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Discussion in 'Keyboards' started by Beigelotus, Dec 11, 2014.

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  1. Beigelotus

    Beigelotus Member

    greetings wonderer

    I'm looking for a new keyboard and was wondering if the Deathstalker ULTIMATE is wurth to money or does the little touchpad hasn't be a big PLUS for the keyboard, because the Deathstalker normal is the same keyboard without the touchpad...

    Hope some can help me with my choice...
    Here are the links to the keyboards:

    Deathstalker ULTIMATE
  2. Scimitar

    Scimitar New Member

    I have a Deathstalker Ultimate, I would recommend that you check the available apps for it and decide if they're worth it to you. Link here: http://www.razerzone.com/switchblade-ui

    The touchpad works fine as a number pad but cannot do any alt codes for special characters (only downside to it for me), some games may also pick up the keyboard as a game controller which can be a bit annoying but isn't a difficult fix.

    I use the apps on the touchpad and enjoy the customisation possible with the keyboard so I get some good use out of it. Some examples of the apps are the Combat Log Parser for Star Wars The Old Republic, the Screen Mirror function, the Clock, the Skyrim and Battlefield 3 apps, the Screenshot function, the Razer Notes.

    I've also done custom profiles to make use of the tactile keys in-game, such as programming them to keyboard functions/macros with custom icons, I use this in Magicka for a nice visual clue of spell elements :cool:

    I also tend to set program-linked profiles with different colour schemes and different macros/functions programmed to the 5 macro keys on the left side, eg: SWTOR profile has the 5 macro keys bound to a macro key combo for my side bars in-game and I use a golden backlighting for it, my default profile runs red backlighting and has 3 of the macro keys assigned to functions, 2 run scripts to open specific folders on my computer and 1 switches my Naga Molten to a generic First Person Shooter profile I have set up for the mouse.

    Ultimately (no pun intended) your deciding factor with the pricing difference is on whether you'll make use of the functionality of the multi-touch LCD screen or not.
  3. Beigelotus

    Beigelotus Member

    thank you for replying my thread @Scimitar , i have looked into the apps, but there aren't many. You know if there is a forum or open sdk where people can make there own apps (easly) Because i play WoW and was hoping that there would be a possibility to calculate things without have to change screen or that i would be able to put wow add on in it, like the recount think etc...

    Do you know if people are working or that or that is has stopped with making apps for it?

    thank you for replying.
  4. Scimitar

    Scimitar New Member

    There is a dev portal on the link for the apps, I don't know if it is open to non-dev's, you can also get the SBUI-SDK from here: http://developer.razerzone.com/sbui/sbui-sdk/
    I suspect there are forums where you could request apps and the dev portal should have somewhere for you to submit apps if you are a developer.
    I haven't actually tried requesting any apps, I check periodically for new ones via Synapse, I haven't seen any for WoW as yet.
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  5. EmperorLandonian

    EmperorLandonian New Member

    I just bought one today.... Any tips on getting it set up? It wont download apps via synapse
  6. Beigelotus

    Beigelotus Member

    sorry no idea...still thinking if I would buy it or not, because i heard that the quality isn't that great of the keys...and i better should take a Blackwidow chroma...So still deciding what to do, because now i have an Apple keyboard and i like the style of keys :D I hope the remake the Deathstalker Ultimate also in Chroma and stronger keys, then I buy it Instant. @Min-Liang Tan , @Junch , @Razer|Technokat *hint hint*
  7. AmazinglyDaka

    AmazinglyDaka Member

    I own a deathstalker and a chroma I never use my deathstalker mechanical keys or bust for me. Also I personally didn't get much out of the touchscreen there are some cool apps but really it is just as fast to alt tab and as you said the keys on the deathstalker are not very good.
  8. Scimitar

    Scimitar New Member

    The downside of the apps is that they require Synapse to be signed-in to function. Download and installation of new apps needs to be done via Synapse.
    The Deathstalker has the lower profile chiclet keys, they're not mechanical, depending on your keyboard usage this could be an important factor.
    I've had mine for almost a year now and have had no issues with the keys but I'm also not one for hard key presses. Mine gets used for gaming and work (when working from home) so there tends to be quite a bit of typing and key pressing.
    If you need mechanical keys then go for the BlackWidow instead, at least until theres a mechanical Deathstalker :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:
  9. Scimitar

    Scimitar New Member

    Have you tried updating/reinstalling your Synapse?
    You need to select the keyboard then the Apps section in Synapse and then select what additional apps you want to download, once downloaded you can move apps to the different tactile key screens as you like within the Synapse App interface.
    I recommend putting your most used apps on the first set of keys, I find the 3 finger swipe can be challenging sometimes to change to the next set of key functions.
    Those tactile keys are also programmable, so you could create a profile for a game and have those keys programmed for specific functions (keys, macros, etc) and even use custom icons, I did that with Magicka to have visual element keys :D
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