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Discussion in 'Systems' started by AwkwardBlue, Dec 19, 2016.

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  1. AwkwardBlue

    AwkwardBlue Member

    So I recently bought the Razer Diamond Back gaming mouse. Here is my review on it:

    Looks: It is a good looking mouse. It has a matt back finish that looks nice and durable! What more could you ask for in a mouse?! Comparing this to the old Razer Diamond Back, this new one looks a lot nicer. though Razer's style has changed a lot since 2005 and 2016.

    Chroma Lighting: The chroma lighting is amazing! It's obvious why Razer is know to do the best chroma lighting. You can also customise it. From reactive, to wave, to static, to breathing to a few more. It's definitely a very attractive feature.

    Performance: The performance in the good as well. You can customise just about every aspect of the dpi. I generally keep it around 1800 dpi. Although it's cool that you are actually able to go up 16,000 dpi, to me and probably most people, it's completely over kill and unnecessary. Althoguh it is good to have bragging rights :D! The tracking is excellent... most of the time... I think. When it's working it has excellent tracking. No problem. Now it's only happened twice in about two weeks but it has happened. It just stops working for like 10 seconds where it just glitches out. Don't know why. Now this may just be my computer, I don't know, but I started looking it up and it's happened to a few people. But really it's not a big issue. Vary rare occurrence.

    Feel: It feels very, very, very nice. It has a very nice texture the whole thing. Very smooth. There's a two rubber grips at the bottom of both sides which is an extra bonus and the scroll wheel is one of the best I've ever used. The lights don't get hot which I've experienced on 1 or 2 mice and it's very comfortable. One problem though. If you move the mouse very quickly there is a chance you'll stub your pinkie. The problem is that your pinkie is kind of sharing the rubber grip with another finger and if you move very quickly it might slip, hit the mouse pad and may stub your pinkie. Other than that it's fine.

    Overall: overall this mouse is amazing. If your not sure whether you should get this mouse, get it! You wont regret it. Also right now it's on sale on amazon so....

    But razer, you did a great job. Be proud. I love this mouse!

    - Awkward Blue
  2. Thanks for taking the time to write this great review AwkwardBlue! We really appreciate your feedback. The Razer Diamondback is a mouse I love, keep on rocking it :)
  3. depotYellowbit387

    depotYellowbit387 New Member

    I recently bought one of these as well, and I love it! Great sensor, fancy lights etc. it's a really fun mouse. Only thing I don't care for is how symmetrical it is, and how easy the side buttons are to press - I actually had to disable the set on the right because I kept bumping them with my pinky all the time. Other than that it's a fantastic mouse.
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