Razer Deathadder Elite Chroma Lights Freezing

Discussion in 'Razer Support' started by xlighx11, Feb 12, 2019.

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  1. xlighx11

    xlighx11 New Member

    I cant fix it, my razer mouse 1 week old, I selected Spectrum Cycle as my effect after like 3 cycle the color will freeze. tried both synapse 2 and 3(currently using synapse 3) and still the same updated to the latest version. also tried deleting all profiles and clean install still the same after and after. I tried to end task the LEDKeeper and it works but only for a moment like 3 cycles again and freezes. I think it is software fault more than just hardware. using windows 10 64bit updated to latest. oh by the way here is the video footage.

    Thanks, Pls it is my first ever razer product and I order Blackwidow Chroma v2 I don't want to get disappointed.
  2. Let me help you out on this. Can you try to repost the video of the said issue? Also, can you send us the serial number of your Razer devices through PM? Let's continue from there.
  3. xlighx11

    xlighx11 New Member

    made the video public. I'll pm you the code sir when I get back home. hmm, I end task the ledkeeper on my task manager and my mouse works fine but it will cycle and freeze again. im using msi mystic light on my gpu fyi.
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  4. We can now see the video. Thanks for that. We will be waiting for your PM.
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  5. xlighx11

    xlighx11 New Member

    Serial Number Sent through Conversation pls check
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