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Discussion in 'Razer Cortex' started by Deleted member 368765, Mar 23, 2017.

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  1. Kaerwolf

    Kaerwolf New Member

    I'm not getting paid for playing.
    Any ideas why? I play CS:GO
  2. Bees_ZA

    Bees_ZA New Member

    This is too awesome! Thanks Guys :heart:
  3. theFenrir

    theFenrir New Member

    This is amazing, love all the work you guys are doing! It is so important for the community to see how passionate you are about your fans and gaming as a whole, Thank you!
  4. tpherobrine5543

    tpherobrine5543 New Member

    Wow this is so cool can't wait to get it
  5. ShadowTheNecro

    ShadowTheNecro New Member

  6. johnn34

    johnn34 New Member

  7. johnn34

    johnn34 New Member

    Cool je vous aime razer
  8. DPXLord

    DPXLord New Member

    I reinstalled and it worked for me too, thanks
  9. firepotatoed

    firepotatoed New Member

    Feelsbad to have grinded 15k ZS before the new initiative, but can't complain :)
  10. Bayantel

    Bayantel New Member


    I live in the Philippines, here we use a client called Garena to play league of legends. I can't seem to connect the LoL client to Razer Cortex. Any ideas how I can join this event here in the Philippines? Would appreciate a little help from everyone.

  11. PotatoGang

    PotatoGang New Member

    cool can't wait to start increasing the amount of zsilver I have
  12. Tahalar

    Tahalar New Member

    Cool! I love this!! :smile_:
  13. deathapplexx

    deathapplexx New Member

    Like it, it's going to boost my Zsilver. :):):)
  14. Mozartino

    Mozartino New Member

    Does anyone know if after the double silvers/min period is over, will the daily cap of silvers earned will be halved to 450 or still be at 900?
  15. kit0114

    kit0114 New Member

    No ! I just started !Don't too fast !
  16. bONS1

    bONS1 New Member

  17. desmondlee911

    desmondlee911 New Member

    thanks razer! for this great opportunity to earn gear while gaming, dream come true!

    Yes i play a lot of WOW too..... sobs ;(
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  18. _Savatage_

    _Savatage_ New Member

    Same thing happened to me, except I had ZERO after 2 hours...that's 6 zSilver x 120 min = 720 zSilver lost
  19. badrar

    badrar New Member

    Fantastic idea! :heart_eyes:
  20. seppefrison

    seppefrison New Member

    can i get likes on this post for some zsilver?
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