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Discussion in 'Razer Cortex' started by Deleted member 368765, Mar 23, 2017.

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  1. Brodie_3K

    Brodie_3K New Member

    Very Nice. But when will World of Tanks or maybe all of wargamings games be added? you already have tanks tournaments. and they are awesome.
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  2. Ansgaar

    Ansgaar Member

    This is an awesome initiative, and I really like the system too. Now that the list of games is pretty extensive, I'm looking forward to having more things to exchange zSilver for :)
  3. cplchang

    cplchang New Member

    Been using cortex for 7 days now and it's pretty amazing how we can game and get razer products at the same time!
  4. 464654654645546

    464654654645546 New Member

    I've been using Cortex, since it was initially Game Booster like at least 4 years ago, so now having this program is more than great! Definitely looking to be spending some silver any time soon. Thanks Razer :)
  5. Kukui

    Kukui New Member

    Please add The Elder Scrolls Online. With the upcoming expansion pack, Morrowwind, there are a lot more people playing it. I for one play it as my main game, and I would love to be able to earn this zSilver for playing it rather then having to play another game that I don't really enjoy to earn the zSilver.
  6. 3600360

    3600360 New Member

    There are only a few games you actually can get credited from for an example Overwatch, CS:GO and League of legends.
  7. Thomasfoetsie

    Thomasfoetsie New Member

    Absolutely love this idea. Perhaps Paid-to-Play for Team Fortress 2 aswell? It's a valve game and is already in the Razer Arena. (A man can hope ;P)
  8. 0soloX

    0soloX New Member

    Awesome! Can't wait to stack it up
  9. T3chn0lust

    T3chn0lust New Member

    Love the idea and use it all the time for play, but I have had nothing but trouble so far using the xVault to buy games . I tried to buy "gold" to use to purchase a game through your system and it was a nightmare. I bought the gold but, it show as "transaction pending" thought that was strange so I contacted my bank, they said it was all good on their end, still no "gold" to buy the game. Then I contacted zVault support, they not only did not answer my question as to why it was stuck in pending but instantly refunded my money ?!?!?! now I have no gold, no game, and see no reason to use the zVault system since it seems to have some procedural issues. However they seem to be really fast and really focused on helping customers quickly, that is a good thing. I might try again some other time, for now I will just go buy the game somewhere else
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  10. Nerdfromhell

    Nerdfromhell New Member

    Its been mentioned a few times in this thread, so I'm sure it's on their radar at this point. Might be a while, but when it comes will make all the time spent training crew even more worth while!
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  11. MichalDeMidget

    MichalDeMidget New Member

    Fallout 4?
  12. KingSlayerofDemons2

    KingSlayerofDemons2 Active Member

    would be awesome to do batteships tournaments
  13. Grimalkin88

    Grimalkin88 New Member

    Thanks Razer, will def be getting back into D3 now :)
  14. Zarokian

    Zarokian Active Member

    I think Diablo III is great addition with the Necromancer's upcoming patch!! Ohhhh I can't wait to start throwing bone spears !!!!!!
  15. Numerophobia

    Numerophobia New Member

    Is there, or is there going to be, a way for us to try get our favorite ftp games added to the program?
  16. You should share it with us and ask the developers to add their game to Paid to Play. We're always looking to welcome new games allowing you to score zSilver on your playtime! :)
  17. Shazzyrm

    Shazzyrm New Member

    May I suggest Guildwars 2, love this game and I want to earn and play with it too!
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  18. RAZER_Pyrophoric

    RAZER_Pyrophoric New Member Staff Member

    To echo Gwynbleidd's comment, let us know if you have a game recommendation, if enough of you want it we will look at seeing whats needed to get it in. Even us developers read the forums =D
    Last edited: May 8, 2017
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  19. SAxoRl33t

    SAxoRl33t New Member

    This is so fun to see more games being added :D
    I was wondering if there is any chance of you guys adding H1Z1 King Of The Kill and Rainbow Six Siege. That would be so awesome!
  20. PlasmaWaffle

    PlasmaWaffle New Member

    I would love to see Doom make it onto this list :)
    Minecraft would be amazing too but I don't see any way to include that and track actual playtime vs sitting in the game :slightly_sad:
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