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razer diamondback side buttons quality ?

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by flowEarthYellow562, Jul 11, 2019.

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  1. flowEarthYellow562

    flowEarthYellow562 New Member

    I thinking about buying this mouse, because its unique shape somehow is good for my grip to the extent. But i heard sidebuttons are bad, because they are to small and you have to bend your thumb to reach it. On razer death adder when i put my thumb on the mouse i reach first button's end with my finger in relaxed position. I am telling this for reference. Side buttons are absolutely cruical for me, they have to be able to be pressed quickly after previous press and not to be difficult to press, so how how are these side buttons and would i have to bend finger ?

    This mouse no more sell in my country i would have to order it internationally so i would like to be 100% sure before buying, because i have extremelly large hands, i already tried tons of mice and none fits me, or there is always some stupid issue, like stiff middle button on expensive mouse for 100$ or so.

    Ye and question razer puts some sticker on bottom of mouse and i am not talking about that when you first get it in box and it starts to bend after while, why not just make plastic bottom like any other mouse ? Has this this mouse too ???

    BUMP ALSO how good is middle mouse button i use it for scrolling in rts alot. And is there some kind of sticker bottom, i am not talking when you take it out of box sticker, but on razer da is some sort of sticker and it is inferior and peels of quickly while it were from plastic it would last forever.................
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