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Razer Cortex System Scan Stuck at 21% on file: HTML help

Discussion in 'Razer Cortex' started by LebongJames9, Jan 31, 2019.

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  1. LebongJames9

    LebongJames9 New Member

    After experiencing an issue with windows defender, i did a system refresh in order to resolve the issue, which it fixed. unfortunately this caused an issue with the razer cortex system cleaner as soon as the computer booted back up. Every time i try and do a system clean, the scan stops at exactly 21% on the file HTML help. It says that 3.4 GB out of 3.8 GB is being used up by this file, which is no small amount of memory for RAM.

    Keep in mind that my PC is a Razer blade 15 V1 and is not even 1 month old, the computer was very lightly used before the system refresh, with only a few programs like microsoft office, itunes, nvidia geforce, WoW and fortnite.

    I have been dealing with razer reps for days not and nothing is happening, can someone please help if they have any knowledge of my potential issue and its solution!!!!

    much love
  2. Nancy8975

    Nancy8975 Administrator Staff Member

    Hi LebongJames9, sorry to hear what you encountered.

    To analyze the cause of this issue, we need your help getting some logs for investigation.

    Please download and unzip the file and run LogCollector.exe from here, then fill out the Description, then click Output button. There will be a zipped file generated on your desktop with all logs needed.

    Please upload the logs to services like Dropbox or Google Drive and paste the link here in the forum.

    Thank you in advance for your help.
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