  3. thatdangerous

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    as someone shopping for a new laptop, this is going to make my job a LOT easier. not having to worry about the GPU too much is going to save me a lot of money initially and then i can just keep this on my desk for when i want to sit down and fr4g sum n00bz
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  5. Goodshit42

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    That looks so good. Wish I could afford it tho!
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