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Razer Core X GPU, Troubleshooting and questions

Discussion in 'Systems' started by SeashellJADEleet153, Jun 27, 2019.

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  1. SeashellJADEleet153

    SeashellJADEleet153 New Member

    Hi, I purchased a Razer core X GPU to use with my dell xps13 laptop for gaming about a year ago. For the first 6 months everything worked perfectly, I don't really play many graphic intensive games, probably best one would be monster hunter world but that is about it. Even now I only play League of legends. Anyways, problem started about 3-4 months ago, while connected the core will just disconnect and I have to reboot once or twice and then it will reconnect again. At first i thought could it be the USBC wire being faulty? Tried looking for a firmware update for the Core X didn't find it, should i try to update my thunderbolt 3 software? I can't find that either tbh, I went on dell and my current version was already higher. I think its a great system, works fine, but the random disconnects do get annoying while playing competitively. Anyone run into a similar issue and find a fix? I scoured the net, didn't see a solution. So now I am here humbly asking for other core users advice. THANKS GUYS!!
  2. SeashellJADEleet153

    SeashellJADEleet153 New Member

    Sorry so forgot to mention setup, Dell xps13 with a nvidia gtx1060 6gb going into into 2 external 30'' monitors. I read that running it back into the laptop slows the gpu down because its going two ways, is that correct? If I just run it off my xps13 into core and play off my laptop it would be slower?
  3. Joikansai

    Joikansai Well-Known Member VANGUARD

    Playing on internal monitor depends on your laptops TB3 PCIe3 Lanes if it’s 4 lanes it won’t be day and night difference looping data from your laptop but if it’s 2 lanes which I heard some old xps TB3 has this, you don’t want to play it on internal since literally you play on TB2 speed (TB3 half bandwidth/ performance). FYI Razer Laptops TB3 port use PCIe3x4 lanes so I sometimes play on internal 1440p Blade stealth 2016 v2, there’s FPS difference but not huge and still playable smoothly with core v2 housing xc 2080.
    Hmm hope it isn’t hardware related like Core TB3 controller, TB3 is intel hardware so maybe try updating intel drivers using intel drivers update utility tools that scans your intel hardware and search for latest version. TB3 software update from intel officially I saw only for Nuc the Mini pc, and yes usually manufactures have the software for specific model.
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