Razer Cortex | Shadow Warrior 2 Giveaway

Discussion in 'Contests and Giveaways' started by RazerGwynbleidd, May 13, 2017.

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  1. Tghaleon

    Tghaleon New Member

    Good luck everyone!!!!
  2. noTag

    noTag New Member

    Good Luck. :smile_:
  3. JunioXisto

    JunioXisto New Member

    Im win
  4. DanteBrisingr

    DanteBrisingr New Member

    Thnaks for a chance to win!
  5. adhoc

    adhoc New Member

    Good luck to you all!
  6. adiw98

    adiw98 New Member

    It's worth trying :D
  7. hartman556

    hartman556 Active Member

    Wait wait wait, is Shadow Warrior 2 compatible with Paid to play ?
  8. D_m_n_K

    D_m_n_K New Member

    this is gonna be great! would love to be among the lucky ones

    GIGARAM New Member

    always worth trying my luck, it cant be bad all the time can it ?
  10. chroma143

    chroma143 New Member

    this would be a nice gift for ourselves :)
  11. TheCrazyBananaa

    TheCrazyBananaa New Member

    Gimme, why me you ask? Because you see, my friend whose name is D(ee) heard ryanhiga say teehee and I was like, do you like my nikee's? And he was like nah dwag, but what about that bee?! We better go to our tree get some tea then... So we took a banshee, from the halo MC but then i got an arrow to the knee and laid on the ground waiting for Mccree just whising for him to roll in but I woke up and realised i was just dreamiin, and realised the razer giveaway was boxiin in my pc yeeee

    *Cringe* no lif
  12. 2Letters

    2Letters New Member

    Sweet rewards! Hopefully I can get the keyboard!
  13. Chesunei

    Chesunei New Member

    *waves around lucky voodoo stick* *wears lucky hat* *crosses fingers on both hands*
  14. alwaysjacob

    alwaysjacob New Member

    I'd love to win this game and maybe a new razer keyboard!
  15. TR1PW1R3

    TR1PW1R3 New Member

    Entered! Good Luck Everyone! On a personal note, this would be awesome to win; Shadow Warrior 2 game code, Razer Blackwidow V2, and a Razer Mamba. Who wouldn't want to win that?
  16. Elitepure

    Elitepure New Member

    i hope i win :)
  17. Datrat

    Datrat Well-Known Member

    Gleam says I have already used my account for a giveaway. I can't enter...WTF? I haven't entered, but I can't
  18. AlexNHoli

    AlexNHoli New Member

    Lol I've never even heard of this game, but I hope I win!!
  19. ptrpan1976

    ptrpan1976 New Member

    Nice Game :)
  20. Kartmano

    Kartmano New Member

    nice game...liked
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